8 Best Lin Yi Dramas and TV Shows to Watch

Are you in search of a lineup of captivating dramas featuring Lin Yi? Look no further, because here it is!

Let’s talk about Lin Yi, the charismatic actor and model hailing from China. Born on January 11, 1999, in Hebei, he spent his formative years in Shenyang, Liaoning Province. Lin Yi is widely known for his captivating looks and his stellar performances across various dramas.

One of his standout roles came in the beloved series “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” in 2019. This portrayal earned him accolades, including the Youth Trending Artist Award Annual Star Award and the Golden Bone Network Film and Television Network Festival’s Annual Emerging Actor Award.

Following this breakthrough, Lin Yi’s star power soared, leading him to headline numerous TV series. Curious to see him in action? Here’s a curated list of Lin Yi’s top 8 TV shows guaranteed to leave you spellbound by his acting chops.


List of The Best Lin Yi Dramas and TV Shows


1. Angels Fall Sometimes

“Angels Fall Sometimes” is the latest Chinese romance drama with sick male lead stars Lin Yi and Landy Li. With a simple plot, this series is highly anticipated by C-drama fans.

The story follows Lin Tuo and An Zhi Que who meet and fall in love while interning in their youth. They face the challenges of life together, but Lin Tuo’s diagnosis of ALS changes everything.

Despite this, Lin Tuo bravely learned to live with his illness, inspiring others to embrace hope and live without regrets.

Released in 2024 and has 25 episodes. You can watch it on iQiyi.

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2. Everyone Loves Me

Adapted from the novel “Bie Dui Wo Dong Xin” by Qiao Yao, “Everyone Loves Me” is one of the latest Chinese romance gaming dramas stars Lin Yi and Zhou Ye.

The story follows Yue Qian Ling, a girl who has liked Gu Xun for a very long time. On the day she was about to graduate, Yue Qian Ling finally confessed her feelings for him but was ultimately rejected.

A disappointed Yue Qian Ling vented her frustrations in the game and took 18 heads. Her gaming partner noticed and expressed concern.

He was secretly happy to know that she was rejected because he had liked her for a long time without even meeting him in person. Who would have thought that his crush was Yue Qian Ling, whom he rejected this afternoon.

Released in 2024 and has 24 episodes. You can watch it on Youku.


3. Derailment

Having a fantasy genre, “Derailment” is a Chinese drama that will cross countless parallel universes. The story follows Jiang Xiao Yuan a woman who finds herself struggling with her identity as she travels across parallel universes.

In the original world, she was an invincible rich daughter, but in another, she was an ordinary working girl who had absolutely nothing.

Once, she meets the mysterious Qi Lian, and together, they search for the truth involving the mystery that surrounds him.

Stripped of everything she once knew, Jiang Xiao Yuan is determined to uncover the truth about her true identity while rekindling her romance with Qi Lian.

This Chinese tv show stars Lin Yi and Liu Hao Cun. Released in 2023 and has 30 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix.

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4. Put Your Head on My Shoulder

“Put Your Head on My Shoulder” is one of the best romantic Chinese high school dramas stars Lin Yi, Xing Fei, and Tang Xiao Tian. Tells the story of Situ Mo, a female student majoring in accounting who is looking for a career path.

As a person who is used to planning her whole life, she is confused about her future. She also didn’t find the courage to make her own decisions after graduating.

One day when the school district merges, genius physics major Gu Weiyi enters her life. They collided repeatedly without realizing that they were slowly walking towards each other’s hearts. To their surprise, they accidentally end up living together.

It was released in 2019 and has 24 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix.


5. The Blessed Girl

Lin Yi Dramas and TV Shows List

“The Blessed Girl” is a historical romance drama that stars Lin Yi, Zhao Jin Mai, Yuan Hong, and Elvira Cai. The story is set in the land of Suchuan, a land shrouded in mystery that was once a beautiful place of peace and prosperity, but is now just a barren land torn apart by divisions.

When the Viceroy, Yuan Yi ascended the throne, he vowed to end the ills that befell his people. He knew the problem stemmed from the legendary fall of the gods, so Yuan Yi planned to recover it by finding someone with strong spiritual power.

Disguising himself as an ordinary person, he is determined to find someone strong enough to fight the evil that is plaguing his country. In a remote village, Yuan Yi meets Ling Long, a young girl with extraordinary spiritual powers, and her father, Huo Tu Xin.

He asks the two to join him on a dangerous journey to save their world from evil forces that want to destroy it.

Released in 2021 and has 40 episodes. You can watch it on Viki and WeTV.


6. Memory of Encaustic Tile

Lin Yi Dramas and TV Shows List

Based on a well-known novel, “Memory of Encaustic Tile” is one of the best Lin Yi romantic dramas that offers a realistic life story.

The story follows Shao Xue, Zheng Su Nian, and Zhang Qi a trio of childhood friends who grew up together. Their parents all work (or have worked) in the antiques and museum trade, dedicating their lives to preserving priceless cultural artifacts.

But as they get older, their friends’ lives begin to change, and their feelings for each other begin to change.

When Zheng Su Nian’s mother was seriously ill, he thought that losing his mother meant he would have to take over his mother’s role of looking after the museum. As for Shao Xue, it inspired her to broaden her horizons, if she were the one working in a museum.

Shao Xue herself has secret feelings for Zheng Su Nian, who has also been secretly in love with him for some time.

But Zhang Qi – whose true talent did not lie in antiques also had feelings for Shao Xue. When they get together the three of them form a complicated love triangle.

Released in 2022 and has 34 episodes. You can watch it on Viki. It also stars Chen Yu Qi and Yan Zi Dong.


7. Hu Tong

“Hu Tong” is a Chinese drama divided into three chapters with connected stories. In this tv show, Lin Yi had a part in the third chapter with Guan Xiao Tong.

The third chapter tells the story of Lin Yue, a woman who as technology changes every day and her life continues to improve. She dared to rush into building the old city and tried to be a pioneer in the new era.

Meanwhile, Ouyang Hui is a handsome man who becomes Lin Yue’s partner and lover and is also enthusiastic about the renovation of the old city.

Released in 2022 and has 9 episodes. You can watch it on MangoTV.


8. Love Scenery

Lin Yi Dramas and TV Shows List

With a modern romance theme, “Love Scenery” is one of the best dramas starring Lin Yi and Xu Lu that you should watch.

The story follows Liang Chen a girl who devotes herself to bringing good music to listeners, expressing the ideas of being good, real, and perfect.

On the other hand, Lu Jing is a handsome man who likes computers and big data research. He was well-known in the academic world through his studies of complex human behavior and psychology, thus influencing his classmates through his strong specialization in literacy.

When the two met, at first they were strangers due to the age difference, Liang Chen as a woman was older than Lu Jing as a man. But in the end, they were met by big data and got closer to the journey of pursuing their dreams.

Released in 2021 and has 31 episodes. You can watch it on iQiyi.


That was the list of the best Lin Yi dramas and TV shows that will enchant you with his talent and charm. If you are a loyal fan, make sure you have watched at least one of the recommended dramas mentioned. Thank you for reading this article!

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