13 Best Chinese Detective Dramas with Thrilling Case Investigation

Are you a C-drama fan who likes dark crime, mystery, and investigation genres? Here we have compiled a list of the 13 best Chinese dramas with police detective uncovering major murder cases.

Indeed, there are many series that make sure to focus on investigative and detective topics. Especially when considering recently a number of such series have increased their success rate in building a large fan base worldwide.

However, we are here to handpick only the latest and greatest based on the viewers who have rated them. Here below is the list!


Best Chinese Detective Dramas List


1. The Record of Strange Things

Chinese Detective Dramas

The Record of Strange Things is the latest Chinese detective drama available on WeTV. It tells the story of Shi Jian who founded a company called “Universal Brother” after his girlfriend suddenly drowned in a room without water.

The company he founded specializes in mysterious events and specifically finds the truth behind his girlfriend’s death.

Once upon a time, he accidentally took a magic key that could go anywhere. There are many other objects like this, such as creams that can change shape, fingers to manipulate objects, pendants to control water, etc.

Shi Jian then realizes that his girlfriend’s death is related to the fantastic object. As the incident deepens, the true origin of the object and the conspiracy behind it emerges. This Chinese tv show was released in 2022 with 36 episodes.


2. Detective Chinatown


A strange crime has occurred in Thailand and as the ranking of the world’s best detectives undergoes a shift, a new detective appears to tackle three difficult cases.

Lin Mo is Chinatown’s number one detective disciple. Yetian Hao Er is the younger brother of Yetian Hao. The split storylines find the two characters caught in the middle of a mystery surrounding the victim’s widow Ivy and bar singer A Wen.

Lin Mo pursues two cases: The Four-Faced Buddha and The Name of the Rose, which not only happen in Bangkok but also in Kaoshiung.

The third case of Ghost Invitation takes the story back to Bangkok and then to Tokyo. The investigator on duty is none other than Yetian Hao Er, who works closely with a team of five Asians that includes Lu Jing Jing and new constable Sa Sha.

This is one of the best Chinese detective dramas released in 2020 with 12 episodes. It has 2 seasons and you can watch it on iQiyi.


3. The Sleuth of Ming Dynasty

Best Chinese Detective Dramas

It is set in 15th-century China and tells the story of Tang Fan who investigates the case of the death of the landlord of the house he is renting. He teams up with martial arts specialist guard Sui Zhou in an attempt to solve the case.

The local police call it a suicide, but the investigative couple quickly realizes that something is wrong with the landlord’s death.

They investigated and eventually managed to find a suspect who they believed might have killed the owner. But they soon learn that these assassins are not acting alone and are only minor players in a much bigger scheme.

As they dig deeper into the crime, the two soon realize that something very sinister is going on. It included plans to stage a bloody coup d’etat in the palace. Can they stop the criminal mastermind before time runs out?

This Chinese investigative historical drama was released in 2020 with 48 episodes. You can watch it on iQiyi.


4. My Roommate Is a Detective

Best Chinese Detective Dramas

This C-drama tells the story of a resourceful young police officer named Qiao Chu Sheng who is on the path of an extremely evil brutal killer. Realizing that the police force will need extra help with this difficult case, Chu Sheng decides to form an elite crime-busting detective team.

He then recruited a young man who had just returned from studying in Great Britain, Lu Yao. Because Chu Sheng had already known that Lu Yao possessed extraordinary deduction power and a brilliant mind.

He also believed that Lu Yao could help solve this difficult case. To complete the team, he enlists the help of Bai You Ning, a young female reporter who focuses on informing a daily newspaper.

You Ning is a free-thinking and independent young woman, she has a strong sense of justice and vows to help catch the killer.

The three of them form a small detective squad that specializes in solving strange and unsettling murder mysteries. This is one of the best Chinese detective dramas that was released in 2020. It has 36 episodes and is available on Viki.


5. A Murderous Affair in Horizon Tower

It tells of a beautiful coffee shop owner named Zhong Mei Bao who suddenly died in a condominium in Horizon Tower. When she died, her face still wore doll-like make-up, so the case was referred to as the “Puppet Murder Case”.

This case shocks the entire tower, and after investigation, the clues point to three suspects. First security guard Xie Baoluo, second architect Lin Dasen and third property manager Lin Mengyu.

The three of them were mesmerized by Zhong Mei Bao’s beauty, and all of them entered into intimate relationships with her. All clues seem to point to a possible love crime.

However, amidst the investigation, new clues begin to emerge, and the focus shifts to Zhong Meibao’s complicated and painful youth. His family, consisting of his stepfather, mother, younger brother, and adoptive mother, are involved in the case. Who can be the real killer?

This Chinese detective show was released in 2020 with 16 episodes. You can watch it on WeTV.


