10 Best Modern Romantic Chinese Dramas That You Must Watch

Romantic Chinese dramas are always an option to watch, especially those with modern themes, with settings and times that follow today’s times.

When compared to historical or period Chinese dramas, modern romance C-dramas are simpler in terms of plot and atmosphere. That of course will also make you watch it lightly.

That said, Chinese romance dramas, in particular, don’t shy away from extreme endings, cheesy jokes, romance drama clichés, and predictable romantic storylines.

But here we put together a list that can be considered a happy ending for you. Here are 10 lists of the best modern romance Chinese dramas that you must watch right now!


Best Modern Romantic Chinese Dramas List


1. Lighter & Princess

best modern romantic Chinese dramas

Li Xun is a handsome, smart, and cool guy who is proficient in computer programming. He had a calculating demeanor that won him special admission to college.

To others, he sometimes seems aloof and distant because of his worldview: He sees life as one big, powerful computer program, and is only comfortable when he is in control of what is going on.

He also knows nothing about love and considers it an emotion that is possibly beyond his understanding.

Zhu Yun, on the other hand, is a clean and innocent young woman who has just started her college life after doing everything that her parents and society expected of her to the best of her ability.

When he met Li Xun, he felt he couldn’t get along. She worries that he is a disturbing influence and a possible troublemaker, but somehow still feels drawn to her.

Although they appear to be fighting at first, they start to value their time together. But when a life-altering incident threatens to tear them apart, romance begins to blossom.

This latest Chinese modern romance drama was released in 2022 and has 36 episodes. You can watch one of the best Chinese dramas on Netflix.


2. A Robot in The Orange Orchard

Best Modern Romantic Chinese Dramas

It tells the story of Lu Sen, the chairman of a successful technology company who often finds himself in large group settings.

Although it was not a big problem for him, because he was used to speaking in front of many people. But he had tremendous difficulty with direct physical contact with anyone.

He suffers from a strange allergy that is only triggered by direct skin contact, something as simple as a handshake can be fatal.

Once upon a time, Lu Sen was interested to know that a doctor named Fu Yang had created a very lifelike robotic companion nicknamed “Friday”.

He then prepared to invest further in Dr. Fu Yang and Lu Sen had asked Friday to be delivered to his house so he could test the full capabilities of this magnificent creation.

Doctor Fu Yang agrees but is mortified when last-minute technical problems render his robot useless. He then asked his former assistant, Yang Shan Shan, to replace the robot.

Yang Shan Shan became the real-life model for the appearance of the robot, she is identical to the robot in every way and only agreed to the doctor’s request when she realized that she really had no other choice.

This is one of the best modern romantic Chinese dramas that you can watch on Viki. It was released in 2022 with 30 episodes.


3. Legally Romance

Best Modern Romantic Chinese Dramas

Qian Wei is a woman who is twenty-eight years old and should be on the right track to establish herself in her career. However, working as a paralegal for Lu Xun proved admirable.

On the other hand, Lu Xun apparently held a grudge dating back to their school days and had confirmed that Qian Wei’s life was nothing but a living hell. But when Qian Wei falls victim to a tragic accident, everything starts to change.

Now in a coma, Qian Wei finds herself in a dream world where she has returned to her teenage years.

It was here, in a world within a world, that he found a completely different Lu Xun. She met him in this dream world, and Qian Wei discovered a completely different side of her talkative boss.

This Chinese series was released in 2022 with 33 episodes. You can watch it on WeTV.


4. She and Her Perfect Husband

Best Modern Romantic Chinese Dramas

She and Her Perfect Husband tell the story of a female lawyer named Qin Shi, who is focused on her career and is single.

Once upon a time the leading law firm “Cheng and Hui” was recruiting lawyers who specialized in family affairs, and one of the conditions was to be married.

Qin Wen Yu, Qin Shi’s second brother, secretly changed Qin Shi’s marital status to “married” without her knowledge and created a fictitious husband for her.

Meanwhile, the clueless Qin Shi was hired by the company. Her extraordinary performance immediately won the approval of the founder Lao Jin.

Qin Shi then began to realize that there was something wrong with the “married” status and decided to clarify the situation to Lao Jin.

But at this time, the “fake husband”, Yang Hua, appeared. She was forced by her mother to come to a matchmaking session with competitor Qin Shi. Resent of his mother’s forced actions, Yang Hua forms an alliance with Qin Shi to benefit from the situation.

