Have a Crush on You Chinese Drama Review

Have a Crush on You is the best second-chance romance Chinese drama worth watching because of the good chemistry between the leads. Why do I say that? Check out the full Have a Crush on You review below!


Details Drama

Title: Have a Crush on You (听说你喜欢我)
Also Know: Love Heals
Episodes: 36
Release Date: February 10, 2023
Genres: Romance, Drama, Medical
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: Viki and WeTV

Have a Crush on You Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Have a Crush on You is one of the newest Chinese medical dramas whose story centers on two neurosurgeons who used to be husband and wife.

Ruan Liu Zheng returns to his hometown after seven years and becomes a neurosurgeon at Bei Ya Hospital. She has a pretty face and a good personality.

However, she didn’t expect to meet and work with her ex-husband, Ning Zhi Qian, who is the most experienced neurosurgeon at Bei Ya Hospital.

Ning Zhi Qian who finds out that Ruan Liu Zheng has just entered the Bei Ya hospital guides him to make up for the injuries he caused. But Ruan Liu Zheng was no longer a weak and timid girl and showed strong determination in both work and relationships.

During work, Ruan Liu Zheng often clashes with Ning Zhi Qian but also works with her to save other people’s lives. While they are in Africa for medical relief efforts, Ning Zhi Qian gets injured saving a patient.

Ruan Liu Zheng then took care of him and stayed by his side and fought hard to save him from the brink of death. Over time, the two gain a new understanding of life and start a new, better relationship.


Have a Crush on You Review

Almost everyone loves second-chance romance dramas and Have a Crush on You has the potential to be one of the best in the genre. However, for some reason, it made a disaster in the last 6 episodes. If you count this drama as only 30 episodes, this is still pretty good.

There are many positive things that are offered in this drama, namely very good chemistry from the main couple, great players with the best acting, good visuals, and good OST.

Why did I say this should be 30 episodes? That’s because this drama is an adaptation of a Chinese novel. The screenwriter changed the story to some extent to write the script. However, they follow the novel only up to episode 30.

After that, they wrote the script entirely on their own which had absolutely nothing to do with the novel. So, after episode 30, this drama feels like a completely different drama.

We get a realistic feel in the first 30 episodes. However, it suddenly became a melodramatic drama and it became so melodramatic that it beat the top melodramas with its melodramatic plot.

We the audience are deeply disappointed by this. It was painful to watch the episodes because it wasn’t a melodrama at first. I can hardly believe how the drama turned out like that.

I might suggest new viewers, don’t watch dramas after episode 30, but for those of you who like melodrama endings, then watch it.

Then do 30 episodes have an ending? of course, we got the ending in episode 30. While it’s not complete, we can imagine the rest and don’t bother watching the rest of the episodes.

The advantage of this drama is that the actors have very good chemistry. Peng Guan Ying is great at playing Ning Zhi Qian, the cold doctor who doesn’t show much emotion.

He is a nice guy but sometimes you feel angry with his actions still, he has that charm that you fall in love with and you can’t stop looking at him.

Whereas Wang Chu Ran was very impressive. He succeeded in playing the character Ruan Liu Zheng and appeared stunning in this drama. My favorite thing is her smile in this drama for me.

Wang Chu Ran is also very suitable to be Peng Guan Ying’s partner in this drama and maybe there is no one who is more suitable than the two of them. They have great chemistry.

The supporting cast, they do their job well. The acting is good and some of the supporting characters also have good opportunities and backgrounds.

I also love hospital settings or themes and this is one of the best. We see a lot of medical dramas and most of them somehow feel unrealistic and sometimes cringe-inducing.

This drama somehow depicts a good hospital atmosphere. It’s not perfect but I would say it’s very good, much better than some of the other top medical dramas.

Be careful with addiction. I can’t explain it, but this drama will keep you hooked. I watch a lot of ongoing dramas. But, I don’t want to watch it every day when the episodes are released. It doesn’t matter how big and popular the play is.

But this drama is different and for some reason, this drama is addicting and curious about the continuation. I watched it every day when the episodes were released. There is something about this drama that is addicting.

Lastly is the OST: I really like the opening theme and overall the music and OST are good which fits the story of this drama.

One of the things that I lack and don’t like in this drama, of which is Africa Arcs.

Also, the action that was questioned by Ning Zhi Qian. In the past flashback, Ning Zhi Qian did some things that hurt Ruan Liu Zheng a lot. There may be several reasons behind it, but still, some audiences don’t like it.

Also, I didn’t like some of the medical plots/decisions used/taken in this drama, which was questioned by the viewers. There may be several arguments about whether the decision was right or wrong.

While watching it, we can still give it some consideration because this is a drama. It’s not perfect and the truth is, no drama is perfect. Few other medical dramas have had more problems than this.

Despite all the cons, this is a good drama and worth watching at least once. You definitely won’t miss this great C-drama.

Have a Crush on You Chinese drama Review

Have a Crush on You Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Wang Chu Ran as Ruan Liu Zheng

Peng Guan Ying as Ning Zhi Qian

Support Role

Liu Rui Lin as Cheng Zhou Yu

Chuai Ni as Ding Yi Yuan

Li Zi Feng as Xue Wei Lin

Zhu Jun Lin as Ruan Lang

Mao Lin Lin as Tan Ya

Li Sheng Jia as Wu Xiao Fan

Tong Jing as Xu Bei Bei

Tan Jia Tai as Li Yi

Guo Yuan Yuan as Lin Quan

Wang Jun Ren as Ying Chao

Du Yu Chen as Dong Miao Miao

Shi Tie Ying as Zhao Gong


My Verdict

Overall, this drama is worth watching because of the good chemistry between the leads, their place, in reality, checking whether marriage and love, the medical scenes of the series, and the interactions between the entire cast and the ost.

So after all that being considered I came up with a decent rating for this, I do recommend this for you to watch but I don’t guarantee you will be impressed with the ending.

The rating for the Have a Crush on You review is 8.5. I could give this 9 easily if the drama only had 30 episodes and ended well.

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