6. Ancient Detective

Best Chinese Detective Dramas

The storyline of the series follows an amnesiac detective named Jian Buzhi who embarks on a quest to find the truth and uncover who killed his father.

Throughout her journey, she finds a love interest and best friend who works hand in hand with her to solve mysterious cases to completion.

The show was released in 2020 with 24 episodes. You can watch one of the best Chinese detective dramas on Viki.


7. Why Try to Change Me Now

Best Chinese Detective Dramas

This latest Chinese drama is about a young police officer who investigates the murder of a taxi driver, only to discover a childhood friend may have been involved.

To solve this case, he explores layer by layer, unraveling the past that was buried for 12 years and bringing him to justice. It was released in 2023 with 6 episodes and you can watch this Chinese drama on iQiyi.


8. Detective L

This Chinese drama is set in the Republican Era in Shanghai in the 1930s period and tells of an interesting crime case that occurs in the middle of a bustling city. Qin Xiao Man is a beautiful girl who has just graduated from the police academy and joined the investigation unit.

He currently works alongside the famous detective Luo Fei who becomes his partner and neighbor. Together they solve case after case as a growing conspiracy emerges.

Detective L was released in 2019 and is one of the best Chinese detective dramas. It has 24 episodes and is available on WeTV.


9. My Supernatural Power

Best Chinese Detective Dramas

Jing Chu is a young and capable detective. Due to his ability to repeatedly solve major cases, he is promoted to the position of vice-captain of the major crimes division in Nan Xing City and started working with his new team.

Due to a murder case, he meets Yang Mian Mian, a young woman who has a photographic and strong memory. Jing Chu immediately realizes that Mian Mian seems to have a deep connection to her father’s mysterious death years ago.

Meanwhile, on the other hand, a famous blogger and idol girl group member passed away consecutively. The cause of their death was identified as having a medical substance by the police.

When the major crime division launches an investigation, they uncover a dangerous conspiracy that could threaten their own lives.

This Chinese tv show Detective was released in 2020 and has 26 episodes. You can watch it on MGTV.


10. Detective

Best Chinese Detective Dramas

Set in the early Republic era, the story follows Tan Bo Dun, a cop with multiple personalities who unravels a series of strange cases.

Once, he and his team of Taijin city detectives headed to Fuyuan County to solve a murder case. There he peels back the layers of mystery and uncovers shocking secrets about Fuyuan County and the fight between justice and evil begins.

This is one of the best Chinese detective dramas that was released in 2020. It has 26 episodes and is available on iQiyi.


11. Miss S

The storyline of the series follows Miss Su Wen Li, a beautiful and witty socialite, who forms an unlikely detective duo with the righteous and serious inspector Luo Qiuheng.

Despite their many differences in attitudes, the pair share undeniable chemistry and continue to solve many cases together in and around Shanghai.

Meanwhile, Su Wen Li is also pursuing the clues behind his little sister’s disappearance, which happened ten years ago, but has forever been a thorn in his heart for not being able to uncover the truth. Miss S was released in 2020 with 34 episodes and is available on Tencent Video.


12. Insect Detective

Best Chinese Detective Dramas

Tan Jing Tian is a man who graduated in insect toxicology and is forced to get involved in a strange investigation to clear his name. This stems from the many cases involving deaths directly caused by a rare insect known as the bullet ant.

He then teamed up with forensic doctor Jin Ling. As they dig deeper, they uncover the mystery behind their own identity.

Together with police Captain Chen Han and other detectives, they track down every clue as they solve one case at a time to uncover a killer who has been hiding for years.

Insect Detective is one of the best Chinese dramas released in 2020. It has 24 episodes and is available on Youku.


13. Double Tap

Li Hui Yan is a perpetually broke but intelligent police detective who lives in a simple traditional neighborhood with his son. He has often and will forever try to borrow money from co-workers.

Meanwhile, Zhou You is a funeral home worker troubled by his past, who is occasionally contacted by the police to transfer bodies to the morgue.

One fateful day, he is called to retrieve the body and finds the police have been conned by fake death certificates and the dead man is actually a homicide victim.

Li Hui Yan became curious and interrogated Zhou You, noticing that the latter was an exceptionally talented detective in his own right.

When one of her son’s schoolmates is kidnapped by two masked assailants, Li Hui Yan’s investigation leads him to a small northern ice town.

Zhou You’s father was killed under violent circumstances at the same time. The trail of assassins leads Zhou You back to his father’s mysterious hometown, the exact same city.

This Chinese detective series was released in 2021 with 16 episodes. You can watch it on Viki.


That was the list of the best Chinese detective dramas that reveal big murder cases. Make sure you watch one of the Chinese detective series that we have compiled. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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