Exclusive Fairytale Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Exclusive Fairytale is a Chinese high school drama that has an extraordinary storyline, mostly a love story, but also has many scenes where I laughed out loud.


Drama Details

Title: Exclusive Fairytale (锁爱三生)
Episodes: 24
Release Date: Jul 27, 2023
Genres: Romance, Youth, Family
Country: China
Original Network: iQiyi
Available On: iQiyi

Exclusive Fairytale Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Once upon a time, in a small town, there lived two inseparable childhood friends named Ling Chao and Xiao Tu. Their bond was special, and they embarked on a heartwarming journey through the ups and downs of youth, sharing both joyous and sorrowful experiences.

From a young age, Ling Chao sensed that his mother had a preference for daughters. Interestingly, their neighbors had a daughter named Xiao Tu, who happened to be the same age as him.

Ling Chao eventually became Xiao Tu’s god-brother, and as they grew up together, they engaged in friendly competition, with Ling Chao always striving for perfection in everything he did. Despite being the smartest child in kindergarten with a high IQ, his achievements didn’t quite match up to Xiao Tu in his mother’s eyes.

Facing a lack of affection from his father, Ling Chao developed a sensitive, independent, and precocious personality. In this journey called life, Xiao Tu remained his constant companion and his only true friend.

Ling Chao soon realized that he couldn’t imagine his life without Xiao Tu; unexpectedly, he had fallen deeply in love with her. However, he kept his feelings hidden, never daring to admit the love that blossomed in his heart for his childhood companion.


Exclusive Fairytale Chinese Drama Ending Explained

The ending of “Exclusive Fairytale” is a happily-ever-after story, and here’s a breakdown of how everything wraps up.

First off, Yin Zihan, Xiao Tu’s high school classmate, rises to fame as a celebrity. Initially hesitant, Zihan finds encouragement from Xiao Tu, his first love, and they maintain a strong friendship. In the last episode, they collaborate on a significant project, with Zihan willingly sacrificing his busy schedule to be interviewed by Xiao Tu.

Moving on to the main couple, Ling Chao and Xiao Tu tie the knot in the final episode. The transition from childhood to marriage is beautifully portrayed, revealing previously hidden romantic moments. Despite Ling Chao’s seemingly indifferent exterior, he proves to be incredibly caring. It’s unveiled that Ling Chao harbored feelings for Xiao Tu all along, and he even confesses this to Xiao Tu’s father when caught secretly dating her.

The supporting characters also get their fair share of happiness. Jia Siwen and Jiang Juanjuan, who had separated, officially reunite towards the end of the series. Yin Zihan, now a busy idol, willingly assists his friends whenever they need help. Additionally, Xu Linglong, who had a longtime crush on Ling Chao, gives up her friendship with Xiao Tu to be with him.

The final scene introduces us to Ling Chao and Xiao Tu’s son, who describes Ling Chao as a warm and enthusiastic father. Ling Chao’s parenting style, allowing his child to watch cartoons and being actively involved in their growth, contributes to him being the dream father for the family.

Moreover, all characters successfully achieve their dreams. Xiao Tu, initially underestimated due to her grades, makes it to Yunhai University, interns at a big company, and eventually secures a job after overcoming various challenges. Ling Chao also has a promising future, inviting his college friends to join the company where he works. The narrative doesn’t shy away from portraying Ling Chao’s imperfections, showcasing his failures at work, but he perseveres without giving up.

The light and engaging romance in “Exclusive Fairy Tale” keeps viewers captivated from the beginning to the end, avoiding any dull moments. The Chinese drama concludes on a satisfying note, exceeding audience expectations by beautifully depicting the fates of all the characters.

Exclusive Fairytale Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Exclusive Fairytale Chinese Drama Review

If you’re in the mood for something light and amusing, this series is an excellent choice. It provides a delightful break from intense dramas and stressful plots, delivering a charming tale of childhood friends realizing their love for each other.

Miaoyi and Jun delivered standout performances! Tutu’s character, portrayed with humor, cheerfulness, and optimism, was an absolute delight. Chao’s caring nature, hidden beneath his serious exterior, provided a perfect balance. The chemistry between the two protagonists made their evolving relationship genuinely captivating.

The skinship and kiss scenes had my best friend and me rolling on the floor with excitement. As a Miaoyi fan, witnessing her shine as the female lead alongside Jun, whom I’ve come across in some SVT MVs, was truly fantastic.

While the plot was enjoyable, there were a few minor hiccups:

Firstly, the voiceover for Jun sometimes felt disconnected from his actions. This mismatch affected the character’s overall vibe, making him seem a bit odd. Improved synchronization could have made a significant difference.

Secondly, the makeup in certain scenes seemed off, especially around the actors’ necks. It’s a small detail, but it is quite noticeable.

Now, onto more significant observations:

The series could have benefited from deeper character arcs. Although the story was good and the plot intriguing, the characters needed more three-dimensional personalities. True attachment to characters occurs when the audience feels like they are living through them, experiencing their passions, dreams, fears, and hopes. Miaoyi and Jun’s acting was commendable, but the narrative didn’t provide enough room for their characters to grow and reveal their true selves.

Unfortunately, the series didn’t delve deeply into the friendship aspect. While the camaraderie among the friends was enjoyable to watch, it was challenging to form a strong attachment to them without delving further into their personalities. We felt like distant observers, watching their interactions from afar.

Moreover, the school setting wasn’t well-explored, and time seemed to fly by without clear indications of the passing years. The focus predominantly lies on the evolving romantic relationship between the two leads, somewhat neglecting the school background.

Regarding the second couple, their initially cute story took a disappointing turn due to communication issues. Spending more time communicating their feelings rather than making decisions without hearing the other side would have been more satisfying.

Numerous guys fell in love with Tutu. While Tutu’s character is cute and lovable, the story doesn’t require so many guys falling for her just to trigger Ling Chao’s emotions.

Additional characters weren’t necessary to showcase Chao’s love for her. If they didn’t know what to do with some episodes, focusing on their college studies or internships and how they supported each other would have been a suitable alternative.

Exclusive Fairytale Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Zhang Miao Yi as Xiao Tu

Jun as Ling Chao

Support Role

Zhao Lu as Jiang Juan Juan

Hao Zhu Yu as Jia Si Wen

Xiong Ao Bo as Yin Zi Han

Cheryn Lin as Xu Ling Long

Tan Jia Tai as Zhu Wen Yu

Wu Luo Han as Yin Xin Lan

Cheng Yu Feng as Zhou Xing Yu

Cen Ming as Jiang Hu

And More


My Verdict

In conclusion, it’s a good watch, especially if you’re seeking something lighthearted and amusing. Despite a few areas that could have been enhanced, there are plenty of humorous and romantic moments to savor. Here’s hoping we’ll get to witness Miaoyi and Jun’s exceptional chemistry in another drama soon. My rating for Exclusive Fairytale Chinese drama review is 9/10.

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