White Cat Legend Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

White Cat Legend is a Chinese drama that has everything needed like comedy, mystery, action, and most importantly friendship is here, except romance. See the review below!


Drama Details

Title: White Cat Legend (大理寺少卿游)
Episodes: 36
Release Date: February 20, 2024
Genres: Adventure, Historical, Mystery, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: iQiyi
Available On: iQiyi

White Cat Legend Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

During a grand evening feast at the Tang Palace, something incredible happened! Li Bing, a remarkable individual, was honored with the role of Assistant Minister at the esteemed Dali Temple by none other than the empress himself.

Guided by the enigmatic Li Bing, a group of temple members, including Chen Shi, Wang Qi, Ali Baba, Cui Bei, and Sun Bao, joined forces. Together, they embarked on an exciting journey to uncover the secrets veiled within the divine capital.


White Cat Legend Chinese Drama Ending Explained

White Cat Legend Chinese drama has a happy ending. As the episode came to a close, Li Cake and Hu Bao found themselves in a tight spot, temporarily surrendering to Yi Zhihua’s control. But just when things seemed bleak, Lai Zhongshu made a surprise entrance.

Mingjing Hall and Yi Zhihua were swiftly apprehended by Yong’an Pavilion, leaving Chen Shi to confront the situation on his own. Faced with this dire predicament, Chen Shi rallied his allies and courageously led them on a daring rescue mission to the prison city…

White Cat Legend Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

White Cat Legend Review

I’ll be completely honest here – I initially dropped this drama midway through episode 2 because of all the cheesy, childish antics. But something told me to give it another shot, so I listened to my gut and consulted some friends who stuck with it. And I’m really glad I did, because this turned out to be one of those rare dramas that just keeps getting better with each episode, especially after episode 5 or 6. Trusting my instincts paid off big time.

So, let’s dive in. This show is all about friendships woven together through some seriously mysterious “meow-stries.” Get it? 😉

First off, the pros: At first, it seemed like each case was separate, but as the story unfolded, you realize they’re all connected to this original case from three years back. It’s all about Li Bing, who lost his father to this shadowy organization of masked assassins and ended up turned into a cat. The story revolves around him and his crew at the CJR, along with a new kid, Chen Shi, who becomes like a little brother to Li Bing. Plus, there’s Qiu Qing Zhi, Li Bing’s childhood bestie who’s now on the opposite side due to a big misunderstanding.

And let me tell you, the characters in this gang are fantastic, especially Qiu Qing Zhi, who I wish we saw more of. Chen Shi is a standout too, being cool with Li Bing’s cat form from the get-go and rallying everyone around him as a “Cat Hero” towards the end.

The villains are no slouches either. Yi Zhi Hua starts out pretty helpless but transforms into this sociopathic loony who’s seriously terrifying. And Chen Shi’s brother, CJ, turns out to be the real deal when it comes to his dad’s murder. The layers in this show are like peeling back an onion – it’s deep.

But there are some downsides too. Like, I really wanted to see the Empress’s face – that mystery was killing me. And who even was Du Zixu? He was a big deal in the story, but we never even saw him.

And then there’s Qiu Qing Zhi’s death – that hit me hard. He was such an important character, and his demise felt unnecessary. As for Yi Zhi Hua, I can’t say I felt any sympathy for him, even though Li Bing did in the end.

White Cat Legend Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Ding Yu Xi as Li Bing

Zhou Qi as Chen Shi

Support Role

Ding Jia Wen as Cui Bei

Zhang Yi Cong as Sun Bao

Wei Zhe Ming as Qiu Qing Zhi

Feng Man as Wang Qi

Wa Er as A Li Ba Ba

Ren Min as Shangguan Qin

He Feng Tian as Lai Zhong Shu

Roy Wang as Yi Zhi Hua

Yang Gen as Hu Si

Ye Huo as Xi Fa Shi

Yu Rong Guang as Li Ji

Yang Hao Yu as Yuan Bu Er

Wang Tong Hui as Wu Yi Ren

Zhao Bin as Uncle Cai

Liu Ya Jin as Feng Jian

Sun Mei Lin as Hu Ji

Pei Jia Xin as Yuan Wai Lang Mei

Zhang Xi Ran as Sheng Ren

And More


My Verdict

Overall, would I recommend this show? Absolutely. Push through those cheesy early episodes, because what comes after is pure gold. It’s got everything – comedy, mystery, action, and most importantly, friendship. Give it a watch; you won’t regret it. My rating for White Cat Legend Chinese drama review is 8,5/10.

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