Different Princess Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Different Princess is a very enjoyable Chinese historical drama with a fresh twist on the time travel comedy and romance genres. See the full review below!


Drama Details

Title: Different Princess (花青歌)
Episodes: 36
Release Date: January 12, 2024
Genres: Historical, Mystery, Romance, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Youku

Different Princess Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

A writer named Hua Qing Ge suddenly enters the novel and turns into a character in her own novel world. She thought she was in control of the script, but falling in love with Ji Chu was not part of her plan.


Different Princess Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Different Princess Chinese drama has a happy ending. In the final episode, tension reached its peak as Ji Chu prepared to confront the queen with a knife. Ji Yun, attempting to bridge the gap with her mother, poured a glass of wine.

However, the queen, harboring suspicions, refrained from drinking. Ji Yun, sensing her mother’s doubt, took the initiative to drink the wine herself.

Despite Ji Yun’s attempt to mend their relationship, the queen, haunted by past mistakes, hesitated to drink the wine. Eventually, Ji Yun drank it alone, aware of the impending chaos. Gong Yeqi and his group attacked the guards around the emperor, while Ji Chu and Ji Yun armed themselves in the main hall.

Ji Yun had strategically planned for this moment. Although she promised her mother to ascend the throne, she recognized the need for atonement due to her mother’s mistakes. The queen, having lost trust in everyone, was hesitant even to offer Ji Yun a glass of wine.

Drinking the wine, Ji Yun pondered her mother’s actions, realizing she had never considered Ji Yun’s desires. When Ji Chu moved to kill the queen, Ji Yun intervened, understanding the need for accountability.

Meanwhile, Gong Yeqi attended to the wounded emperor. As the queen attempted to escape during the conflict, Gong Yeqi, seeking vengeance for the Su family, thwarted her plans. In a surprising turn, Ji Yuan’er sacrificed herself, standing between the queen and Gong Yeqi’s sword.

Ji Yuan’er’s sacrifice aimed to repay her mother’s debt, revealing her inner turmoil despite her reluctance to part with Gongye Qi. With Ji Yuan’er gone, Ji Chu and Ji Yun ceased their fight.

Hua Qingge appeared unexpectedly, catching Ji Chu off guard. The queen, refusing to surrender, held Hua Qingge hostage. Unfazed by Ji Yuner’s actions, the queen attempted to force Ji Chu to commit suicide. In a heart-wrenching moment, Hua Qingge, anticipating his return, urged Ji Chu never to forget him before disappearing.

Ji Chu, left with only Hua Qingge’s bracelet, recalled their shared experiences and love. Overwhelmed with grief, he called out Hua Qingge’s name. The novelist woke up, remembering the events, and rewrote the ending: Ji Yun took poison to atone for her mother’s sins, allowing Ji Chu to ascend the throne.

The queen faced imprisonment, suffering the loss of her son, and chose to hang herself to atone. Ji Yun was rescued by Gong Yeqi, and together with Lin Xiyao, they lived a peaceful life in seclusion.

Gong Yeqi, unable to move on, immersed himself in sorrow, while Ji Chu, despite ascending the throne, yearned for Hua Qingge. The story took an unexpected turn when the author’s manuscript was rejected, but the boss, resembling Ji Chu, expressed interest in the novel and even identified as Hua Qingge. Ji Chu had truly entered their world.

Different Princess Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Different Princess Chinese Drama Review

I stumbled upon this drama, shelved for nearly three years, while also following ‘Echo Of Your Voice,’ approaching its three-year anniversary. My interest was piqued by Song Yi Ren, whom I consider an excellent actress.

To say this drama is striking would be an understatement. It’s a delightful blend of comedy, tragedy, romance, mystery, fluff, politics, scheming, and poisons – a package that impressively holds together until the very end.

The initial scene sets a dramatic tone: a Crown Prince and his consort meet a ruthless demise at the hands of a villain who seizes the throne.

As the story unfolds, we discover it was concocted by a web novelist, Hua Qing Ge, aiming for innovation by killing off main characters. However, her plan backfires, and she finds herself sucked into her own fictional world.

The drama introduces a range of characters, both seasoned and new actors, all well-cast. Even the Male Lead, a newcomer, fits seamlessly into his role without overdoing it. The characters, especially the royal siblings, exhibit intelligence, creating tension that keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Hua Qing Ge, the lead writer, receives credit for weaving plot threads into the story. However, her lack of sincerity towards her writing becomes evident, and her character is unexpectedly transported into her own novel.

Ji Chu, the villain, is portrayed as a terrifying character from the start, outsmarting Qing and adding a comedic touch to their interactions. The drama excels in depicting a complex romance between Ji Chu and Hua Qing Ge without making it the central focus.

Ji Yun, the Crown Prince, stands out as a genuinely nice character, though his loyalty becomes his Achilles Heel. The drama doesn’t neglect strong female characters, with Ji Wan’er being particularly notable.

Friendships and relationships between characters feel genuine, adding depth to the narrative. The mystery element is well-crafted, with the plot gradually revealing hidden characters and plots, leading to a climactic finale at the Imperial Palace.

The opening and ending songs, with haunting lyrics, contribute to the overall atmosphere. Despite being a low-budget drama, ‘Different Princess’ surpasses expectations, offering a unique delight compared to highly promoted productions.

While the ending might not satisfy all viewers, it is commendable given the circumstances. The dissatisfaction itself speaks to the writers’ success in making the audience deeply invested in the characters. ‘Different Princess’ is a hidden gem worth discovering amidst the plethora of dramas released each year.

Different Princess Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Ireine Song as Hua Qing Ge

Ding Ze Ren as Ji Chu

Support Role

Zhu Rong Jun as Lin Xi Yao

Sun Zu Jun as Ji Yun

Zhang Yue Nan as Ji Wan Er

Chen Ze as Gong Ye Qi

Wang Jun Zhe as Ji Feng

Chu Han as Xiao Yan

Ni Mei Shi as Wu Xue Ji

Li Xin Bo as Wei Nan Yi

Li Jing Yao as Wu Shuang

Xu Qi as Liu Xiang

And More


My Verdict

Overall, Different Princess is a very enjoyable Chinese drama with a fresh twist on the time travel comedy and romance genres. The show has great comedic qualities and with its charming characters, well-crafted plot, and impressive production values, I definitely will watch season 2 if they make it.

Fans of romance, historical drama, and light humor will find “Different Princess” a fun addition to their watch list. My rating for Different Princess Chinese drama is 8,5/10.

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