All of Her Chinese Drama Review

All of Her is a very hot short romance Chinese drama with all the good intrigue, check out the review below!


Drama Details

Title: All of Her (向她逆光而来)
Episodes: 26
Release Date: January 9, 2024
Genres: Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Youku

All of Her Chinese Drama Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Half a decade ago, Yan Zhen made a strategic decision to marry Chu Ze Jia to gain entry into the Anshi group. Unfortunately, her plans took an unexpected turn when her husband met with a tragic accident just a year later. In the aftermath, Yan Zhen stepped up to become the assertive and influential general manager of her late husband’s company.

As she prepares to officially declare her husband deceased and assume complete control, a surprising twist unfolds – “he” makes a sudden return.

The question arises: is this truly her husband, or is it his identical twin, Chu Ze An? In their quest to unravel each other’s mysteries, they become increasingly entwined in a complex dance of love and animosity.


All of Her Chinese Drama Review

This drama kicks off with a fiery start! The Male Lead, played by Li Zhuo Yang (Chu Ze Jia/Chu Ze An), walks into the house, and there’s an instant sizzle. The Female Lead, portrayed by Meng Xi (Yan Zhen), descends the stairs barefoot. As Chu Ze Jia advances, Yan Zhen cleverly uses her hand like a gun, pressing it into his back, and commands him to “Stay still.”

Chu Ze Jia complies, raising his hands, and Yan Zhen instructs him to remove his glasses. Despite the blindfold, Chu Ze Jia recognizes her perfume. He attempts to take off the blindfold, but Yan Zhen teasingly says, “You want a surprise, don’t you?” A playful moment ensues as she reveals a room adorned for their anniversary.

Amidst the romantic atmosphere, Chu Ze Jia gifts Yan Zhen a diamond necklace and a playful exchange about his present unfolds, culminating in a seductive surprise. Their chemistry is undeniable, creating an incredibly sexy and sensual make-out session that sizzles with electric energy.

Their happy life takes a sudden turn when Yan Zhen’s husband dies in a boat explosion after their anniversary. Yan Zhen assumes control of the Anshi group as the general manager. However, just as she is about to declare her husband legally dead, a twist occurs – he returns, or does he? The revelation of a twin brother, Chu Ze An, adds complexity to the unfolding drama.

The storyline keeps viewers on a captivating “cat and mouse” chase, introducing suspicions about the Secondary Male Lead (Wang Yi Lei aka Gu Cheng) and a seemingly unnecessary Support Female Lead (Qiu Jia Qi aka Chu Ze Zin). Unfortunately, the latter’s role detracts from the drama with her voice and whining.

In a surprising turn of events in the last episode, Yan Zhen decides to leave Chu Ze Jia. The unexpected revelation leaves viewers in disbelief. Yan Zhen explains that she spent the past four years waiting for her loved one, feeling physically and mentally exhausted, and needing time for adjustments. She apologizes and abruptly severs contact, leaving Chu Ze Jia shocked and searching for answers.

Despite the unresolved ending, there is a glimmer of hope as Chu Ze Jia returns to the place they first met, still holding on to the belief that he will find her. A mysterious click of a camera adds an intriguing twist, leaving us with a hopeful smile from Chu Ze Jia.

While the drama had a promising start and engaging moments, the conclusion left viewers wanting more closure. Despite the fizzled ending, Li Zhuo Yang’s performance shines, adding to the overall appeal of the drama.

All of Her Chinese Drama Review

All of Her Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Meng Xi as Yan Zhen

Li Zhuo Yang as Chu Ze An | Chu Ze Jia

Support Role

Qiu Jia Qi as Chu Ze Xin

Wang Yi Lei as Gu Cheng

Yang Xiao Bo as Ma Jun

Jenny Zhang as Mrs. Wang


My Verdict

Overall, All of Her is a very hot short romance Chinese drama with all the good intrigue. I recommend this for you to watch in your free time. My rating for All of Her Chinese drama is 8/10.

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