Pegasus Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Pegasus is a Chinese drama that has a good mix of comedy and growth. This will really get your adrenaline pumping. It’s not perfect but a great watch. Check out the series review below!


Drama Details

Title: Pegasus (飞驰人生热爱篇)
Episodes: 28
Release Date: February 28, 2024
Genres: Comedy, Youth, Sports, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Youku

Pegasus Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Zhang Chi who suffers serious injuries after going off the race track and unexpectedly finds himself in the body of 21-year-old Lin Zhen Dong. He then tried everything he could to prevent his 24 year old self from making the same mistake again.


Pegasus Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Pegasus Chinese drama has a happy ending. At the end episode’s, the Flying Spur Racing Team gathered for a memorial service honoring Ye Gong. Hong Kuo and Li Aoduo also attended to bid farewell.

Zhang Chi and Xiaohe sorted through Ye Gong’s belongings, reflecting on his legacy when they came across his trophy, acknowledging Ye Gong’s significance. Suddenly, the wall of the Flying Spur collapsed, symbolizing the end of an era.

In that moment, Xiaohe recognized Ye Gong’s profound impact and felt overwhelmed by the sense of loss. Meanwhile, Xinxi Broadcasting renamed one of its songs as the “Ye Gong Track” in tribute to the fallen hero.

Upon receiving Hongkuo’s message at home, Lin Zhendong discovered Wei Qianli’s attempt to rename Ye Gong’s song and was infuriated. He confronted Wei Qianli publicly, challenging him to a bet: if Wei Qianli won, Lin Zhendong would relinquish his Dakar qualification, but if he lost, Wei Qianli would forfeit the naming rights of the track.

That evening, Lin Zhendong arrived at the betting venue, determined to uphold Ye Gong’s legacy. Shen Xiting called to confirm Lin Zhendong’s participation, and as tensions rose, Zhang Chi intercepted Lin Zhendong, handing him Ye Gong’s car before racing Wei Qianli himself.

Their illegal rooftop race was cut short when Xi Ting and her team arrived, leading to Zhang Chi and Wei Qianli’s arrest. Before departing, Zhang Chi demanded that Wei Qianli restore Ye Gong’s name.

Aware of his changed fate, Zhang Chi accepted a four-year racing ban but also aided Feichi in the Dakar race. Lin Zhendong’s actions ensured that Ye Gong’s legacy lived on through the track’s naming rights.

Despite feeling indebted to Ye Gong, the Flying Spur Racing Team continued their journey with Da Ka Ye, acknowledging his role as Ye Gong’s successor. With Zhang Chi suspended, only Lin Zhendong and Ji Xing remained committed to Dakar, while Yu Taiang contemplated his past decisions.

Reflecting on his father’s selfishness, Lin Zhendong confronted Yu Taiang, urging him to prioritize familial responsibilities over personal desires.

Wei Qianli’s retirement marked a turning point, with internal repairs underway. Shen Xiting embraced traffic safety advocacy, while Lin Zhendong forgave Hong Kuo, inviting him back to the team.

Following his suspension, Zhang Chi opened a restaurant, Feichi Delicious, and reunited with Lin Zhendong to cook together. Despite setbacks, they continued their journey, with Li Aoduo and Xiao Dao joining Lin Zhendong’s team.

In 2027, tragedy struck as Zhang Chi’s car was damaged during transportation to the Bayinbrook race. However, Lin Zhendong pledged to fund the repairs, demonstrating his unwavering support.

The following day, Xiaohe inquired about Lin Zhendong’s personal life, but Lin Zhendong remained focused on his racing career. In the final race, Zhang Chi pushed himself to the limit, surpassing Lin Zhendong’s score but suffering an accident. Miraculously, Lin Zhendong’s foresight saved Zhang Chi’s life, as trees he planted years prior halted the car’s fall.

