The Justice Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

The Justice Chinese Drama Review. This Chinese drama is about how the main couple is perfectly matched in terms of cunning, ambition, and ability over banking. This is a Chinese drama that has an interesting story, good acting, and great chemistry but some characters are lacking. See The Justice review below.


Details Drama

Title: The Justice (光芒)
Episodes: 42
Release Date: September 8, 2021
Genres: Historical, Business, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Hunan TV, iQiyi, Mango TV
Available On: Viki

The Justice Review

Synopsis And Plot Summary

It tells the story of Cheng Yi Zhi, a man who struggles to find his place among the bustle of 1930s Shanghai. He managed to make money working in industrial and commercial shops in the heart of the city.

But after a chance encounter with Wu Ru Fu, an established banker, and his daughter, Li Zi, he discovers a dream and a desire to pursue it, something he never had before.

Giving up his life in the shop, Cheng Yi Zhi enters the world of finance. He then immediately catches the attention of Boss Huang, one of the biggest players in the banking industry with his natural intelligence and skills.

He also earned Boss Huang’s trust and became his closest confidante. However, Yi Zhi discovers Huang’s darkest secrets and shocking truths that turn him away from Huang’s side.

Cheng Yi Zhi then makes his own way in the world of finance with Li Zi’s support and encouragement. But on the other hand, Huang is not someone who can be easily rejected. he will seek to destroy Cheng Yi Zhi.

But a good young banker isn’t going down without a fight. With the support of the industrialist underground party, Yi Zhi confronts Boss Huang; but will the combined forces of the people suffice to overthrow this mighty foe?


The Justice Chinese Drama Ending Explained

The Chinese drama The Justice has a happy ending with the main couple holding hands and enjoying their peaceful day. At the end of the episode, for the second time, Xu Shu saves Cheng Yi Zhi’s life and Xu Shu dies by blowing up
ship with himself included.

A few months later, Bank Rebang was reopened. The people who were still alive were: Cheng Yi Zhi, Li Zi, Boss Rice, Zhou Wen Chuan, Gao Da Yong, Gao Xiao Cong, and Lan Jie (and Dao Qi?).

Cheng Yi Zhi gave his speech. He had thought he was the one who should support others. He didn’t need to be protected and he was wrong. He was able to stand here because he was protected by those who sacrificed their lives to create ordinary days.

After everyone honors the sacrifice of their loved ones, Cheng Yi Zhi and Li Zi walk hand in hand with the rest of their glory days as husband and wife, and as business partners.

The Justice Chinese Drama Review

The Justice Chinese Drama Review

This drama is about how a powerful couple who are perfectly matched in terms of cunning, ambition, and ability rise up the upper echelons of banking and finance in 1930s Shanghai.

The narrative vividly captures the wild, morally ambiguous, highly speculative, swirling, and dealing nature of the mafia that dominated the banking and finance industry during that early period of industrialization.

The business subplot is quite engaging and well-written, and the financial concepts are kept at a level that is simple enough for the layman. But the characters are not well written and especially Lizi, not written consistently.

For such an intelligent character, he does some backward things that can only be dismissed as sloppy writing.

Huang Ruhong’s tough attitude which was somewhat sinister and unexpected for Yizhe was also unconvincing and out of character for the leader of the criminal underworld. The true love triangle in this drama is between Ruhong, Yizhe, and Lizi.

This is a promising antagonist at the start but is sidelined as the final arc strays into another patriotic fight planned by the Japanese occupiers.

In the lead-up to later episodes, many key characters were recklessly killed off to bring out the obligatory tears one would expect from a Republican period drama.

This backfired because I just felt so sad for the two deaths that just highlighted that the other characters were two-dimensional characters that I was never invested in.

The plot follows the main character Cheng Yi Zhi, a scrappy, enterprising, self-educated orphan with a flair for numbers and finance who is raised by a kind-hearted shopkeeper.

He started out with a lowly position in a bank but his talent fueled his rapid advancement to become the protege of banking magnate Huang Ruhong.

Wu Lizi is the spoiled daughter of a prominent banker whose world is shattered when her father is framed and commits suicide. Desperate for revenge, she marries Yi Zhi and ruthlessly uses her access to banking circles to investigate her father’s downfall.

Lizi’s lack of communication and bad, irreversible decisions destroys their marriage but leads to a very fruitful business partnership in which they build a bank together.

Here Wu Lizi is described as one of the most selfish, cunning, manipulative, cruel, and very charming female protagonists I have ever met. It’s a pleasure to have a female character as complex and charming as Lizi.

That’s why I keep watching this even though at one point I was angry and disappointed. I still don’t like how they wrote Lizi to attack so viciously and vengefully with such severe consequences, but I’m glad I kept at it because she really moved me with her remorse and stoic acceptance later on.

As for acting, Zhang Xin Cheng gives an excellent performance in this drama as Cheng Yi Zhi, a cynical character who deeply understands the dark side of the moon due to his upbringing on the rough side of town.

He also has great chemistry with his main partner Elvira Cai and the way their relationship progresses from distrust and suspicion to an amazing partnership on many levels is one of the drama’s strengths.

Elvira Cai was also amazing, she managed to make Lizi’s character come to life and fits perfectly. He is really good at playing scheming characters with revenge. Once again Zhang Xin Cheng and Elvira Cai, have good chemistry between two.

There are many fun and quirky aspects to this Chinese drama The Justice that make it worth watching even if it has some lame stuff. But you can put that aside and it’s still worth it.

The Justice Cast

The Justice Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Zhang Xin Cheng as Cheng Yi Zhi

Elvira Cai as Wu Li Zi

Support Role

Gu Zi Cheng as Xu Shu

Zhang Zhi Jian as Huang Ru Hong

Wang Zi Jian as Cha Li / “Charlie”

Wang Yi Nan as Liao Lan

Yu Xiang as Zhou Wen Quan

Zhang Xue Han as Dai Ai Ling

Mao Yi as Liu Er Lang

Ren Bin as Dao Qi Zhong

Liang Jie as Xiao Ling Dang

An Ge as Lian Gua Zi

Li Na as Guan Xiu Yu

Lin Peng as Gao Da Yong

Li Jing Xu as Gao Xiao Cong

Yang An Qi as Ning Ning


My Verdict

Overall I love this show and feel everyone should give it at least one chance. It has great acting, chemistry, and a story to watch. My rating for The Justice review is 7.9/10.

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