10 Best Chinese Dramas Set In Ming Dynasty to Watch

Today we will recommend you a list of the best Chinese dramas set in the Ming Dynasty. We have previously recommended C-dramas set in the Song and Tang Dynasties.

The Ming dynasty is one of two dynasties founded by peasant revolts throughout Chinese history. This dynasty ruled around (1368 – 1644) and was the last Han dynasty to rule after the Song Dynasty.


Chinese Dramas Set In Ming Dynasty List


1. Under the Microscope

Under the Microscope is the latest Chinese Series set in Ming Dynasty that was released in 2023. It has 14 episodes and is available on iQiyi.

It tells the story of Shuai Jia Mo, a man who is obsessed with mathematics. Once he came across a historical problem in Jinhua County and wanted to fix it.

However, in his efforts to correct these mistakes, he encountered many obstacles that sparked tension between various stakeholders.


2. Ming Dynasty

Best Chinese Dramas Set In Ming Dynasty

Sun Ruo Wei was a girl who found her entire family murdered, following Emperor Yongle’s edict in 1402. However, she narrowly escaped death after being secretly adopted by Sun Zhong.

In the present, Sun Ruo Wei coincidentally becomes crown prince Zhu Zhan Ji’s concubine and continues to investigate the truth behind her family’s death. He wanted to know the cause of the Yongle emperor’s order.

However, Sun Ruo Wei decided to abandon her revenge plan after realizing how dangerous it was to disturb the stability of the court for her personal goals.

Touched by Zhu Zhan Ji’s kindness, Sun Ruo Wei decided to become a virtuous empress who could support him in times of trouble.

Unfortunately, Zhu Zhan Ji died after a decade on the throne, and Sun Ruo Wei was honored as Empress Dowager after 7-year-old Zhu Qi Zhen ascended to the throne.

It was released in 2019 with 64 episodes. You can watch this one of the best Chinese dramas set in the Ming Dynasty on Amazon Prime Video and Viki.


3. Song of Youth

Best Chinese Dramas Set In Ming Dynasty

This happened during the reign of Emperor Long Qing in the Ming Dynasty (mid-1500s), Lin Shao Chun was the daughter of a once powerful and respected government official.

But after his father was accused of embezzlement and corruption, he and the rest of the family fell out of respect. Now in an effort to make ends meet, she joins a group of traveling performers where she meets Sun Yu Lou, heir to a wealthy family.

Sun Yu Lou immediately fell in love with Lin Shao Chun at first sight. But Lin Shao Chun didn’t really care and didn’t intend to stay in the show group.

He intends to take revenge on the people who wronged his family. Lin Shao Chun also plans to join the civil service and disguise herself as a man to take the required exams.

Even though her family was against it at first, Sun Yu Lou decided to help her. The duo began to form a close bond and eventually married.

However, when she learns that one of her husband’s family members may have played a role in the downfall of her own family, Lin Shao Chun finds herself at a crossroads.

This Chinese series was released in 2021 with 43 episodes and is available on Viki. This tv show stars Bai Lu and Wang Yi Zhe.


4. Under the Power

It tells the story of Lu Yi, a cold, ruthless, and dignified high-ranking officer of the Ming Dynasty Jinyiwei (also known as the Brocade Guards for their intricately embroidered uniforms).

The Jinyiwei were part of the Emperor’s elite guard who also served as secret police, and Lu Yi was one of the best at his job.

One day he meets Yuan Jin Xia, a bright, passionate, and tomboyish female officer from the 6th Police Division. When they first met they had a dispute regarding a case involving both of them.

Their paths continue to cross unpleasantly over a series of minor cases until Lu Yi is assigned by the Emperor to secretly investigate the disappearance of funds that had been set aside for river improvements in Yangzhou.

What he didn’t like about being part of this small team was that those accompanying him included Yuan Jin Xia. But when the two of them work together to solve this case, they find themselves uncovering a conspiracy involving high court officials.

Meanwhile, their feelings for each other slowly change from dislike to respectful friendship to meaningful love.

This is one of the best Chinese dramas set in the Ming Dynasty which was released in 2019. It has 55 episodes and you can watch it on Prime Video. This tv show stars Ren Jia Lun and Tan Song Yun.


5. The Imperial Doctress

This C-drama takes place in the Ming Dynasty under the reign of Emperor Zhu Qi Zhen when female doctors were not allowed to practice.

Hang Yun Xian was a girl who came from a long line of medical practitioners, her family having served as palace doctors for generations.

