12 Best Chinese Dramas with Strong Female Lead to Watch Now

Chinese dramas have many variations to watch with different genres, themes, or main characters, such as cold, strong, and possessive. In this article, we have a list of the best Chinese dramas with strong and badass female lead.

The tough female character here refers to women who never give up when they fall, are independent, and of course, are physically strong.

This C-drama can also be enjoyed in various genres, such as romance, science fiction, history, and action. So for that, here are some of the best Chinese dramas that have strong female leads that are worth watching.


Best Chinese Dramas with Strong Female Lead List


1. The Starry Love

Best Chinese Dramas with Strong Female Lead

The Starry Love tells the story of two twin girls who were born to the queen of the human race. Qing Kui (older sister) was someone who was respected by the entire tribe and had a gentle and kind heart, betrothed to the prince of heaven.

Whereas his younger sister, Ye Tan, was strong, smart, and cunning. She was shunned by her own people and betrothed to a demon prince.

But when the day of their arranged marriage arrived, the two of them were switched and married to the wrong husband. It paved the way for two beautiful romances and also sparked a conspiracy that rocked the four realms.

This strong female lead Chinese drama was released in 2023. It has 40 episodes and you can watch this Chinese Xianxia drama on Viki.

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2. Love Like the Galaxy

Best Chinese Dramas with Strong Female Lead

The storyline of the series follows Ling Bu Yi, the adopted son of Emperor Wen and a talented and ruthless general of the Black Armored Army.

He is currently on a personal mission to uncover hidden truths about the past, which has led to the massacre of the entire city and its clan.

On his way, he meets Cheng Shao Shang, a girl on a mission to catch a fugitive in the countryside.

Cheng Shao Shang is a child who was abandoned because his parents went to war. He was neglected and uneducated and had a thorn in his aunt and grandmother’s side until the unexpected return of his parents.

Always lacking a loving family, Shao Shang looked forward to being reunited with his parents. But the years of separation must have caused a rift between them.

Shao Shang, then determined to live for himself, and his unruly and daring nature, as well as his intelligence, begins to attract the attention of several people in the capital, including Ling Bu Yi, to recruit him.

This is one of the best Chinese historical dramas with a strong female lead. It was released in 2022 and has 27 episodes. This tv show stars Zhao Lu Si and Leo Wu.

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3. The Story of Ming Lan

Best Chinese Dramas with Strong Female Lead

Set in the Northern Song dynasty, the story follows Sheng Ming Lan, the 6th daughter of a disfavored concubine-born official. After losing her mother at a young age, Ming Lan was raised by her paternal grandmother.

Growing up, he learned to hide his genius and use underhanded methods to survive tough conditions. It is because the family members are in cahoots with each other and where there is no real family love.

She then meets Gu Ting Ye, the second son of a wealthy marquis household, who should have inherited wealth from both his parents and a noble.

Unlike Ming Lan, Gu Ting Ye was straightforward with his actions and never hid his true self. It caused him to fall victim to all the schemes and ended up losing everything.

Then Ming Lan and Ting Ye joined forces to work together through a cunning scheme. They both rise up and work to get justice from those who have wronged them.

This Cdrama with a strong female lead was released in 2018 and has 78 episodes. This tv show with Zhao Li Ying is available on IQIYI.


4. Who Rules the World

Best Chinese Dramas with Strong Female Lead

Hei Feng Xi was a handsome and elegant man, whereas Bai Feng Xi was a majestic, powerful, and unrestrained woman. They were both the best and unmatched in skill and intelligence.

But both of them must be trapped in war and chaos in the world of martial arts and politics. A flower of love begins to bloom in the midst of the blood that has been sacrificed for the past ten years.

They join hands, seeking justice while trying to calm the growing uncertainty caused by an unseen evil. But will their love bring peace in these turbulent times, and who will ultimately rule the world?

This is one of the best Chinese Chinese historical dramas with a strong female lead that was released in 2022. It has 40 episodes and is available on Netflix. This tv show stars Yang Yang and Zhao Lu Si.


5. Story of Yanxi Palace

It is set in Beijing in the 18th century, during the 6th year of Emperor Qianlong’s reign. Wei Ying Luo is a girl who enters the Forbidden City as an embroiderer to investigate the truth behind her older sister’s rape and murder.

He believed that Imperial Guard Fuca Fuheng was the prime suspect. He then secretly approached his sister, Empress Fuca Rongyin, and transferred to work as her maid.

Ying Luo who had a smart and bold demeanor was quickly liked by the kind Empress who even taught her to read and write.

Meanwhile, Fuca Fuheng falls in love with Ying Lu and supports his investigation. Realizing that the Fuca brothers are innocent of the crime, Ying Luo turns her attention to the other people in the palace in hopes of finding the culprit.

This Chinese drama with a badass female lead was released in 2018. It has 70 episodes and is available on Viki. This tv show stars Xu Kai, Wu Jin Yan, Nie Yuan, and Qin Lan.


6. Love the Way You Are

Best Chinese Dramas with Strong Female Lead

It tells the story of Yin Yi Ke, a 32-year-old woman who has a seemingly perfect life. He is a caring person whether in the company or at home.

Like the never-tired Wonder Woman, she takes care of everyone around her but not herself. Everything changes, however, when she meets Xu Guang Xi, a young man who used to frequent her house for meals during his youth.

Xu Guang Xi has just returned from his studies abroad. He used to be a boy who only felt dependent on Yi Ke but now finds himself attracted to her. But chasing Yi Ke was not a difficult feat. This requires a fast-paced life and ultra-realistic pressure.

