Top 10 Chen Zheyuan Dramas and TV Shows to Watch

Are you looking for a list of the best Chen Zheyuan dramas and tv shows? here we have compiled the list, but before that here is a little biography.

Chen Zhe Yuan is a Chinese actor and singer who was born in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province. He made his acting debut in the youth drama “All About Secrets” in 2017.

In 2018 Chen Zhe Yuan starred in the fantasy wuxia drama “The Legend of Zu 2” and got the main role. The year he also made his big screen debut in the comedy film “Miss Puff“.

After that, he continued to star in TV drama shows as the main character until now his popularity is increasingly famous throughout the world.

So, for those of you who are looking for a list of the best Chen Zhe Yuan dramas and tv shows, here is the list below!


List of Chen Zheyuan Dramas and TV Shows


1. Sword and Fairy 4

Sword and Fairy 4 or Chinese Paladin Season 4 is the latest drama starring Chen Zheyuan in 2024. In this tv show, Chen Zheyuan plays Yun Tian He, a straight young man who lost both his parents at a young age.

The story begins nineteen years ago when the Qionghua Sect, wielding dual swords named Wangshu and Xihe, sealed the demon realm to harness spiritual power, igniting a conflict between humans and demons that resulted in numerous casualties.

Disagreeing with the Qionghua Sect’s beliefs, disciples Yun Tian Qing and Su Yu departed for Qingluan Peak, where they welcomed their son, Yun Tian He. Tragically, Su Yu passed away shortly after.

Growing up unaware of his parents’ past, Yun Tian He lost his father to illness, leaving him to fend for himself in the mountains. His life takes a turn when he encounters Han Ling Sha, who seeks answers about her parents’ fate, leading them on a journey down the mountain.

Along the way, they meet Liu Meng Li, and Yun Tian He, yearning to uncover his father’s history, along with his newfound companions, becoming disciples of the Kunxu Qionghua Sect. Guided by Murong Zi Ying, they form a close bond as they unravel the secrets of their past.

As their past unravels, they are faced with pain and confusion, but united by friendship, they resolve to fight their destiny and save the world. Together, Yun Tian He and his friends embark on a journey to shape their destiny and bring light to a darkened one.

Released in 2024 and has 36 episodes. You can watch it on Viki. Also stars Ju Jing Yi, Mao Zi Jun, Mao Xiao Hui, and Wang Duo.

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2. Hidden Love

Best Chen Zheyuan Dramas and TV Shows

Hidden Love is the newest Chinese youth drama that you can watch on Netflix right now. The show tells the story of Sang Zhi, a beautiful girl who falls in love with Duan Jia Xu, a guy who often comes to her house to play games in her older brother’s room.

Duan Jia Xu himself was a handsome boy and was five years older than Sang Zhi. Back then Sang Zhi had a crush on Duan Jia Xu, but then they lost touch with each other for some reason.

After graduating from high school, Sang Zhi entered the university in his hometown. He started seeing Duan Jia Xu again who was also studying there. During their intimate and close daily interactions, they slowly start to fall in love.

This is one of the best dramas starring Chen Zheyuan and Zhao Lusi. It was released in 2023 and has a total of 25 episodes.

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3. The Princess and the Werewolf

Best Chen Zheyuan Dramas and TV Shows

The Princess and the Werewolf tells the story of Princess Qi Pa who awakens and finds herself abducted into the fantastical and real world of the Beast-Reversing Tribe.

She was forced to become the bride of the Beast-Turning King, Kui Mu Lang. Despite Qi Pa’s repeated attempts to escape, his life is further disrupted by a man named Li Xiong.

Li Xiong only appeared during the day, and Kui Mu Lang only appeared at night. Unbeknownst to Qi Pa, he had discovered the shocking secret of the Beast Flipping Tribe.

However mischievous and agile he was, Qi Pa gradually found his way into the heart of the domineering Wolf King. In the end, the beauty and the “beast” fall in love.

This latest Chinese wuxia drama was released in 2023. It has 30 episodes and you can watch it on Viki. Stars Chen Zhe Yuan and Wu Xuan Yi.

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4. Mr. Bad

Best Chen Zheyuan Dramas and TV Shows

Nan Xing is an online novel writer whose main character is based on his idol, Lu Zi Chen. Meanwhile, the main antagonist is Xiao Wu Di, a cunning and manipulative martial artist.

One day, Nan Xing makes a wish for “unforgettable love” at the Fairy Pool and suddenly, Xiao Wu Di, the villain in the story, appears before him.

He tried to avoid him, but Xiao Wu Di found him and threatened to take care of him. Whenever he needed help, Xiao Wu Di would be moved beside him to fulfill his wish.

