Taking Love as a Contract Chinese Drama Review and Ending

Taking Love as a Contract is a short Chinese drama that is suitable for filling your free time. I watched this drama without much expectation. Check out the review below


Drama Details

Title: Taking Love as a Contract (以爱为契)
Episodes: 24
Release Date: January 9, 2024
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: WeTV

Taking Love as a Contract Chinese Drama Review and Ending

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Xia Tian, a young aspiring actress who finds herself assuming the identity of the He family’s daughter in a desperate attempt to protect her grandmother’s house.

Now, disguised as society princesses, she and the wealthy adopted son of the He family, Cheng Xuan, unexpectedly fall in love as they work together to finally gain recognition from the family.


Taking Love as a Contract Ending Explained

Taking Love as a Contract Chinese drama has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Ji Chengxuan came looking for Xia Tian and saw that no one was home. Ji Chengxuan was very panicked and thought that something had happened to Xia Tian.

The moment when Ji Chengxuan went out to look for Xia Tian was repeated with relief. Xia Tian saw Ji Chengxuan finally come out and said that he was waiting for Ji Chengxuan here.

Ji Chengxuan told Xia Tian not to do this next time and he was very afraid. Ji Chengxuan and Xia Tian get along well. Shen Yueran came to look for Ji Chengxuan. He saw Ji Chengxuan laughing and talking to Xia Tian.

The only difference between Shen Yueran and Xia Tian is that she has rich family wealth and wants to marry Ji Chengxuan. Shen Yueran said that he could also be like Xia Tian, ​​and Ji Chengxuan gave in to Shen Yueran without hesitation.

When Shen Yueran heard Xia Xia say that he had to get up, he felt very irrational, because Xia Tian had nothing, his grandfather was gone, the family property was gone, and Ji Chengxuan was also gone.

Shen Yueran watched Ji Chengxuan and the others leave without hesitation. He felt that since he couldn’t get it, he would destroy them. Ji Chengxuan was hit by Shen Yueran to save Xia Tian.

A year later, Xia Tian still took good care of Ji Chengxuan and continued to talk to Ji Chengxuan. When Xia Tian returned, he saw Ji Chengxuan missing. When he came out, he saw that Ji Chengxuan had woken up, but Ji Chengxuan had lost his memory.


Taking Love as a Contract Chinese Drama Review

Taking Love as a Contract is a short drama just to fill your free time. I watched this drama without much expectation, and it turned out fine.

This gentle, swoon-worthy miniseries is nothing new but has a great pace and storyline. The twists and turns that eliminate the typical trope pitfalls are fun to watch and consider.

This drama tells the story of Xia Tian, ​​a child actress, who, for the sake of money, acts as the heir to a long-lost business empire. She and the male lead, Ji Chengxuan made a contract to deceive Grandpa He.

The revelation of the turnaround and warmth of the extended family provides a fresh addition to the typical ‘contract love’ story. The chemistry between the leads is great and the ‘moments’ are priceless.

The two main actors have good chemistry. They seemed like a natural couple. I liked the portrayal of the female lead, lonely and helpless, but trying to be very brave and diligent.

Both leads have their own shortcomings, they are not the perfect type of lead who don’t have any mistakes or shortcomings.

What I don’t like about this drama is probably the ending. Plot twists like that are really annoying. They can present a happy ending, or even a sad ending, and this is it. They chose neither.

And also, the story is simple. Typical general plot, with an evil female lead and a male secondary. I understand the second female lead’s reasons, but I still hate her.


Taking Love as a Contract Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Lu Yan Qi as Xia Tian

Yan Zi Xian as Ji Cheng Xuan

Ni Han Jin as Qin Yue

Fan Jing Yi as Shen Yue Ran

Support Role

Qu Gang as Mr He

Huang Ying as [Granny]

Zhang Yan Hua as Grandma Yang

He Ben Jun as [Housekeeper]


My Verdict

Overall, this Chinese drama has a really good depiction of the main character’s story. I could feel the chemistry, the feelings between the characters with their helplessness and sadness. This is worth filling your free time. My rating for Taking Love as a Contract Chinese drama review is 8,2/10.

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