For the sake of love, Guang Xi tries to become more mature and adapts to his footsteps, taking firm steps toward Yi Ke.

This Chinese tv show released in 2022 with 30 episodes. You can watch one of the best Chinese dramas with strong female lead on iQIYI.


7. The Long Ballad

The series follows the kingdom as well as its political center Chang’an which was shaken to its core by the Xuanwu Gate Incident and the successful palace coup to take over the Tang Dynasty.

A scheming prince leads a bloody coup and kills Li Chang Ge’s family during a raid, though Li Chang Ge manages to escape. Now the prince has installed himself on the throne of the Empire and reigns as Emperor Tai Zong.

Li Chang Ge was determined to take revenge and raised a powerful army to overthrow the new Emperor.
But his plans fall apart when he suffers an unexpected defeat against the army of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate.

The victorious general, Ashile Sun, decides to keep him in service, establishing him as a military strategist when he wants to pursue his own military goals.

The duo then form a formidable military partnership. And over time, she finds herself falling in love with her captor – because she too begins to develop feelings for him.

This Chinese drama with a female fighter was released in 2021 and has 49 episodes. This tv show with Dilraba Dilmurat is available on Netflix.


8. A Dream of Splendor

Best Chinese Dramas with Strong Female Lead

It tells about Zhao Pan Er, a bright and intelligent girl who owns a teahouse in Qiantang. He lives with his two best friends Sun San Niang and Song Yin Zhang.

Once he found out that his fiancé had left him for another woman from a high-ranking officer after becoming an official in the Bian Jing Capital.

He refuses to surrender to his fate and decides to travel to the Capital to find out the truth for himself. On his way there, he meets his two best friends, whose lives he saves and they follow him.

Meanwhile, Gu Qian Fan, is a commander of the Capital’s elite squadron nicknamed the “Living Devil”. He was framed by those he swore allegiance to and must find the truth behind the sinister schemes involving the imperial court.

When he had first met Zhao Pan Er, they had not seen eye to eye, but this shrewd businesswoman had caught his eye. They then help each other for their own purposes.

This is one of the best Chinese dramas with a strong female lead that was released in 2022 with 40 episodes. You can watch this Chinese series on Netflix.


9. Arsenal Military Academy

Best Chinese Dramas with Strong Female Lead

The story of the series is set in the 20th century when Chinese military forces find themselves locked in a long bloody conflict against the Japanese Imperial Army.

The Chinese government then drafted young men into the army to defend the country’s beleaguered northeast. But there is a woman Xie Xiang also wants to join in on the action.

He decides to cut his hair short and assume his brother’s identity in an attempt to join the Chinese army. Xie Xiang then quickly proves himself more than capable in the army and soon earns a place at an elite military academy in Shanghai.

At the academy, she befriends a number of young male recruits, including quarrelsome rich kid Gu Yan Zheng and the gentle and introverted Shen Jun San.

As the recruits hone their skills, their confidence grows – and decide to take matters into their own hands in an attempt to thwart the invading army.

This Chinese drama love triangle with a badass female lead was released in 2019. It had 48 episodes and is available on Viki.


10. Love and Redemption

Best Chinese Dramas with Strong Female Lead

One thousand years ago since the battle between the devil and the heavens took place, the souls of Star Mosha and the War God were sent to the mortal realm to do penance.

In the mortal realm, Chu Xuan Ji, the daughter of Sect Leader Shaoyang, lost all six of her senses. Once, at a tournament, she met Yu Si Feng, a skilled Lize Palace disciple who was born on the same day as her. The two form a friendship and promise to meet again.

Si Feng then returns to his sect, but he is punished for breaking the rules and forced to wear a mask that could potentially endanger his life. Meanwhile, Xuan Ji left his home to practice martial arts.

Four years later, their fates are intertwined again. While traveling together, recovered memories from their past lives surface which uncover secrets and conspiracies involving themselves and the three realms; demonic, heavenly, and mortal. This revelation has a major impact on their relationship, creating an imbalance in all three realms.

It was released in 2020 with 59 episodes. You can watch one of the Chinese dramas with this strong female lead on Netflix.


11. Sword Snow Stride

Best Chinese Dramas with Strong Female Lead

Xu Xiao is the King of Northern Liang of China in the era of great upheaval who managed to defeat all rebellions and enemies. During this period, his heir was the unconventional and free-spirited Xu Feng Nian.

Even though Xu Feng Nian had traveled, honed her riding skills, and strengthened her fighting prowess but still doubted herself.

Meanwhile, in the Northern Liang palace is Jiang Ni, a twelve-year-old girl who is actually the princess of a rival kingdom that Xu Xiao once defeated.

He was currently thinking of a way to get revenge and when Xu Feng Nian ascended the throne, there was a worry of fear that he would not be able to follow in his father’s footsteps.

This Chinese drama with a female fighter was released in 2021 and has 38 episodes. You can watch it on iflix.


12. Miss S

It tells about Miss Su Wen Li, a beautiful and witty socialite. He forms an unlikely detective duo with the righteous and serious inspector Luo Qiuheng.

Despite their many differences, the pair share undeniable chemistry and go on to solve many cases together in and around Shanghai.

Meanwhile, Su Wen Li is also pursuing the clue behind his sister’s disappearance, which happened ten years ago, but has forever been a thorn in his heart.

Miss S is one of the best Chinese dramas with strong female lead. It was released in 2020 with 34 episodes and is available on Tencent Video.


Those were some of the best Chinese dramas with strong and badass female lead that you can watch right now. This list we compiled is the latest and greatest based on its own rating and audience across various forums. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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