10 Best Chinese Dramas Set In Song Dynasty to Watch

Chinese historical dramas feature many different dynasties ranging from the Tang, Ming, Qing, and Song dynasties. This time we will recommend the best Chinese dramas set in the Song Dynasty.

For those of you who don’t know, the Song Dynasty (/sʊŋ/) was an imperial dynasty of China that ruled from 960 to 1279.

It was founded by Emperor Taizu of Song, who usurped the throne of the Later Zhou Dynasty and later conquered the other Ten Dynasties. Kingdoms, ending the Five Dynasties and Ten Kingdoms period.

The Song dynasty frequently came into conflict with the Liao, Western Xia, and Jin dynasties of northern China.

After retreating to southern China following the incursions of the Jin dynasty, the Song was finally conquered by the Mongol-led Yuan dynasty. (source: Wikipedia)

Below are the top 10 Chinese dramas based on the Song dynasty that you can watch right now. Read it to the end guys!


Chinese Dramas Set In Song Dynasty List


1. The Lady in Butcher’s House

Best Chinese Dramas Set In Song Dynasty

This is the latest Chinese Song dynasty drama that tells the story of Xu Qing Jia, a man who was orphaned at a young age. Even so, he studies hard and is the best in his class.

When he grew up he married Hu Jiao, the daughter of a butcher family who could neither read nor write. But she has a cheerful and positive personality and takes care of everything in order.

Xu Qing Jia then devoted himself to serving the people and continued to reform as a county magistrate. Their story unfolds in the Northern Song Dynasty as they work together in love and marriage, and help the people defeat corrupt officials.

This Chinese historical drama was released in 2022 with 36 episodes and is available on Viki. This tv show stars Baby Zhang and Tong Meng Shi.


2. The Story of Ming Lan

Best Chinese Dramas Set In Song Dynasty

Set in the Northern Song Dynasty, this story follows Sheng Ming Lan, an official’s 6th daughter born to a disliked concubine. He lost his mother at a young age and was raised by his paternal grandmother.

While growing up, Ming Lan learned to hide her true genius and use underhanded methods to survive tough conditions. Because family members plot against each other and there is no real family love.

Once he met Gu Ting Ye, the second son of a wealthy marquis family, who was supposed to have inherited wealth from both his parents and a peerage.

Unlike Ming Lan, Gu Ting Ye was straightforward in his actions and never hid his true self. However, that causes her to fall victim to all the plotting and plotting against him, and she ends up losing everything.

Ming Lan and Ting Ye then work together, and through cunning schemes and structured plans, they both rise up and seek justice from those who have wronged them.

It was released in 2018 with 78 episodes. You can watch one of the best Chinese romance dramas set in the Song dynasty on iQiyi. This tv show stars Zhao Liying and Feng Shao Feng.


3. No Boundary

Best Chinese Dramas Set In Song Dynasty

It tells of the love story of a venerable goddess and a cop with a cold exterior who join forces to solve crimes and find love along the way.

Duan Mu Cui is a goddess who descended into the mortal realm and founded her own sect with the goal of defeating demonic forces that seek to harm humans.

Meanwhile, Zhan Yan is a palace guard constable who receives an order to help Duan Mu Cui, starting their journey against ghosts in the world of boxers.

This Chinese drama based on the Song dynasty is available on iQiyi. It was released in 2021 and has 2 seasons with a total of 52 episodes.


4. The Song of Glory

Best Chinese Dramas Set In Song Dynasty

The series is set in the Liu Song Dynasty (420-479), with powerful nobles clamoring for power, The people of the Liu Song Empire succumbed to the chaos that followed.

Desperate to bring peace to his crumbling country, the young emperor, Liu Yi Kang is willing to do whatever it takes to save his people.

But the road ahead will not be easy as most of the country’s powerful families plot against him, Yi Kang’s list of allies grows thinner.

Knowing the only way to strengthen his position is to ally with the mighty family, Yi Kang agrees to an alliance by marriage with the powerful Shen family.

A family with strong military roots, the Shen family can give Yi Kang the power he needs to carry out the reforms needed to overthrow the nobles bent on destroying the nation.

He then marries Shen Li Ge, a bright and beautiful woman who has always been by his side, while embarking on the arduous task of reform.

Facing one of the most powerful and corrupt clans in the country, Yi Kang and Li Ge must use all their wits and strength to defeat their enemy.

This is one of the best Chinese dramas set in the Song dynasty. It was released in 2020 with 53 episodes and you can watch it on Viki. This tv show stars Li Qin and Qin Hao.


