Fall In Love With Him Chinese Drama Review

Fall In Love With Him is a Chinese drama that revolves around four very special men and one woman who are tasked with gathering love. Check out the full Fall In Love With Him review below!


Details Drama

Title: Fall In Love With Him (爱上萌面大人)
Also Know: Dear Mr. Time
Episodes: 24
Release Date: October 10, 2021
Genres: Thriller, Romance, Sci-Fi, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Viki

Fall In Love With Him Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of the Chinese drama Fall In Love With Him follows the story of four very special men who are tasked with gathering love, family, and friendship in the world of A104 with no memories of their own.

The four men, Qin Zan (Jason Fu), Sikong Ming (Chen Yu Cheng), Yan Meng (Liang Bo Wen), and Bai Ze (Pan Xing Yu) were carefully chosen by the all-powerful Sariel.

They have all been selected to receive the title Mr. Times or Mr. Time to explore many places.

In carrying out their jobs, they all repeatedly cross paths with Xiang Ling Er, a girl who seems to be constantly in danger.

Although there is no Mr. Times who can remember Xiang Ling Er, they can’t help feeling that she is somehow connected with them.

As the strands of their collective destiny tighten, the five of them slowly realize that behind their life’s trials and obstacles, lies an evil force bent on controlling not only Mr. Times but also the world.


Fall In Love With Him Review

I enjoy this light show or Chinese time travel drama. Here the plot lies with the female lead having no timeline, and the four male leads being “Lords of Time” who have no memories and some sort of connection to it.

The show goes through the steps of figuring out how he’s connected to each of them. The overall plot is good and I like how they portray it.

I was only annoyed when the final episode was lacking and some reviewers I read called it “silly”. I agree, it’s a slap in the face for anyone who gives their time to watch it.

On top of that, there are unnecessary and protracted side stories and uninteresting scenes. For a drama of the thriller genre, it has a degree of mystery to make the connections light (i.e. predictable enough) but works well enough.

In terms of acting and chemistry, actress Eunice Han was okay but not great. Her role here is quite difficult and she doesn’t quite master it, but enough to make me like her.

The four male leads are all pretty good. As a drama fan, I was impressed by how they managed different types of chemistry between the female lead and each of the four male leads. Every relationship is different, and you can feel it vividly.

The supporting cast also does a good job and some of them get enough character development.

Despite that the last episode totally ruined it, it’s a good drama for story, acting, and chemistry. Is it worth watching? I dare not guarantee that, because most viewers will be disappointed in the end.

Fall In Love With Him Chinese Drama Review

Fall In Love With Him Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Fu Long Fei as Qin Zan

Chen Yu Cheng as Sikong Ming

Eunice Han as Xiang Ling Er

Lucas Liang as Yan Meng

Pan Xing Yu as Bai Ze

Support Role

Chen Shi Min as Xiao Ba

Sun Lu Lu as Wu Qi

Jiang Rui Ze as Ai Mi

Yang Bing Zhuo as Ying Xiong


My Verdict

Overall it’s a good drama but doesn’t recommend it for those of you who have high expectations for a drama. This is not for you, it will make you annoyed and disappointed in the end. My rating for the Chinese drama review Fall In Love With Him is 7/10.

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