10 Best Chinese Web Dramas or Short Length Series to Watch

Are you looking for a list of Chinese Web series or short Chinese mini dramas? here we have collected 10 lists of the best Chinese dramas with a duration of 10-30 minutes per episode.

Currently, there are many Chinese Short Length Series with various genres such as romance, action, history, and comedy.

The storyline is also interesting and of course, you don’t need days to finish it. So, below are the 10 best Chinese web series that you can watch right now.


Chinese Web Dramas List


1. Exclusive Fairytale

Best Chinese Web Dramas or Short Length Series

This is the latest Chinese web series released in 2023 with 24 episodes and 30 minutes per episode. It tells a love story revolving around childhood sweethearts, Ling Chao and Xiao Tu, who travel through youth.

Since childhood, Ling Chao always knew that his mother liked girls. Coincidentally, his neighboring family has a daughter, named Xiao Tu, who is the same age as him.

Ling Chao eventually becomes Xiao Tu’s sworn brother. The two grew up competing with each other, so he demanded perfection in everything.

Ling Chao himself is the smartest child in kindergarten with a high IQ, but his outstanding appearance is not as good as Xiao Tu in his mother’s eyes.

Due to a lack of affection, Ling Chao developed a sensitive, independent, and precocious personality. His only friend is Xiao Tu, and only Xiao Tu is in his heart.

When she grows up, she understands that she can’t do anything without Xiao Tu, because she suddenly fell in love with him, but she never admits it. You can watch this series on Viki and iQiyi.


2. Maid’s Revenge

Best Chinese Web Dramas or Short Length Series

Dong Ting Yao is a girl who one night finds her entire family wiped out in a massacre. Just before her father died, he told her to seek refuge in her invisible fiancé, Fang Yu Ze’s house.

At the same time, Fang Yu Ze’s uncle, Fang Tian Yi, the governor and warlord of the territory, charged through the manor’s doors with his army, leading Dong Ting Yao to believe that Fang Tian Yi was the one who killed his entire family.

After a heated argument, Fang Tian Yi then brought Dong Ting Yao back to his residence to detain him. He then escaped from his captivity and went to Fang Yu Ze’s house.

However finds that his position as fiancé has been replaced by his half-sister, Dong Yan Er. After that, it also realized that Fang Tian Yi was the head of the Fang Yu Ze household.

Left with no other choice, Dong Ting Yao then poses as a servant in the Fang household to try and get revenge on Fang Tian Yi.

She also wanted to restore her rightful position as Fang Yu Ze’s fiancee. Unfortunately, Fang Tian Yi had other ideas for him.

It was released in 2022 and has 30 episodes that are 10 minutes long. You can watch one of the best Chinese web dramas on Viki.


3. Here Is My Exclusive Indulge

Best Chinese Web Dramas or Short Length Series

It tells the story of Yun Xiang Xiang, a girl who lost everything with her mother after falling victim to her father and his illegitimate son’s savings scheme.

Yun Xiang Xiang then gets a second chance when he is reborn on the day his mother should have died. In order to change their tragic fate, she embarks on a path of sweet revenge.

This time, she meets Fu Si Han, a CEO who sits in a wheelchair. Despite that, there was no hiding his imposing presence as a powerful executive.

His appearance in her life just made her journey so much smoother. Even started a sweet romance with the handsome Fu Si Han.

This Chinese short-length series was released in 2021. It has 34 episodes and is available on WeTV.


4. A Familiar Stranger

Best Chinese Web Dramas or Short Length Series

Shen Qin is the Prime Minister’s daughter who is about to marry a powerful general, Xiao Han Sheng, but she is already in love with another man, Prince Ning.

In a nefarious attempt to escape from this marriage, Shen Qin trapped the female artiste, Shi Qi, and used a sorcerer to perform a type of magic that allowed the two women to swap faces.

Shi Qi then wakes up with her face that now belongs to the Prime Minister’s daughter and is being blackmailed by Shen Qin into marrying Xiao Han Sheng. To his surprise, he recognized Xiao Han Sheng from an old meeting in the past.

Due to conflict, she has to put on a charade as his wife and things get complicated when Prince Ning also starts to take an interest in her.

This is one of the best Chinese historical web dramas that was released in 2022. It has 18 episodes with a duration of 10 minutes and you can watch it on Viki.