However, ever since his grandfather was accused of medical malpractice, the family stopped practicing medicine and changed their name from Tan to Hang.

However, currently, Yun Xian was determined to study medicine and he did so secretly. Things get tough when she meets Emperor Qi Zhen and his brother Qi Zhu who both win over the hearts of the two men.

Thus begins a love triangle that lasts for decades. This television series was released in 2016 with 50 episodes and is available on Viki.


6. Royal Feast

Best Chinese Dramas Set In Ming Dynasty

Yao Zi Jin is a young girl who enters the palace to become a waitress at a food bureau. In the profound palace, he remained determined and slowly improved his abilities while perfecting his skills.

He makes many friends there and faces an unexpected romance at the same time. She then falls in love with Zhu Zhan Ji and the two start a beautiful romance.

Meanwhile, the drama also showcases the historical achievements and family life of the three eminent emperors of the Ming Dynasty, depicting the culinary Forbidden City full of compassion, friendship, love, and the humanity of a rich family.

It was released in 2022 with 40 episodes. You can watch one of the best romance Chinese dramas set in the Ming Dynasty on Tubi and WeTV. This tv show stars Xu Kai and Wu Jin Yan.


7. The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty

Best Chinese Dramas Set In Ming Dynasty

It tells the story of Tang Fan, a shrewd senior government official. He is currently taking a break from his regular activities to investigate a murder.

But when the owner of the house Tang Fan lived in is found dead, he and his bodyguard martial arts specialist Sui Zhou investigate the case.

They were suspicious and didn’t believe it was a suicide. The two of them then investigated and finally managed to find a suspect who they believed had killed the owner of the house. But they soon learn that this killer did not act alone and is just a small player in a much larger scheme.

This Chinese series set in the Ming dynasty was released in 2020. It has 48 episodes and is available on Viki.


8. My Sassy Princess

Best Chinese Dramas Set In Ming Dynasty

Liu Ling is a beautiful girl who is a young member of the royal family who has been awarded the auspicious title of Princess Chang Le by the Emperor.

She is currently 20 years old and lives a pampered and privileged life. She is capricious, impatient, and very mischievous. Even when people lavish gifts on her, she treats them with disdain.

She had a habit of insulting others and acting impulsively which made her many enemies at court. Even the common people had a habit of spreading malicious rumors about her.

On her birthday, she decides to step out of the palace for a drink in a private room at an exclusive inn. She drank herself into a stupor and fell asleep due to the alcohol.

Just then, Shen Yan, a young army commander and an icy martial artist stumbles into his room after being injured in a sword fight with a notorious bandit.

Liu Ling immediately falls in love with Shen Yan and tries to win her heart. As time goes by the two of them start to get closer and a romance develops.

This is one of the best romantic Chinese dramas set in the Ming dynasty. It was released in 2022 with 22 episodes. You can watch it on Viki.


9. The Dark Lord

The storyline follows the story of Ye Xiao Tian, a man who works as a prison guard at the Ministry of Justice in the capital city.

There he is assigned the task of delivering a message to a certain family of inmates in a prison located in a province several thousand miles away.

On his way, he gathers friends and faces various challenges and opponents. However, his irrepressible mischievous demeanor makes him a force to be reckoned with. This series was released in 2018 with 48 episodes and is available on WeTV.


10. The Sword and the Brocade

Best Chinese Dramas Set In Ming Dynasty

It tells the story of the romance between General Xu Ling Yi and his concubine daughter Shi Yi Niang, which started from an arranged marriage.

Despite being born with low status, Shi Yi Niang is very firm and believes that a woman’s vision should not be limited to the household. She always hoped to rely on her embroidery skills as her ticket to freedom.

However, the once-respected Luo family was in a state of decline. The only way to save the clan is through a marriage alliance. Shi Yi Niang was chosen to be the wife of the Duke of Yongping and the great general Xu Ling Yi.

Things are not easy for Shi Yi Niang because of the Xu family’s bias against her. Despite this, he managed to win their trust through his optimism and sincerity.

Xu Ling Yi also became attracted to his various beautiful qualities such as a husband and wife who managed to find love after marriage. Through Xu Ling Yi’s support, Shi Yi Niang opened the Xian Ling Pavilion to have her own embroidery workshop.

It was released in 2021 with 45 episodes. You can watch this one of the best Chinese dramas set in the Ming dynasty on Prime Video.


That’s the list of the best Chinese dramas set in the Ming dynasty that you must watch right now. Thank you for reading this article, Have a nice day!

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