Top 5 Fan Zhi Xin Dramas That You Can Watch Right Now

In this article, we will present the top 5 dramas starring Fan Zhi Xin that you must watch. But before that, for those of you who don’t know Fan Zhi Xin, here’s a little biography.

Fan Zhi Xin is a Chinese actor born in Weifang City, Shandong Province. Fan Zhixin made his official debut in 2018 in his first ancient costume fantasy romantic drama “Three Lives Three Worlds Pillow Book”.

In 2019, he had the opportunity to play the main role in the youth inspirational drama “Mountains and Ocean”. After that she had many opportunities to star in dramas and here are the top 5 tv shows with Fan Zhi Xin.

Note: Our list here only shows starring Fan Zhi Xin as the main character. So dramas he has played in supporting roles such as “Our Secret” “Hello, the Sharpshooter” “My Girl” and “Eternal Love of Dream” are not included here.


Best Fan Zhi Xin Dramas List


1. Miss Chun Is a Litigator

Miss Chun Is a Litigator is a new drama starring Fan Zhi Xin. In this drama, Fan Zhi Xin plays the Crown Prince Han Wu Wei who falls in love with Chun Tu Mi, the daughter of a military family.

Han Wu Wei is amazed by Chun Tu Mi’s determination to clear the name of his father, who was illegally imprisoned. But not only did Han Wu Wei fall in love with him, officials Dali Teple, Zheng Yuan, and A Su Rui, a prince from an ethnic kingdom had the same tastes.

Chun Tu Mi herself is now a famous lawyer, helping the poor against the rich and powerful. He solves difficult cases and is also willing to become the Emperor’s political chess piece.

The series was released in 2023 with 20 episodes. You can watch one of these latest Chinese dramas on iQiyi.


2. My Lethal Man

Fan Zhi Xin Dramas

The storyline of the series follows the story of Shen Man Ning, a woman who due to an unexpected kidnapping case meets her look-alike Zhuang Xin Yan.

But after Zhuang Xin Yan died, the powerful and mysterious Yan Xing Cheng forced Shen Man Ning to start his “second life” as his fianc√©.

As they overcome hardships and hardships together, the two go from being enemies to slowly joining hands, learning to love and rely on one another. Together they discover the truth of an unsolved case from 17 years ago.

This is one of the best Li Mo Zhi and Fan Zhi Xin dramas. It was released in 2023 with 24 episodes. You can watch this Chinese CEO drama on Viki.

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3. Dear Liar

It tells of Song Yi Fei and Qin Li finally getting married, after months of preparations. However, the originally happy ceremony ends in a nightmare-like encounter.

Song Yi Fei is a girl who grew up under her family’s care and she is innocent and naive at first, yearning for the perfect marriage. However, she finds that her marriage is shrouded in lies.

A stranger named Zheng Bao Song shows up at the wedding and keeps popping up in her life, and all the trouble seems to point towards her husband Qin Li.

This short web series was released in 2023 and has 27 episodes with a duration of 10 minutes per episode. This tv show with Fan Zhi Xin and Qu Meng Ru is available on Viki.


4. Mountains and Ocean

Fan Zhi Xin Dramas

Xia Rui Ning is a girl who is confident and a little stubborn. She always knew what she wanted in life and was never afraid to follow her heart or dreams.

Currently, she has become a student at the Cultural Institute of Xiling University and is on her way to turning her love of ancient arts into a full-time career.

During his studies in art history, Rui Ning meets Ye Lin and Ye Miao, two brothers whose family collection of scrolls, paintings, and ancient artifacts, has been passed down from generation to generation.

Intrigued by the impressive collection and won over by Ye Lin and Ye Miao’s many charms, Rui Ning soon finds himself befriending the brothers.

At the same time, he also meets Shen Zhen, the spoiled daughter of his former governess, who seems to care about more than just the Ye brothers’ extensive art collection.

As the four shares the arduous task of restoring an ancient painting, they find themselves dragged into a wave of complicated love affairs and surging emotions.

This tv show was released in 2019 and has 24 episodes. You can watch one of the best dramas starring Fan Zhi Xin and Sabrina Zhuang on Viki.


5. Childe Xie’s Wine

Fan Zhi Xin Dramas

This is a short web series of 10 minutes per episode. The storyline follows Meng Xiao Fan, a girl from the present day descending from the sky to ancient times and becomes a great beauty. He boldly went after Childe Xie Xun, who ran a wine shop.

Modern-day girl Meng Xiao Fan accidentally breaks into Childe Xie Xun’s wine shop and discovers that she may have entered the game world and has transformed into the alluring Meng Yu Fan, whose beauty could cause the downfall of cities and countries. He made the boldest decision in his 20 years of life to go after Xie Xun.

However, their happiness doesn’t last long as a life-and-death crisis befalls them. Whether to choose his love or sacrifice everyone – the decision rests with Meng Yu Fan.

This tv show stars Fan Zhi Xin and Qiao Jing Wen. It was released in 2022 with 20 episodes and is available on WeTV.


That was the list of the best Fan Zhi Xin dramas that you can watch right now. The list that we present will be updated every time the latest drama is available. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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