Top 9 Neo Hou Dramas and TV Shows That You Must to Watch

Hou Minghao, also known as Neo Hou, is a Chinese actor and model. He was born on January 27, 1997, in Shanghai, China. Neo Hou gained recognition and popularity through the many dramas he starred in.

With his charming appearance and acting talent, Hou Minghao has become a star in the Chinese entertainment industry. He has also appeared in several dramas throughout his acting career. Here are some famous dramas starring Hou Ming Hao!


Best Neo Hou Ming Hao Dramas and TV Shows List


1. Young Babylon

Neo Hou Ming Hao Dramas and TV Shows

Young Babylon is the latest drama that Neo Hou will star alongside Yang Cai Yu. The series is adapted from a novel titled “Young Babylon” by Lu Nei.

The plot follows the story of Lu Xiao Lu, a stubborn but always hardworking man. At the age of nineteen in 1990s China, he felt pressured to follow in the footsteps of those around him who had different occupations.

He took a job at a saccharine factory in town. Slowly he adapts and meets people who are far from what he expected. Lu Xiao Lu persevered and fought for the life she wanted.

This Chinese drama set in the 1990s will be released in 2023 and has a total of 24 episodes.


2. Our Times

Neo Hou Ming Hao Dramas and TV Shows

This Chinese TV show tells the story of Xiao Chuang and Pei Qing Hua, two students from Yenching University’s Institute of Computer Science who created a computer card to improve the computer’s ability to process Chinese text.

They continue to attract the attention of computer science institute directors and continue to be a major force in the industry. In the process of realizing their ambitions, they also find love.

This is one of the best dramas starring Neo Hou, Leo Wu, Mao Xiao Hui, and Julia Xiang. It was released in 2021 with 36 episodes and is available on WeTV.


3. Cambrian Period

This is a Chinese investigative drama whose storyline follows the story of Tang Ying, an innocent and naive girl who fails at her acting job. Feeling stressed and in need of a vacation, he decides to take a trip to Nanshan Bu Island (South Island).

But the island is not as beautiful as it seems. Due to the popularity of the island and the duty-free and visa-free police operating there.

He also caught the attention of many crime syndicates/gangs who wanted to invest in the island because of the prospect of making ridiculous amounts of money and his secrets.

When, a war between gangs and police begins, Tang Ying accidentally gets involved in the war and meets two different men who are polar opposites in this war.

They are Jian Zi, a teenage killer, and Li Yong Ji, a handsome male police coordinator. In the shadow of death, collecting samseng and various cases involving black market trading, will Tang Ying be able to get out?

This tv show with Neo Hou Ming Hao was released in 2017 and has 24 episodes.


4. Back From the Brink

Neo Hou Ming Hao Dramas and TV Shows

It tells the story of the ancient dragon Tian Yao, who after being betrayed by his lover is fatally injured and heartbroken. The woman he loved betrayed him by dismembering him and removing his dragon scales. It even sealed its body parts in five places.

But luckily Tian Yao’s soul escaped and is now reborn. He currently meets Yan Hui, a woman who swore to protect him when she retrieved his lost bones.

The two then embark on a journey to collect Tian Yao’s body and heart parts. In the process, they unravel a great mystery and Yan Hui discovers his true origins.

Back From the Brink is one of the best Zhou Ye and Neo Hou dramas that was released in 2023. It has 40 episodes and you can watch this Chinese Wuxia drama on Viki.

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5. The Lost Tomb 2

It’s about a group of heroes who get pulled into a tomb-robbing expedition and take them under the sea. On an ancient Ming Dynasty ship, they encounter terrifying creatures and confusing traps.

This tv show stars Neo Hou, Cheng Yi, Zhang Bo Yu, and Li Man. The series was released in 2019 and has a total of 40 episodes.


6. A Girl Like Me

Neo Hou Ming Hao Dramas and TV Shows

Ban Hua was a beautiful Baroness, duchess, and princess who had circled around wedlock bliss three times. Her straightforward attitude and explosive temper ensured that every relationship ended in disaster – for the grooms-to-be.

Despite his bad reputation, he means well and deep down. Lately, her dreams foretell danger around every corner. He had interpreted it on the fly to keep his family safe and protect the people around him.

Her life changes forever when she meets Count Rong Xia, a young scholar whose family has met a tragic fate and is searching for answers about the past.

Rong Xia wants to know the true identities of those responsible for her family’s death, which have been kept a secret from her for a long time. A friendship is formed, with Ban Hua determined to help Rong Xia learn the truth.

You can watch one of the best dramas starring Neo Hou and Guan Xiao Tong on Viki. It was released in 2021 with 40 episodes.


7. Psych-Hunter

It tells the story of Jiang Shuo, a man who is in the business of buying haunted houses and selling them. One day she crosses paths with Qin Yi Heng, a man who works as a psychologist and is looking for his father.

He also meets Yuan Mu Qing, a girl who is the daughter of a warlord. Together they form partners to fight a mysterious force.

One of the best tv shows starring Neo Hou, Liu Dong Qin, Zhu Xu Dan, and Xiao Xu. It was released in 2020 with 36 episodes. You can watch this Chinese drama on iQiyi.


8. When We Were Young

Neo Hou Ming Hao Dramas and TV Shows

It tells a nostalgic story revolving around high school students during the year 1996. Yang Xi is a beautiful, cheerful, and friendly girl.

One day, while chasing bicycle thieves over the summer, he is injured in a lab explosion which prevents him from competing in long-distance running.

When the school opened, he realized that the culprit behind his misfortune had transferred to his class and even taken his position as class president. She was Hua Biao, a hot-blooded, reckless, and gifted genius from the science department.

Hua Biao’s arrival immediately alerts his classmates and he must prove himself accepted in the class. Then, they experience many ups and downs in life.

This is one of the best dramas starring Neo Hou and Wang Peng. This high school Chinese drama was released in 2018 with 24 episodes and is available on Viki.


9. Hu Tong: Chapter 1

Neo Hou Ming Hao Dramas and TV Shows

Hu Tong is a Chinese drama divided into three chapters and Neo Hou plays Tie Dan in Hu Tong: Chapter 1. Tie Dan is a man who has good martial arts skills and supports his work all his life.

She was also Tian Zao’s childhood sweetheart, a woman who was actively involved in various grassroots works from the early days of liberation to the reform and opening up period, with a frank, enthusiastic, and helpful personality.

This tv show starred Zhao Lu Si and Neo Hou as the main characters. It was released in 2022 with 14 episodes.


That was the list of the best dramas and tv shows starring Neo Hou or Hou Minghao. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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