12 Best Leo Wu Movies and TV Shows, Can be Watched Now

Leo Wu is a young Chinese actor who was born on December 26, 1999. Leo Wu is also a very famous actor and has won various awards for his roles in many movies and tv shows.

He is also known as “Younger Brother” in China and he is considered one of the “Four Lesser Heavenly Kings” along with Liu Hao Ran, Wang Jun Kai, and Wang Yi Bo.

Leo Wu made his acting debut in 2007 in the Chinese television drama, “The Legend and the Hero” and after that Leo Wu began starring in many dramas and movies. Here’s a list of the 12 best Leo Wu dramas and films below!


Best Leo Wu Movies List


1. My Country, My Parents

Leo Wu Movies and TV Shows

My Country, My Parents is a movie that focuses on four Chinese families in four different eras. It is also coupled with 4 stories, through the perspectives of home and country, which represent several generations of dedication and sacrifice of their predecessors.

In this movie, you will be shown the blood relationship and spiritual heritage of the Chinese people, as well as reproduce the memories of the Chinese people’s hard work. It was released in 2021 and is available on Viki.


2. Upcoming Summer

Leo Wu Movies and TV Shows

Upcoming Summer is one of the best Leo Wu movies released in 2021 and is available on Netflix.

It tells the story of Chen Chen, a girl who failed her college entrance exam, and Zheng Yu Xing, a young man who is free-spirited but has to go back to school because he missed the exam.

The two end up meeting because of a lie Chen Chen told and must find a way to dispel the doubts of their teacher and parents.

Having met their youth, they held hands as they faced different problems growing up and forged a deep friendship.


3. Asura

Asuras are known in many Eastern countries to mean gods, but this film focuses on desires and demonstrates the highest meaning of life through the war between humans and demonic beasts.

Asura was released in 2018 and the story is based on Saga of the Phoenix (Hong Kong parent story).


4. Adoring

Leo Wu Movies and TV Shows

It tells about the very close relationship between owner and pet. They will do everything for their pet and love it.

Even though life is complicated and sometimes messy, it’s the love and devotion of pets that help each owner find a way to live, love, and let go.

This is one of the best Leo Wu movies that was released in 2019. You can watch it on Viki and Prime Video.


Best Leo Wu TV Shows List


5. Guardians of the Ancient Oath

Leo Wu Movies and TV Shows

It tells of the demon Jiu Ying causing chaos in the world in ancient times. To seal it, five gods gifted him namely the gods – Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, and Earth.

He was then sealed but had to sacrifice himself to the gods and the spirits of the gods dispersed into the mortal realm and disappeared.

Thousands of years passed, and now there is a Kingdom called You, founded by the Baili family, which is constantly at war with the Wolf Tribe.

After the Emperor and Crown Prince died successively, the young Emperor Baili Haohe ascended the throne. But her maternal clan took advantage of her young age and slowly seized power in the Imperial Court.

Then, As Jiu Ying started to break the seal, the gods woke up one by one. Rediscovering their elemental powers, the five gods gather once again to fulfill their thousand-year promise – to protect the world and ensure its peace.

One of the best Leo Wu dramas was released in 2020 with 45 episodes and is available on Viki.


6. Love Like the Galaxy

Leo Wu Movies and TV Shows

Ling Bu Yi was the adopted son of Emperor Wen and also a talented & ruthless general of the Black Armored Army. He is now on a personal mission to uncover hidden truths about the past, which has led to the massacre of the entire city and its clan.

On the way, she meets Cheng Shao Shang who is on a mission to capture a fugitive in a rural village.

The young Cheng Shao Shang is detached and determined to live for himself, and his unruly and daring nature, and his wit, begin to attract the attention of several people in the capital, including Ling Bu Yi.

This is one of the latest Leo Wu and Zhao Lusi tv shows that was released in 2022 with 27 episodes. You can watch the series on iflix and Viki.

