Sword and Fairy 4 Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Sword and Fairy 4 is a Chinese romance wuxia drama that almost made me fall over in the first episode because I thought it was childish but after watching it, it was worth it. It’s well-paced, the characters are fun, and it doesn’t waste time or bore me with too much filler. See the full review below!


Drama Details

Title: Sword and Fairy 4 (仙剑四)
Episodes: 36
Release Date: January 17, 2024
Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: iQiyi
Available On: iQiyi

Sword and Fairy 4 Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Nineteen years ago, the Qionghua Sect faced a momentous choice when they employed the double swords of Wangshu and Xihe to contain the demon realm, claiming spiritual power.

This decision ignited a war between humans and demons, resulting in significant losses on both sides. Yun Tian Qing and Su Yu, disciples of the Qionghua Sect, disagreed with the sect’s cultivation philosophy.

In pursuit of a different path, they departed from Qionghua and settled on Qingluan Peak, where they welcomed their son, Yun Tian He. Unfortunately, Su Yu passed away not long after.

Young Yun Tian He, unaware of his parents’ tumultuous history, found himself growing up alone on the mountain after the demise of his father, Yun Tian Qing, due to illness.

His journey took an unexpected turn when he encountered Han Ling Sha, a spirited young lady breaking into his parents’ tomb. Together, they descended the mountain, embarking on a quest to unveil the mysteries of his parents’ past.

During their journey, they crossed paths with another woman, Liu Meng Li. Intrigued by his father’s enigmatic past, Yun Tian He, along with Han Ling Sha and Liu Meng Li, decided to become disciples of the Kunxu Qionghua Sect.

The sect assigned Murong Zi Ying, a mentor of a similar age, to guide them, and the quartet quickly formed a close bond. As their backgrounds gradually unfolded, the four friends found themselves entangled in deep emotional pain and confusion.

In the end, Yun Tian He, alongside his trusted companions, chose to defy their destinies and set out on a collective journey to save the world.


Sword and Fairy 4 Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Sword and Fairy 4 Chinese drama has a happy ending. In the final moments of the episode, the demon general Guixie sacrifices himself to save Mengli, leaving a heartfelt impact. Tianhe observed Lingsha, Ziying, and Mengli being lifted, and the majestic Qionghua Peak began its ascent.

Meanwhile, Feng Er and others aided both humans and demons in evacuating, with the eight major sects ensuring everyone’s safety during the process.

However, Qingyang noticed the escalating danger and refused to halt. Swords were unleashed upon Qionghua, revealing a devastating scene of low-level disciples frozen and heavy casualties.

As they ascended, an icy grip enveloped everything around them. Tianhe, not fully mastering the power of his twin bows, attempted to forcibly release the sword light, aiming to separate the two swords.

Unexpectedly, the swords drew back the Yin Yang and Zi Que powers from his body. Suspended in the air, Tianhe’s soul left his body, and he fell unconscious.

Tianhe’s Yuanshen found itself on Buzhou Mountain, encountering Zhulong. Under Zhulong’s enlightenment, his soul returned to its original form, establishing a hundred-year agreement.

Upon Tianhe Yuanshen’s return, he absorbed the spiritual power of the two swords and transformed into two golden arrows, successfully shooting down the looming threat of the two swords.

Qionghua Mountain began to collapse, achieving victory over Xuanxiao, subduing Suyao, and ultimately saving the common people. However, it also emphasized the consequences of Qionghua’s rise against the natural order.

Following the disappearance of the goddess Xuantian, Qionghua continued its descent and neared the village at the foot of Mount Kunxu. Mengli proposed the idea of everyone entering the fantasy world, and Qingyang promptly ordered the evacuation.

In the fantasy world, humans and demons set aside their grievances, coming together to assist Tianhe in drawing the divine bow and aiming it at the falling Qionghua.

The collaborative efforts of all involved brought about a return to calm, highlighting the resilience and unity forged in the face of adversity.

Sword and Fairy 4 Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Sword and Fairy 4 Chinese Drama Review

Don’t be deceived by the initial episodes – though the drama begins on a light-hearted note, it transforms into a serious and mature storyline from episode 13 onwards, maintaining this tone until the end.

The narrative follows a male lead who has lived in isolation until he meets the female lead. Alongside their two new friends, they embark on a journey to uncover the truth about the male lead’s parents and the mystical sword left by his father.

Based on a video game, the drama’s atmosphere and script stand out from typical wuxia cdramas, leaning towards a xuanhuan style. While all Sword and Fairy dramas share the same world, each presents a unique story.

Primarily a plot-driven drama with a touch of romance, the initial episodes are goofy and light-hearted, setting the stage until episode 12. Episode 13 marks the shift to a more serious and mature tone, addressing the main conflict and unveiling the truth of events 19 years ago, involving all characters. The drama effectively showcases character growth and imparts wise life lessons.

The male lead, initially seeming naive, is revealed to be uneducated due to a life of isolation. His quick adaptation and the wisdom inherited from his father portray him as kind-hearted, brave, and protective, with significant character growth. Chen Zhe Yuan’s outstanding performance, particularly in emotional scenes, deserves commendation.

The confident, outspoken, and brave female lead, played by Ju Jing Yi, deviates from typical character archetypes. Her character undergoes fantastic growth, evolving from moral conflict to becoming a supportive friend at the core of the group.

The second male and female leads, more reserved, play integral roles connected to the main leads. Despite the male lead’s cold exterior, he possesses a warm heart, portrayed effectively by the actor with micro-expressions. The female lead, kind but firm, adds depth to the ensemble cast.

Positive aspects of the drama include the fantastic execution of a hero’s journey, an engaging main plot, well-developed villains, and stellar performances by Chen Zhe Yuan and Ju Jing Yi. The pacing is perfect, building mystery and stakes with each episode, and the chemistry between the main leads is delightful.

However, the first 12 episodes may give a misleading impression, with side stories of side characters perceived as less impactful. The initial focus on romance diminishes as the plot takes precedence, and one-sided love stories could have been handled better.

The second female lead’s character and acting might not appeal to everyone, though she improves towards the end.

Despite these drawbacks, the overall drama offers an epic adventure with wise life lessons and character growth. If you enjoy a well-executed, plot-driven drama with morally grey villains and are a fan of Chen Zhe Yuan, this drama is worth a try.

Sword and Fairy 4 Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Chen Zhe Yuan as Yun Tian He

Ju Jing Yi as Han Ling Sha

Mao Zi Jun as Murong Zi Ying

Mao Xiao Hui as Liu Meng Li

Wang Duo as Xuan Xiao / Xuan Ying

Support Role

Wang Yuan Ke as Su Yao

Zhang Fan as Qing Yang

Marshal Zhang as Dao Zhen

Kathy Chow as Xuan Tian

Li Xiao Hong as Ruan Ci

Li Xiao Pang as Lord Qiang San

Li Jia Hui as Xi Zhong

Terry Guo as Jing Chen

Liu Bin as Zong Lian

Ren Yu as Xuan Zhen

Jiang Hong as Su Shen

Li Zhi Mo as Lian Bao

Xuan Yi Hao as Xuan Ji

Li Bing Bing as Jing Lan

And More


My Verdict

Overall, if you enjoy well-executed plot-based dramas with a hero’s journey, morally gray villains, and great performances, especially by Chen Zhe Yuan, give this drama a chance. Despite some of its flaws, it offers an epic adventure with wise life lessons and character growth. My rating for Sword and Fairy 4 Chinese drama is 8,9/10.

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