My Boss Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

My Boss is a Chinese drama that I could really enjoy and found myself smiling the whole time. Why do I say that, see the review below!


Drama Details

Title: My Boss (你也有今天)
Episodes: 36
Release Date: January 4, 2024
Genres: Comedy, Law, Romance
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Viki

My Boss Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Cheng Yao, a woman with aspirations of becoming a top lawyer, finds herself on the brink of realizing her dream when she unexpectedly secures a position at a prestigious law firm.

Fueled by excitement, she relocates to be closer to her new workplace. Moving in with high hopes, Cheng Yao encounters her new roommate, Qian Heng. However, a delightful surprise awaits her on the first day of work at the office.

To her amazement, Qian Heng isn’t just a colleague; he happens to be her immediate superior, and he’s proving to be a tough nut to crack!

What was initially intended as a training period quickly turns into a bit of a challenge, with Cheng Yao feeling like Qian Heng is making it a tad challenging for her to settle into the company.

Undeterred, Cheng Yao is determined to step up her game and showcase her capabilities. Could her perseverance lead to a harmonious partnership and perhaps even the blossoming of love between the two?


My Boss Chinese Drama Ending Explained

My Boss Chinese drama has a happy ending. In the closing scenes of the episode, Qian Heng wore a radiant smile as Cheng Yao agreed to welcome him back into her life. To express his happiness, Qian Heng prepared a delightful breakfast for Cheng Yao early in the morning. Their home was filled with joy as Qian Heng took care of various arrangements.

The couple shared a strong and positive relationship. Meanwhile, Deng Ming generously sponsored a significant amount of money to the Bar Association in hopes of securing an award. As the Tianping Awards selection unfolded, Deng Ming couldn’t shake off his growing unease. President Zhang commended Qian Heng’s law firm for its remarkable progress, leaving Deng Ming fuming.

Unexpectedly, Cheng Xi also entered the scene, taking away many of Deng Ming’s clients. Seizing the opportunity to undermine Qian Heng’s company, Deng Ming falsely claimed that the Tianping Awards were predetermined.

He propagated rumors, including one suggesting Qian Heng’s imminent retirement. This triggered panic among colleagues, and public pressure escalated, posing a significant challenge for Qian Heng.

Cheng Xi and Wu Jun joined forces to counter Deng Ming’s actions. When Cheng Yao witnessed Deng Ming’s hypocritical appearance on TV, pretending to be fair, she couldn’t bear it any longer and felt a bit unworthy of Qian Heng.

In an effort to change public perception, Cheng Yao encouraged Qian Heng to go to the TV station. Despite initial doubts, the TV station director suggested that Qian Heng’s appearance would be more effective. Surprisingly, Qian Heng agreed, and Cheng Yao volunteered to be his assistant.

The TV appearance not only boosted Qian Heng’s popularity but also turned the tables on Deng Ming. Realizing he couldn’t harm Qian Heng directly, Deng Ming shifted his focus to dealing with Cheng Xi and Wu Jun. Qian Heng, furious about Deng Ming’s actions, received comfort from Cheng Yao.

As the battle against Deng Ming intensified, Cheng Xi fought back, supported by everyone who resisted Deng Ming’s influence. During a discussion on a divorce case on a show, Deng Ming tried to control the narrative, but Qian Heng skillfully uncovered the man’s violent tendencies, earning support from the audience.

Qian Heng exposed Deng Ming’s true nature, marking a complete loss for Deng Ming. Recognized and appreciated by everyone, Qian Heng publicly acknowledged that the change in himself was thanks to the person he cared about the most.

After witnessing Cheng Yao’s departure, Qian Heng chased after her, taking the opportunity to confess his desire to marry her. Touched by Qian Heng’s sincerity, Cheng Yao immediately reciprocated with a kiss.

My Boss Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

My Boss Review

This drama brings a refreshing balance to slow-burn romances. The female lead, though young, exudes strength and is far from being portrayed as weak. While she may be somewhat naive in matters of romance, her standards and boundaries remain steadfast. The male lead impresses with his strength as a boss and mentor, yet reveals a softer side when it truly matters.

Though the storyline may tread familiar ground, the way each character is portrayed is exceptionally well-done, captivating me completely. Kudos! I’ve officially become a fan of Chen Xing Xu.

The nuances within office relations, social norms, and relational hesitation are relatable and heartfelt. Even the supporting female lead, briefly cast as an antagonist, is handled remarkably well by the male lead and supporting male lead.

The supporting cast does an excellent job of maintaining the flow of the storyline. The growth of the female lead is conveyed convincingly. Even during conflicts between the leads, the underlying ‘heart’ of the story is palpable.

The revelation of the ‘bad eggs’ is perfectly timed, adding an enjoyable twist. The emotional intelligence growth of the male lead in the concluding scenes is cheerworthy. While the series may have a slow pace, it is solid and worth the watch.

I had high expectations for this drama from the start, and it didn’t disappoint. It was my first time watching a drama with Chen Xing Xu, and I’m smitten. This drama strikes a perfect balance between fluffy, funny, and cute moments.

Being a fan of slow-burn dramas, I appreciate the 36-episode duration allowing the romance to develop gradually. I laughed a lot with the main leads; their expressions are top-notch. The side characters add to the charm, but the introduction of another female lead pursuing Qian Heng feels unnecessary and disrupts the plot.

However, it catalyzes the female lead’s career improvement. She changes workplaces and works harder to establish her own name, distancing herself from being known solely as Qian Heng’s girlfriend. While some may not like the ending, I find it realistic. The female lead desires recognition for her career, not just as someone’s girlfriend, tired of living in Qian Heng’s shadow.

It’s usually challenging for me to like both main leads in Chinese dramas, but I love her; she’s super cute! Their chemistry feels realistic, making it one of the best Chinese dramas I’ve watched. Despite broken subtitles, the experience was enjoyable, and I’ll definitely rewatch it.

A word of caution: It takes a while for the relationship to develop, the male lead starts off cold, there’s a significant focus on the side couple, it’s super funny and light-hearted, and the ending might feel rushed without wedding scenes, but it’s worth it.

While it’s a typical idol romance drama and somewhat dated, the plot lines and characters are decent. The lead actor and actress showcase excellent acting skills and wonderful chemistry, making their on-screen relationship lovely and sweet.

My initial attraction to this drama was Chen Xingxu, known from “Goodbye Princess” and “Fall in Love.” Despite his mature appearance, he exudes confidence on screen and exhibits remarkable acting talent. His handsome looks may be attributed to his early start in acting.

My Boss Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Chen Xing Xu as Qian Heng

Zhang Ruo Nan as Cheng Yao

Support Role

Chen Xiao Yun as Cheng Xi

Li Jun Xian as Wu Jun

He Wen Jun as Bao Rui

Li Dian Zun as Yu Fei

Chen Hao Lan as Tan Ying

Fan Shuai Qi as Liang Yi Ran

Ye Xiao Wei as Gu Bei Qing

Gavin Xie as Deng Ming

Shao Yi Fan as Lin Lan

Liu Ya Peng as Chairman Zhang

Tan Li Min as Consort Heng

Zhu Jian as Director Wang

And More


My Verdict

Overall, I really enjoyed watching this drama and found myself smiling the entire time. The final five episodes provide different perspectives on both the female and male characters, adding interesting layers. The depiction of female characters who are independent and successful in their professional careers deserves a thumbs up. My rating for My Boss Chinese drama is 8,3/10.

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