Golden House Hidden Love Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Golden House Hidden Love is a Chinese drama worth considering even though it may not be the blockbuster of the year. This drama left some marks on the audience and has an ancient male lead and a touch of eerie modernity. Check out the full review below!


Drama Details

Title: Golden House Hidden Love (金屋藏夫)
Episodes: 24
Release Date: January 19, 2024
Genres: Mystery, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: iQiyi
Available On: iQiyi

Golden House Hidden Love Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story of this drama follows the story of Jin Xia, a cheerful 27-year-old assistant wedding dress designer. Excited by the prospect of owning a charming old beachfront home, he decides to take out a loan to make his dream come true. Unbeknownst to him, his new house has an unexpected twist – the house is supposedly “haunted”!

To her surprise, Jin Xia discovered a mysterious young man living in seclusion within the ancient walls of her house. This enigmatic boy exhibited behaviors and abilities that resembled those of a ghost.

Intriguingly, he had no memory of his past and seemed unable to leave the ancient dwelling. As fate would have it, there was an inexplicable connection between Jin Xia and this suspected “ghost.”

To unravel the mystery behind their peculiar bond, the two embarked on an enchanting journey, initiating a heartwarming and blush-inducing cohabitation life in the ancient house.

Together, they navigated the challenges and surprises that awaited them, transforming what seemed like a haunted abode into a place filled with love and laughter.


Golden House Hidden Love Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Golden House Hidden Love Chinese drama has a happy ending. In the final episode, Jiang Xiaochuan, having exhausted his spiritual energy for the plan, aged rapidly overnight. In his last moments, he confessed the truth to Jin Xia, seeking her forgiveness.

Despite their friendship starting with a lie, Jin Xia graciously forgave Jiang Xiaochuan, though she had to bid farewell to him.

Overnight, she lost both her lover and best friend, leading her to bury the engagement ring Nan Hua had made for her in the old house in despair.

Fast forward five years and Nan Hua unexpectedly reappeared before Jin Xia. The engagement ring, crafted from ancient tree branches, had taken root and grown into a small tree, transmitting spiritual energy to Nan Hua.

However, this power was limited and could only last for a day. Undeterred by their looming sadness, Jin Xia and Nan Hua enjoyed a sweet date, strengthening their love.

As their affection deepened, the two couldn’t resist breaking the charging principle. In the end, Nan Hua, now overflowing with boundless love, was reborn alongside Jin Xia.

They happily embarked on a shamelessly married life in the “Golden House,” reveling in their enduring love.

Golden House Hidden Love Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Golden House Hidden Love Chinese Drama Review

As a fan of mystery genres, I thoroughly enjoyed the fantasy elements in this drama, adding a mysterious vibe with unpredictable plot twists. However, I’d recommend it only if you’re comfortable with a significant height difference between the lead characters.

Our female lead, Jin Xia, fulfills her dream of owning a quaint seaside house, only to discover it’s supposedly haunted by Nan Hua, a tall and handsome man from ancient times. Despite his ghostly abilities, Nan Hua is not a ghost but can choose to be unseen.

Stuck in the house with no memory of his past or the person he’s waiting for, Jin Xia and Nan Hua embark on a cohabitation journey that gradually turns into a heartwarming love story.

The fantasy plot unfolds with unpredictability, delving into Nan Hua’s background, his longevity, and the mysterious person he awaits.

Without giving away too much, the drama concludes with a satisfying ending for those curious about the romantic fate of Jin Xia and Nan Hua.

Lai Mei Yun, portraying Jin Xia, brings a refreshing charm to her character – pretty, independent, and career-oriented. Wang Zi Hao, known from “Secretary Bai Wants to Resign Everyday,” portrays Nan Hua with a sweet touch, though some may find him more appealing in ancient costumes.

The notable 40 cm height difference adds a unique dynamic, but the drama skillfully avoids any discomfort by portraying Jin Xia as mature and avoiding stereotypical behaviors.

Despite being a low-budget production with relatively inexperienced actors, the performances are commendable, delivering a mix of fun, angst, and mystery.

The drama’s serene elegance, enhanced by the music and ambiance, provides a lasting impression, exploring themes of life, death, longevity, and love.

In summary, this drama may not be the blockbuster of the year, but it leaves a quiet and lasting impact. If you appreciate old-fashioned male leads and a touch of eerie modernity, this drama is worth considering.

Oh, and for those wondering, there’s a happy ending for Nan Hua and Jin Xia, with a touching twist involving an ancient tree and a rejuvenated engagement ring.

Golden House Hidden Love Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Lai Mei Yun as Jin Xia

Wang Zi Hao as Nan Hua

Support Role

Gu Lan Di as Ding Yan Hai

Peng Bi Yao as Jiang Xiao Chuan

Jin Xiao as Li Ying Jun

Elena Tong as Xi Man Ling

Li Yue Xi as Empress Dowager

Benjamin Lee as Lin Jia Rui

Li Fang Wen as Chen Wen Ying

Feng Xi Yao as Li Xiu Ning

Li Wen Ling as [Jin Xia’s grandmother]

And More


My Verdict

Overall, Golden House Hidden Love is a Chinese drama that may not be the blockbuster of the year, but it leaves a quiet and lasting impact. I recommend you watch this if you are in doubt. My rating for Golden House Hidden Love Chinese drama is 8,4/10.

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