5. Night of Love With You

The storyline follows an accident that occurs when the manga character Qi Qi, who has played the supporting role of the female antagonist for many years, enters the new comic “Night of Love With You” and becomes the heroine Luo Qing.

In a story where the male lead suddenly disappears, the supporting female lead approaches and the male antagonist has no romance left, will Qi Qi find her happiness?

This Chinese romance web series was released in 2022 with 24 episodes. It is available on WeTV.


6. The Killer Is Also Romantic

Si Xiao Nian is a woman who owns a sophisticated garment shop. Sedenkan Yan Wu Ming was a man who tied the knot. However, on their wedding day, the two go one after another because both of them hide their true identities.

Facing their love and secrets deep in their hearts, the two fall into a deep attachment. Will the two be able to be together?

It was released in 2022 and has 18 episodes that are 12 minutes long. You can watch one of the best Chinese web dramas on MangoTV.


7. My Uncanny Destiny

It tells the story of the people in Mu Xi City and Xuanyue City who have been fighting each other, always trying to conquer each other for generations.

The old city owner Mu Xi only had one daughter, named Ye Zhaonan, whose gender he secretly kept hidden so he could one day inherit her.

Since childhood, Zhaonan has always disguised himself as a boy, until one day when Ye Zhaonan falls off a cliff and meets Liu Xuanming, the lord of Xuanyue City, and begins a beautiful destiny.

This Chinese web series was released in 2023 and has 24 episodes with a duration of 30 minutes per episode. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.


8. Provoke

Best Chinese Web Dramas or Short Length Series

Jiang Ying is a singer in a local club who begins to be associated with local entertainment mogul, Du Jing Chuan. However, no one knows that the woman will seek revenge for the harm done to her family.

In the process of carrying out his plan, Du Xun Yu, the son of his nemesis, stands in his way. A man, who was miraculously found two years ago after he disappeared.

However, he was also hiding some secrets because the real Du Xun Yu had died long ago, and that man only claimed to be him.

Soon, connected by a common enemy and goal, the pair join forces and start working together. But what they didn’t expect was that apart from revenge, they would also be connected by love.

This is one of the best Chinese web dramas that was released in 2023. It has 25 episodes and you can watch it on Prime Video.


9. Better a Lie Than a Truth

Best Chinese Web Dramas or Short Length Series

The storyline follows the story of New entrepreneur Qiao Mu Sheng reuniting with Su Nian, a high school classmate he has not seen for several years.

Su Nian, who is already a magazine editor, doesn’t hesitate to chase down and block Qiao Mu Sheng from getting an interview.

Qiao Mu Sheng harbored secret feelings for Su Nian and wanted to tell her how he felt by writing her a love letter. But his attempts to do so were thwarted by a strange twist of fate.

Now, he has become the emotionless leader of a large company. Coincidentally, Su Nian and Qiao Mu Sheng both had bad reactions to alcohol, and they avoided it with care.

But when an evil rival trick him into drinking, and Qiao Mu Sheng also accidentally drinks, they somehow end up waking up in the same bed the next morning!

However, the man on the bed reveals that he is not actually Qiao Mu Sheng but his identical twin brother, Lu Jing Nian.

Su Nian blackmails this “twin” into impersonating her fiancé so he can appease his family – and the two must eventually “marry” and live together. This Chinese mini-drama was released in 2022 with 18 episodes and It’s available on Viki.


10. Destined to Meet You

Jin Rong Rong is a general manager of the Jinchao Group company who meets Gu Cong Bei, a bar singer, on his way to secretly inspect the operation of the business district.

After a drunken night, Jin Rong Rong finds out that Gu Cong Bei is still a university student, and without any love experience. He pretends to be calm and claims responsibility for her.

By chance when Jin Rong Rong goes to a blind dating agency, she suddenly finds out that Gu Cong Bei is the third son of the Gu family, and is also in need of marriage, so he decides to choose her as his marriage partner.

What he didn’t know was that Gu Cong Bei was deliberately trying to get close to him. Now living under the same roof after marriage, Gu Cong Bei notices that Jin Rong Rong is different and unique.

But Jin Rong Rong is also very secretive and refuses to open up to her new husband about why she is afraid of the cold.

The series was released in 2022 with 20 episodes. You can watch one of the best Chinese web dramas on Viki.


Those are the lists of the best Chinese web dramas that can save you time and can be watched right now. Thank you for reading this article, Have a nice day!

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