This tv show stars Xu Kai and Yang Mi. It was released in 2022 with 40 episodes. You can watch one of the best modern romantic Chinese dramas on Viki.


5. Our Secret

Best Modern Romantic Chinese Dramas

It tells of Ding Xian and Zhou Si Yue’s youthful love that lasted a lifetime from high school to university.

Zhou Si Yue is a genius, excellent, and unruly campus god. She is sitting friends with the headstrong and adorable “Cinderella girl” Ding Xian.

Although at first, they can’t get along with each other, they come to appreciate each other’s strengths in their daily interactions, thus becoming lifelong friends in their journey through youth.

This high school Chinese drama was released in 2021 with 24 episodes. You can watch it on Viki. This tv show stars Chen Zhe Yuan and Rainbow Xu.


6. Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Situ Mo is a university student who is about to graduate. She was previously used to planning her entire life for him, but was now confused about his future. He couldn’t even find the courage to make a decision for himself.

Meanwhile, Gu Weiyi, a handsome physics student suddenly enters Situ Mo’s life. They clash repeatedly without realizing that they are slowly walking into each other’s hearts and developing feelings. To their surprise, they accidentally end up having to live together.

This is one of the best modern Chinese romantic dramas with a happy ending. It was released in 2019 with 24 episodes and is available on Netflix. This tv show stars Lin Yi, Xing Fei, and Tang Xiao Tian.


7. Why Women Love

Modern Romantic Chinese Dramas

Zhao Jiang Yue is a woman who works as the CEO of a technology company and has a somewhat ruthless attitude. He is known for his no-nonsense business approach with his employees.

Once upon a time, his company released a dating app that promised to match users with partners in just three months.

But things start to get uncomfortable at work when the company owner’s family makes arrangements for Gu Jia Xin, heir to the company owner’s business group, to join as Zhao Jiang Yue’s temporary assistant.

The series was released in 2022 with 24 episodes. You can watch this one of the best CEO Chinese dramas on Viki.


8. Forever and Ever

This story is about Shi Yi, a gentle, playful, and humble girl. She is the best voice actor in the industry, who one day meets chemistry professor Zhou Sheng Chen returning gracefully at the airport.

They gradually developed a mutual understanding of getting along with each other and joined hands to preserve traditional skills. They also weathered many storms as they decided to accompany each other for the rest of their lives.

Forever and Ever is one of the best modern romantic Chinese dramas with a happy ending. It was released in 2021 with 30 episodes and this C-drama is available on Iqiyi. This tv show stars Bai Lu and Ren Jia Lun.


9. First Romance

It tells the story of Yan Ke and Xiong Yi Fan who years ago were schoolmates. But in his youth, Xiong Yi Fan never discovered that he had a secret admirer in Yan Ke, who kept his crush a secret and loved him from afar.

Now things are very different for the two of them, and Yan Ke goes to college and he is one of the most popular and loved students on campus.

He is dashing, sensitive, popular with the schoolgirls, and charming who has also become a budding young pianist. However, deep inside, he felt unfulfilled and lacking purpose.

When a series of strange circumstances lead her path to once again cross paths with Xiong Yi Fan, it’s her turn to fall in love at first sight.

This modern romantic Chinese tv show was released in 2020 with 24 episodes. You can watch it on Viki.


10. To Fly With You

Best Modern Romantic Chinese Dramas

Shen Zheng Yi is a girl who loves ice skating and has found her purpose after participating and advancing in winter sports competitions. She then decides to try entering the Zhu Feng Sports Club to become a professional short-track speed skater.

Lacking any professional training experience, he faced tough challenges both physically and mentally, but he eventually made his way into the club.

However, he faces new challenges namely learning new professional techniques, working closely with his teammates, and also facing opposition from his mother.

Old incidents involving Zheng Yi and his mother, as well as his trainer Zhuang Yue, were also exposed in the process.

With encouragement from his close friend Shao Beisheng of the figure skating team, he overcomes this obstacle and earns the trust of his teammates, becoming the dark horse of the season.

She also reached a mutual understanding with Zhuang Yue and formed a close teacher-student bond with her. Two generations of short-track speed skaters have continued to fight for their dreams without giving up, giving their all in competition.

It was released in 2021 with 35 episodes. You can watch one of these modern romantic Chinese dramas on Viki.


That was a list of the 10 best modern romantic Chinese dramas that you must watch now. This list we compiled is the latest and best based on viewership ratings. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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