5. The Legend of the Condor Heroes

Guo Xiao Tian and Yang Tie Xin were two sons of sworn brothers who existed during the Song and Lin Dynasties. When the brothers were killed, their wives survived and gave birth to their unborn son.

Guo Jing grew up with the Mongols and Yang Kang grew up with the Jin, even though their father was a hero of the Song Dynasty. As they grow up to learn martial arts, their journey begins to avenge their father and rid the land of evil in the process.

This Chinese tv show set in the Song dynasty was released in 2017. It has 52 episodes and is available on iQiyi.


6. A Dream of Splendor

Best Chinese Dramas Set In Song Dynasty

It tells the story of Zhao Pan Er who finds out her fiancé left her for another high-ranking woman after becoming an official in Bian Jing Capital.

He refuses to surrender to his fate and decides to travel to the Capital in search of the truth. On his way there, he meets two girls, whose lives he saves and they become his friends who continue to follow him.

Meanwhile, Gu Qian Fan, is a commander in the Capital’s elite squadron nicknamed the “Living Devil”. He was framed by those he swore allegiance to and must find out the truth behind the sinister schemes involving the imperial court.

When he first met Zhao Pan Er, they had not faced each other, but this intelligent woman had caught his eye and as they helped each other, they grew closer to their respective goals.

Arriving at the Capital City, Zhao Pan Er, his two friends, and Gu Qian Fan had to weather many storms together and apart, but they still exerted their strength, caring for one another.

Zhao Pan Er and his two friends opened a small tea shop relying on their own skills. Will they each get the love and happy ending they so much deserve?

It was released in 2022 with 40 episodes. You can watch one of the best Chinese dramas set in the Song dynasty on Netflix.


7. Young Blood

Best Chinese Dramas Set In Song Dynasty

This drama tells a story that takes place during a turbulent time when the Northern Song and Western Xia were at war. Follows six young individuals undergoing training to become spies in defense of their country.

During the reign of Emperor Ren Zong of Song, Northern Song’s glory was shrouded in looming danger. Spies had infiltrated the capital to gather intelligence and weaken the political influence of the imperial family.

To end the war, a group of young heroes undergo rigorous selection and training. They were Yuan Zhong Xin who was a cunning man, smart on the streets, and had friends in the lower ranks.

Then there is Zhao Jian who is shrewd and a natural leader. Wang Kuan was well-read, intelligent, and never lied. Xiao Jing is a peacemaker who often hides.

Xue Ying was a great fighter who came from a military family. Wei Ya Nei had good connections because of his status as the Grand Commander’s son.

Despite their diverse backgrounds and personalities, the six begin to grow as a team through various missions of life and death.

This historical Chinese drama from the Song dynasty was released in 2019. It has 49 episodes and is available on iQiyi.


8. Fake Princess

Liu Yu Yao is a beautiful girl who agrees to marry a two-faced prince named Li Che. She was no longer free and tameless, having become the fake bride of Crown Prince Li Che.

After settling into the palace, he often faced humiliation. Even in this uncomfortable situation, she adapts like a stray cat showing its true stripes.

Li Che who had planned his every move carefully, gradually found himself attracted by Liu Yu Yao’s liveliness. Despite wearing masks to hide their true intentions, they manage to find comfort in one another.

This is one of the best Chinese dramas set in the Song dynasty released in 2020. It was released in 27 episodes and you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.


9. The Plough Department of Song Dynasty

The Plow Department (The Big Dipper) was a special investigative agency that worked for the emperor of the Northern Song Dynasty. Tai Sui and his colleagues work together to solve strange cases and punish crimes.

Through a series of cases, Tai Sui discovers that there is a hidden conspiracy behind the case, and it is related to his unknown past. It was released in 2019 with 36 episodes and is available on Viki.


10. Oh My General

It was during the Song Dynasty, that Ye Zhao, a woman cross-dressed to become a general with outstanding abilities, received the rank of supreme general.

The Empress Dowager constantly worries about Ye Zhao wielding too much power and takes the opportunity to set Ye Zhao up with one of the Emperor’s nephews, Prince, Zhao Yujin, who is outstanding but pampered, lazy, and time-consuming.

Zhao Yujin often spends time on “useless” artistic pursuits. Thus, the story of the real fight over who will take power in this new household begins.

It was released in 2017 with 60 episodes. You can watch this one of the best Chinese dramas set in the Song dynasty on Viki.


That was the list of the best Chinese dramas set in the Song dynasty era. You can watch all the dramas we mentioned right now on various online streaming platforms. Thank you for reading this article have a nice day!

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