As Zhang Chi recovered, the team celebrated his survival, and Lin Zhendong’s mission was fulfilled. Zhang Chi’s awakening signaled a new beginning, as he realized his dreams alongside Wei Wei and Ji Xing, who announced their engagement. With Zhang Chi’s discharge, the Speed Racing Team reunited, ready to conquer new challenges together.

Pegasus Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Pegasus Chinese Drama Review

As a self-proclaimed girl lover who actually has no interest in cars, I had almost no expectations for this drama. But to my surprise, it was a lot of fun, adrenaline-pumping rally scenes and I didn’t miss the little romance that was here.

In this series, Hu Xian Xu is a great actor, he is a joy to watch as Lin Zhen Dong and future spirit Zhang Chi, who are very different from each other.

He breathed new life into the original story of the film “Pegasus”. I also liked how there was no big secret about his split personality, rather it was embraced and therefore even funnier. In general in terms of acting, this is of pretty high quality with only one exception in my opinion.

The team spirit of the “Speed Up” Racing Team was great, their jokes with each other were heartfelt and I could really feel why the future Zhang Chi was so insistent that they remain a team.

Both on and off the track, each team member has their own personality and needs. They laugh, fight and grow with each other and always move forward.

The car racing, especially the desert scenes and rough terrain were epic and gave me goosebumps many times. You could say they don’t spend any energy or money to get the best racing shots and you can be sure there isn’t just one race, but they are always accompanied by their passion for racing. I love that the drama knows what it is and sticks to it.

Although it starts out as the story of Zhang Chi’s spirit from the future in Lin Zhen Dong’s body trying to change the outcome of his life, around halfway through, the real Lin Zhen Dong starts to get the most character and skill development. New dynamics form and give the drama another push to move forward.

In terms of “romance” there are 2-3 episodes with more focus on Zhang Chi and Xiao He, but then again the team actually makes up half of those scenes and apart from the letter, there’s nothing really romantic in them.

It feels pretty natural, so no complaints on that front. Zhang Chi (in Lin Zhen Dong’s body) making sure to push the existing ZH towards him is hilarious.

One more thing I want to say is, I am surprised by the low self-esteem of the nation. Dramas about national and international car racing to determine who is the best racer, must be in cdramaland, right? No, and I pointed it out twice.

Over the years I have become sensitive to it so that I can enjoy it more, because the goal is to prove the strength and ability of the individual rider, rather than saying “it’s all for the country”. It is very difficult if car racing becomes the dream of teams and drivers, rather than achieving national achievements.

The OST is absolutely fantastic! “No Fear, No Regrets” and “Consequences” are truly electrifying songs, while “Destination” is just a perfect mix of sadness and power, which made its way onto my “rainy drive” playlist faster than Lin Zhen Dong’s drive, when he borrowed the song.

A fun drama to watch about team spirit, trying to make up for past regrets, drifting scenes that will make you “hot” and a great watch.

Pegasus Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Hu Xian Xu as Lin Zhen Dong

Wang Yan Lin as Zhang Chi

Support Role

Yu En Tai as Wei Qian Li

Yan He Xiang as Manager Ye

Victor Qin as Jieshuo Lao Qin

Jeremy Qu as Sun Yu Qiang

Zhao Hao Hong as Hong Kuo

Li Jia Hao as Ji Xing

Zhou Tie as Xu Tai Lang

Yu Xiao Lei as Lin Jia Zhen

Zhou Zi Xin as Zhang Wei Yi

Zhang Xiao Qian as Lin Jia Ru

Liu Zhe Er as Song Yuan Dao

Chen Yu Xian as Shen Xi Ting

Sun Tian Yu as Li Ao Duo

Huang Ting Ting as Jieshuo Xiao Huang

And More


My Verdict

Overall, Pegasus is a Chinese drama that really makes you root for the team and gets your adrenaline pumping. It’s a nice mix of comedy and growth. It’s not perfect but a great watch. My rating for Pegasus Chinese drama review is 8,3/10.

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