This hate-to-love Chinese drama was released in 2022 with 24 episodes. You can watch one of the best Chen Zheyuan and Shen Yue dramas on Viki.

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5. Renascence

It is set in the early 12th century, at a time when war threatens to erupt across the land of Da Chu, and the Imperial court is filled with corruption and intrigue.

The storyline begins when the cruel Emperor plots to assassinate Empress Yao Mo Xin and succeeds in his sinister endeavor. Meanwhile, another vengeful party is targeting Yao Mo Wan, the Empress’ younger sister.

On a night full of mystery, the spirit of the deceased queen enters her little sister’s body and intends to take revenge on those who have wronged her.

The Empress is currently in Yao Mo Wan’s body and is bent on entering the Imperial Court to seek revenge. She also met and fell in love with Ye Jun Qing, a handsome young prince from Da Chu.

This tv show stars Chen Zheyuan and Li Mo Zhi. It was released in 2020 with 36 episodes and you can watch it on Viki.


6. Handsome Siblings

Best Chen Zheyuan Dramas and TV Shows

It tells the story of twin brothers Jiang Xiao Yu and Jiang Feng who were separated at birth but grow up to become supreme martial artists.

Raised to seek revenge on one another, they soon find themselves best friends. They vow to rule the martial world and find their true selves.

It all started when Princess Yao Yue had a one-sided love for her father Jiang Xiao Yu and Jiang Feng which made her hate them.

He then separated them at birth and hoped the twins would become enemies and fight each other to the death.

This is one of the best dramas starring Chen Zheyuan, Hu Yi Tian, Vicky Liang, and Liang Jie. It was released in 2020 with 44 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix.


7. The Legend of Zu 2

Best Chen Zheyuan Dramas and TV Shows

Yu Ying Nan is a mysterious young woman who embarks on a search for the great hero who once saved her life. Along with his brother Yu Ying Qi, he falls under the tutelage of Mount Zu, thus embarking on a journey to help their people.

Yu Ying Nan and his older brother Yu Ying Qi grew up together, but both of them have secrets of their own. Ying Nan did not know that her brother had found her out of nowhere when she was still a young girl who had lost all her memories.

On the other hand, Yu Ying Qi and his tribe had suffered year after year because of the Chihun Stone and they could only retire to a small village.

On her eighteenth birthday, Yu Ying Nan meets Bai Gu Yi of the Cang Xu Sect and mistakenly assumes that he is the great hero she dreams of.

In pursuit of love, she tries to apply to be Cang Xu’s disciple but ends up with her brother in the Zu Mountains. The two sects joined forces to overcome the problem presented by the Chihun Stone.

Yu Yin Nan, Yu Ying Qi, and Bai Gu Yi were selected as students for the new venture. They will be on a pretty tough mission.

Tv shows with Chen Zheyuan, Fortuna Yu, Nie Zi Hao, and Liu Yi Tong. It was released in 2018 with 48 episodes.


8. Our Secret

Best Chen Zheyuan Dramas and TV Shows

It tells of the young love story of Ding Xian and Zhou Si Yue that lasts a lifetime, from high school to university.

Zhou Si Yue was a superior but unruly genius. He sits friends with stubborn and adorable “Cinderella girl” Ding Xian.

Even though they can’t get along with each other at first, they come to appreciate each other’s strengths in everyday interactions. And in the end, become lifelong friends in their journey through youth.

This Chinese romance series is releasing in 2021 and has 24 episodes. You can watch one of the best Chen Zheyuan and Rainbow Xu dramas on Viki.


9. Hello Dear Ancestors

During the Han Dynasty, Zhen Jun was a man who had lost his way in the struggle to lead his family. Once he was saved from death by beings from outer space and Zhen Jun was placed in convalescence.

He later awakens in 2020 to find that his long sleep has given him superhuman abilities and he is ready for adventure now.

This tv show with Chen Zhe Yuan and Dong Qing was released in 2018. It has 24 episodes and is available on Viki.


10. All About Secrets

It tells the story of Duan Bo Wen, a popular student who is also a basketball star. Despite having everything, he is dealing with severe family problems.

He was confronted by the constant bickering between his father and his much younger stepmother. Meanwhile, Yu Chi Zi and his friend, Si Jia Li, both try to support Bo Wen through his personal turmoil.

Jia Li herself is jealous of Chi Zi’s close relationship with Bo Wen but is ultimately unable to endear herself to him despite all her efforts.

When a new young teacher catches Bo Wen’s attention, can he and his friends survive their many secrets to enter college?

This tv show with Chen Zheyuan was released in 2017. It has 24 episodes and is available on iQiyi.


That was a list of the best Chen Zheyuan dramas and tv shows that you must watch. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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