Circle of Love Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Circle of Love is a Chinese Short Length drama that is good in many aspects such as writing, cinematography, music, acting, and chemistry. See the full review below:


Drama Details

Title: Circle of Love (锁爱三生)
Episodes: 24
Release Date: May 26, 2023
Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Viki

Circle of Love Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

On the day of her wedding, Gu Meng’s life takes a tragic turn as a fire, believed to be ignited by her intended husband Hong Ye, claims everything she holds dear – her family and fortune.

Years later, nursing a deep-seated desire for revenge, Gu Meng’s plan takes an unexpected twist. A mishap during her attempt to confront the warlord results in amnesia, leaving her with no recollection of her identity.

Upon awakening, Gu Meng finds herself compelled to serve as a servant at Xiao Hong Ye’s estate, unknowingly entangled in a twist of fate.

Initially, Hong Ye, driven by a desire for retribution, subjects the amnesiac Gu Meng to humiliation and torment. However, as time passes, an unforeseen emotional and romantic connection blossoms between them.

In an intriguing turn of events, Gu Meng transforms from a victim into a force to be reckoned with. Not only does she manage to captivate Hong Ye, but she also begins to strive for her freedom and seek vengeance, especially as fragments of her memories start to resurface. The question looms – will their relationship be defined by hatred or love?


Circle of Love Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Circle of Love Chinese drama has an ending full of a rollercoaster of surprises and twists, leaving you curious and a little confused. the following is the explanation:

Gumeng takes a drastic turn by shooting Hongye multiple times – first in the stomach, then the leg, and finally in the chest. Despite the severe injuries, Hongye miraculously survives. Meanwhile, Gumeng goes on a lengthy monologue, lost in her own thoughts or emotions.

Overwhelmed by Gumeng’s extended speech, she takes her own life with a shocking gunshot to the head, adding another layer of confusion to the narrative.

Enter Zichen, rushing to the scene in what seems like a tragic Romeo and Juliet scenario. Discovering that Gumeng chose death over being with him devastates Zichen, intensifying the emotional depth of the story.

In a fit of anger and despair, Zichen decides on revenge, aiming to shoot the still-breathing Hongye. However, Hongye seizes Gumeng’s gun, turning the tables and shooting Zichen instead. Zichen falls lifeless to the ground, joining Gumeng in death.

All three characters meet their demise, leaving readers puzzled and questioning the outcome. But here’s the unexpected twist – the story fast-forwards two years into the future.

In an astonishing turn of events, Hongye is now portrayed as a soldier amid a civil war. Amid the chaos, he encounters Florence Nightingale, a renowned nurse known for her compassion. To Hongye’s amazement, he discovers that Florence Nightingale is none other than Gumeng.

This revelation adds a layer of intrigue and disbelief. How did Gumeng survive her self-inflicted gunshot wound and transform into Florence Nightingale? The ending leaves readers scratching their heads, searching for explanations for this seemingly impossible turn of events.

In conclusion, the story weaves an unpredictable narrative filled with twists and unanswered questions, reminiscent of Maid’s Revenge. It leaves the audience in a state of curious confusion, eager to make sense of the unexpected and captivating finale.

Circle of Love Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Circle of Love Chinese Drama Review

Love and hate walk a fine line in this mini-drama that shares similarities with Maid’s Revenge. If you’re sensitive to toxic alpha male characters and intense, sometimes abusive love-hate relationships, this might not be the drama for you. However, if you can set aside moral judgments for around 240 minutes, you’re in for an intense and captivating experience.

The plot of Circle of Love seems to be part of Youku’s addictive toxic trilogy, revisiting the dark Romeo and Juliet revenge trope from the Republican era, as seen in Maid’s Revenge and Bride’s Revenge.

Gu Meng, driven by a determination to avenge her family, attempts to confront her former fiancé, the powerful warlord Xiao Hongye. Her plan goes awry, resulting in her capture and enlistment as a maid in his household.

With the convenient twist of memory loss, Gu Meng finds herself falling in love repeatedly with her nemesis, enduring his domineering and unacceptable behavior.

What sets this version apart is Gu Meng’s intelligence and strategic planning, engaging in a back-and-forth with Hongye that keeps viewers on the edge of their seats. The actors deliver a mesmerizing performance, portraying the thin line between love and hate with intense chemistry.

While the plot has its twists and turns, the real highlight is Li Jiulin’s dark and complex portrayal of Hongye. His magnetic presence, amorous gaze, and sculpted physique add layers to the character, making him both cruel and oddly vulnerable. The steamy interactions between Hongye and the conflicted Gu Meng, who loves to hate him, elicit mixed emotions.

The tale explores the blurred boundaries between love and hate, and though it comes with health warnings about outdated gender norms and inappropriate behavior, it remains a thrilling and satisfying romance.

In the realm of guilty pleasures, this drama stands out with its classic dark and thrilling romance. Despite its flaws and the mix of tropes that might normally be despised, Circle of Love manages to captivate and entertain, offering a vicarious escape with the air conditioning on high and a glass of wine in hand.

This mini-series, despite its flaws, is a well-crafted story that navigates through the complexities of revenge, abuse, and manipulation. The daughter of an influential family seeks vengeance against her fiancé, but a twist of fate leads to memory loss, throwing her back into the arms of the now powerful and ruthless Governor.

While the male lead’s actions may be abhorrent, the story remains logical and well-written, with the female lead, Gu Meng, proving to be a resilient and formidable character.

Both lead actors shine in their roles, bringing intensity and emotion to the show. The drama’s budget is evident in the surprising quality of the OST and the attention to costume changes.

Despite a slightly fumbled ending, the overall logical progression of events and strong character motivations lead to a solid rating of 8. Forget the last two minutes, and enjoy the captivating journey through a well-executed tale of love and revenge.

Circle of Love Chinese Drama Cast

Li Jiu Lin as Xiao Hong Ye

Guan Chang as Gu Meng

Yuan Zi Ming as Zhou Zi Chen

Wu Luo Han as Zhou Jiao Jiao


My Verdict

Overall, Circle of Love is a well-made Chinese short drama: writing, cinematography, music, acting – everything is top-notch. It’s not realistic or woke but it is a drama-filled drama created for our viewing pleasure. Having said that, it delivers as promised and I recommend it for you to watch. My rating is 8/10.

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