Angels Fall Sometimes Review and Ending Explained

Angels Fall Sometimes is a very good Chinese drama to watch when you want to cry a lot and release negative energy. This is the right choice for those of you who want a little emotional. See the review below!


Drama Details

Title: Angels Fall Sometimes (谢谢你温暖我)
Episodes: 24
Release Date: March 9, 2024
Genres: Romance, Life, Melodrama
Country: China
Original Network: CCTV, Tencent Video
Available On: Viki and Iqiyi

Angels Fall Sometimes Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Lin Tuo who meets An Zhi Que in his youth during a summer internship recruitment event in their first year. The two immediately fell in love at first sight.

With graduation approaching, the two begin their journey from the ivory tower to the real world, taking part-time jobs, looking for work, and planning their future together.

Even though life doesn’t go as smoothly as imagined, they support each other. However, just when everything seemed fine, Lin Tuo received a diagnosis that changed their lives forever.

He was diagnosed with ALS, ending his seemingly ordinary but promising life. The future was cut short, Lin Tuo was distrustful and unable to face his loved ones, so he hid from them one by one, and as time passed and his illness got worse, he was forced to tell them the truth.

Faced with this new truth, his loved ones support him, not letting him give up when life deals him blow after blow. Finally, understanding this, Lin Tuo found the strength in that love to move forward bravely.


Angels Fall Sometimes Ending Explained

Angels Fall Sometimes Chinese drama has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, there was a sudden strong wind outside at night, with lightning and thunder, followed by heavy rain. The wind blew open the window, knocking over a flower pot on the windowsill. Lin Tuo and Wen Yilan, unable to move due to advancing frostbite, lay in bed watching helplessly. Despite Wen Yilan’s three suicide attempts, Xing Kai intervened each time. Although Wen Yilan once harbored resentment towards Xing Kai for leaving, she didn’t want to burden him and hoped he’d find happiness elsewhere.

Lin Tuo, reflecting on An Zhique’s unwavering support, had mixed emotions. Meanwhile, Lin Ye decided to drop out of school to pursue a medical degree in neurology, a decision supported by his family’s long history in medicine.

As Lin Tuo’s birthday approached, An Zhique planned a special outing, joined by Xu Lilian, He Xindi, and Chen Guangpu, who all contributed to making the day memorable. An Zhique even created artificial snow for Lin Tuo, encouraging him to stay strong in the face of illness.

Later, as Lin Tuo’s condition deteriorated, he shared his story at a school event, expressing gratitude to his loved ones, especially An Zhique. Moved by his speech, everyone rallied around Lin Tuo, cheering him on in his fight against ALS.

Meanwhile, He Xindi discovered she was pregnant, bringing joy to her and Chen Guangpu’s families. As Lin Tuo’s health declined further, he expressed his final wish to be with An Zhique forever. They symbolized their love by writing it down and placing it in a bottle, hanging it on a tree.

Despite the challenges, there was hope on the horizon as the world’s first precision targeted treatment for ALS was announced to be covered by health insurance, offering a ray of hope for patients like Lin Tuo.

Angels Fall Sometimes Review and Ending Explained

Angels Fall Sometimes Chinese Drama Review

Angels Fall Sometimes is a Chinese drama that is completely different from modern dramas in general. Here we are presented with characters who have real life problems and are facing them.

We are given a broken family and the daily affairs of the people within it. Moral of the story: life doesn’t always go the way we plan!

We make plans to graduate school, enter a university we like, graduate and enter the workforce, meet someone we want to spend the rest of our life with, marry them, advance our careers, have children, and so on… But tomorrow is never a guarantee .

For Lin Tuo, his diagnosis was a sudden and inevitable change in the plan, but fate would also befall those around him.

Honestly I don’t want to try this drama. I like to use C-Drama Land as an escape from reality, and this drama is just the opposite, but I am a huge fan of Lin Yi and after only getting one drama from him last year, I chose to give “Angels Fall Down Somtimes” a try.

This is a drama that will make you cry in most of the episodes and is too emotional. What a blessing it is to have people who love us and choose to stay by our side through hardship.

My takeaway from this drama, live a life that you will be proud of every day, because tomorrow is uncertain and be a friend or family member who persists even though the storm is raging.

LinYi’s acting has improved a lot. He sure gave it his all. Landy Li is also amazing. He is the star of this drama. His friend Tain Yu is amazing, he is a true friend.

This drama will make you confident. Will open your heart and will show you what life means. The conversations in this drama are very strong, especially Landy Li, she’s amazing. Will watch it in other dramas.

Angels Fall Sometimes Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Lin Yi as Lin Tuo

Landy Li as An Zhi Que

Support Role

Sun Tian Yu as Chen Guang Pu

Li Xin Ran as He Xin Di

Chen Ze as Lin Ye

Wang You Jun as Jiang Chu Cheng

Xia Ming Hao as Wei Hai Yang

Sunny as Huang Xiao Lu

Xiong Wen Wen as A Bao

Jiang Chao as An He Gui

Lu Jun Yao as Qian Hong

Zhang Zhi Kun as [Fourth Uncle]

Angelina Sun as Han Yu Xi

Hu Guang Zi as Gao Feng

Li Hong Quan as Chen Bang

And More


My Verdict

Overall this drama is a very good drama to watch when you want to cry a lot and release negative energy. You will love every character, there are no bad people here or bad actions just people who love one person who is dying and struggling with his illness. I recommend this. My rating for Angels Fall Sometimes Chinese drama review is 8,9/10.

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