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7. The Long Ballad

Leo Wu Movies and TV Shows

In 626 AD, there was a coup d’etat in the Tang Dynasty empire that succeeded in taking over the leadership and bringing chaos to its core with the Xuanwu Gate Incident.

The mastermind was a cunning prince who killed Li Chang Ge’s family during a raid, though he managed to escape.

Now the prince has installed himself on the throne of the Empire and reigns as Emperor Tai Zong.

Li Chang Ge was determined to take revenge and gather a powerful army to overthrow the new Emperor. But his plans fall apart when he suffers an unexpected defeat against the army of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate.

The victorious general, Ashile Sun, decided not to keep Li Chang Ge as a slave and kept him in his service.

He made it as a military strategist when he wanted to pursue his own military goals. The duo then form a formidable military partnership.

This Leo Wu and Dilraba Dilmurat drama was released in 2021 with 49 episodes and is available on Viki.


8. Our Times

Leo Wu Movies and TV Shows

Our Times is one of Leo Wu’s best tv shows released in 2021 with 36 episodes. It tells the story of Xiao Chuang and Pei Qing Hua, two students at Yenching University’s Computer Science Institute.

Once upon a time, they made a computer card to improve the computer’s ability to process Chinese text.

Various research teams under his leadership seized the opportunity to ride this wave of reform. From building foreign computers to conducting independent research, two steps to the fast track to becoming part of the first batch of entrepreneurs in the internet age.

As they witness the ups and downs of the times while living their ideals, they also find love. Their journey to become business experts in the field also reflects China’s history of rapid development in the late 20th century.


9. Cross Fire

Leo Wu Movies and TV Shows

Xiao Feng is the leader of a slumping e-sports team in 2008, and they are barely able to keep his team together.

At that time, E-sports was still in its infancy and there was little money to be made. Xiao Feng’s team is also looked down upon and ridiculed, but they insist on fighting for their dreams.

In 2019, Lu Xiao Bei was a genius in the same game, a skilled player. But in reality, he is a disabled young man in a wheelchair.

He vows to continue his brother’s legacy to become a professional e-sports player but misses his chance to join a professional team.

Despite living 11 years apart, a cosmic glitch allows the two to transcend time and space when they encounter each other in the same game.

From a position of mutual distrust to friendship, they form their own team, and as players achieve their dreams. This Leo Wu drama was released in 2020 with 36 episodes and is available on WeTV.


10. Magic Star

The next tv show with Leo Wu is Magic Star which was released in 2017 with 51 episodes and is available on Youku.

This Chinese Wuxia drama is set during the Song Dynasty and the storyline follows 5 key players as they search for a magical star that exists in legends. It is said that the star can bring peace and order back to the chaotic world they know.


11. Fights Break Sphere

Leo Wu Movies and TV Shows

It tells of Xiao Yan, a child genius who suddenly lost all of his strength. Because of that, Xiao Yan was like a disgrace to his family in a world ruled by strength and power.

At the age of 15, Xiao Yan accidentally summoned Yao Lao from his mother’s ring and with the elder’s help, Xiao Yan’s skills greatly improved.

After his entire family was killed, Xiao Yan embarked on a journey to find his family’s killer and restore peace to the martial world.

The drama starring Leo Wu was released in 2018 with 45 episodes. You can watch it on Viki and WeTV.


12. Tomb of the Sea

Leo Wu Movies and TV Shows

It’s about Li Cu, an ordinary high school student who was attacked by a madman, marked with a tattoo, and finally kidnapped by Wu Xie.

Just then he and his friends came to No Man’s Land to find the ancient and forbidden tomb, Gutong Jing.

After that, Li Cu once again set out to return to Gutong Jing with Su Wan, Yang Hao, and Liang Wan to unravel the mysteries involving Wu Xie, Nine Mystical, the 10th Wang family, and Gutong jing.

This Leo Wu tv show was released in 2018 with 52 episodes and is available on Viki.


Those were 12 lists of Leo Wu films and tv shows that you must watch if you are a fan. Thank you for reading this article, I hope it’s useful!

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