A Lucid Dream Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

“A Lucid Dream” is a Chinese short drama that is 11 minutes per episode (about 3+ hours total) that offers so much good stuff. I enjoyed this drama, see the full review below!


Drama Details

Title: A Lucid Dream (不知剧情也无妨)
Episodes: 18
Release Date: January 28, 2024
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: WeTV

A Lucid Dream Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Zhang Yi Meng, who lives in the present, convinced that she is a princess who has traveled from the ancient country of Xi, and she tries by all means to return to the past.

An unexpected faint brought him back to an ancient state, where everything felt familiar yet strange. However, this was actually a treatment process planned by her father and psychiatrist Song Jing Cheng! What is fiction and what is reality?


A Lucid Dream Chinese Drama Ending Explained

A Lucid Dream Chinese drama has a happy ending. Zhang Yi Meng and Song Jing Cheng finally got together (real world). There are also secondary pairs.

At the end of the episode, Lao Zhang ignored everyone and walked into Hongqiao silently. He seemed to meet his wife again. He tells her to take care of herself and then disappears.

At this time, Zhang Yi Meng threw him out, Lao Zhang already understood what happened, so he hugged his daughter and apologized, and promised to cooperate with the treatment

Dr. Li Mu Yu invited Jing Cheng and Zhang Yi Meng to dinner, but Bai Xiang and Ling Lan insisted on attending. While eating, Li Mu Yu was alone and was sprinkled with dog food. Seeing him holding the big yellow dog alone in a daze, Jing Cheng smiled and told him to quickly find a partner.

After eating, I watched Bai Xiang and Ling Lan bicker as usual. Zhang Yi Meng asked Jing Cheng a little strangely. Ling Lan is a character in the novel. In real life, he should not be called by this name.

Jing Cheng nodded, then told Zhang Yi Meng that Ling Lan’s real name was Du Wuyin. When he heard the name Ling Lan, Zhang Yi Meng felt that she and Bai Xiang were a perfect couple.

After talking about Ling Lan, Jing Cheng also told his secret to Zhang Yi Meng. More than ten years ago abroad, a tent at a summer camp caught fire, a little girl saved a handsome boy from the fire.

After Jing Cheng finished speaking, Zhang Yi Meng deliberately told him that she liked to act boldly when she was little, and had saved many boys, but none of them were handsome. It wasn’t until Jing Cheng chased her and tickled her that she smiled and said she remembered it.

A Lucid Dream Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

A Lucid Dream Chinese Drama Review

“A Lucid Dream” is a short series that clocks in at 11 minutes per episode (about 3+ hours total) with clever storytelling, full of surprises and plot twists.

You will definitely have a fun ride, if you don’t read spoilers anywhere, including on MDL (mydramalist).

While this review contains no spoilers, I know romantic drama watchers always want to know whether the main leads will get together in the end or not, so I’ll just spoil their romance, not the big secret.

Who says short series only imitate mainstream drama plots (of normal length) or are full of clichés for the sake of profit? The plot of this drama is quite unique and the storyline is well written.

By reading the synopsis you get the idea that the female lead Zhang Yi Meng (Wang Ya Jia) experiences delusions and thinks she has time traveled to the past.

To cure his mental illness, Male Lead Song Jing Cheng (Cheng Yu Feng), a psychiatrist, plans drama therapy, a psychological treatment process that consists of reenacting ancient times that Yi Meng believes in.

But as we watch the drama, we start to see strange things and surprises. Plus there are funny events behind the scenes, for example changes in the script that make certain characters confused about how to act in their roles.

We are entertained with surprises in almost every (ending) episode, you could say cliffhangers, until the storyline is introduced. Then when the audience looks back, it all makes sense.

There is a bit of romance, but because the plot topic is drama therapy/re-enactment, the romance is not the main focus.

Another thing that I really enjoyed was the ‘behind the scenes’ process shown in the drama. For example, casting, script selection (additions and deletions), filming, and (uncomfortable) costumes and props (which we find funny because we know they are fake). And what matters most is what urgent action they take when an incident or unexpected event occurs.

People write that the main actors and actresses aren’t charming or that their acting is mediocre, but I think actors and actresses have to start somewhere, right? I don’t remember ever seeing them before.

The only thing I would say is that actress Wang Ya Jia looks like Chinese actress Chen Yu Qi. And I found out that actor Cheng Yu Feng was in the drama The Inextricable Destiny last year, playing the role of the second brother of the Female Lead. But if you watched the drama you’ll know why we didn’t remember him being there, haha.

The funniest character in my opinion is Li Mu Yu, who plays the role of the Third Prince in the re-enactment. Even though his character was supposed to be the annoying Second Male Lead, we found it hilarious that he practically didn’t know anything because no one told him anything, including his father, who was the reenactment director, haha.

Despite being a re-enactment, the visual design is surprisingly worthy of a fake ‘drama’. I was pleasantly surprised by the cinematography. This is great for short series.


A Lucid Dream Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Wang Ya Jia as Zhang Yi Meng / Yuan Zhi

Cheng Yu Feng as Song Jing Cheng

Support Role

Cheng Qi Meng as Li Mu Yu

Yu Kai Ning as Bai Xiang

Lou Xin Yue as Du Wu Yin / Ling Lan

Shi Da Mao as Li Yan

Liu Guo Ji as Eunuch Liu

And More


My verdict

Overall, I can only say that I enjoyed watching this drama and highly recommend it. You’ll be amazed that this short 11-minute, 18-episode drama has so much to offer. My rating for A Lucid Dream Chinese drama review is 8,6/10.

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