Our Interpreter Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Our Interpreter is a Chinese drama that simply sticks to the familiar theme of a rekindled love story between exes. See the full review below:


Drama Details

Title: Our Interpreter (我们的翻译官)
Episodes: 36
Release Date: January 8, 2024
Genres: Business, Romance, Life, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV
Available On: Viki and iQiyi

Our Interpreter Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Lin Xi, known affectionately as the “wizard” in the translation industry, finds herself reunited with her ex-boyfriend Xiao Yi Cheng. Their paths diverged eight years ago when she decided to end their relationship to fulfill her mother’s wish for her to pursue a career as a professional interpreter for the United Nations.

Fast forward eight years, Lin Xi has ascended to become the youngest chief interpreter at Huasheng, while Xiao Yi Cheng has carved out a successful role as the chief technology officer of a communications company, presenting him as a potential client for Lin Xi.

Despite their past, Lin Xi must engage with Xiao Yi Cheng to secure a contract with him. She aids his company in going public, and although it initially appears that Xiao Yi Cheng is seeking revenge, in reality, he finds it difficult to harbor ill feelings towards Lin Xi.

As they collaborate on work, their professional relationship reignites the sparks of their passion, and Xiao Yi Cheng gradually comprehends the rationale behind Lin Xi’s decision to part ways years ago. Together, they fervently work towards realizing their shared dream of “speaking for the country.”


Our Interpreter Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Our Interpreter Chinese drama has a happy ending. In the final episode of the drama, Yicheng drives Lin Xi home and surprises her with a household register. Expressing his desire to marry her soon, Yicheng doesn’t want to wait any longer.

However, Lin Xi receives a tempting job offer in the United States, throwing a twist into their plans. Initially sad, Yicheng encourages Lin Xi to follow her passion, and to everyone’s surprise, he decides to accompany her.

Fast forward one month, Cheng Yao and Tong Xin are now officially a couple, and they share a heartfelt moment on their way home. Cheng Yao opens up about his feelings for Tong Xin, and she feels a sense of assurance in their relationship.

The narrative then shifts to a joyous wedding scene featuring Shasha and Wei Tian. Shasha’s parents have finally accepted their relationship, and the entire family is united in celebration. However, Lin Xi is notably absent.

After the wedding, Lin Xi video calls Shasha from Geneva, where she has accepted the job offer. Her family members are delighted to see her, and to everyone’s surprise, Yicheng is right there with her.

In a touching moment, Lin Xi and Yicheng sit on a bench by the sea, reminiscing about old times. Yicheng fondly recalls the first time he saw Lin Xi, during a snowy day by the sea. He was captivated by her optimistic nature. Lin Xi reassures him that she will always choose him. As they share a passionate kiss, the drama comes to a heartwarming conclusion.

Our Interpreter Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Our Interpreter Chinese Drama Review

The show doesn’t exactly bring a groundbreaking storyline to the table, sticking to the familiar theme of romance rekindling between exes. However, the chemistry between the lead characters is quite commendable and serves as the driving force, making the viewing experience enjoyable.

Initially, the Female Lead might not come across as likable, exhibiting a cold and prideful demeanor. The Male Lead, starting off as a resentful individual still harboring feelings from their past breakup, gradually transforms into someone who goes to great lengths to win her back. Despite her attempts to push him away, the Male Lead persistently pursues her and eventually succeeds.

Throughout their relationship arc, it seems like the Male Lead invests more effort than the Female Lead. Despite this, their connection is built on a foundation of trust, respect, and love, with misunderstandings being resolved promptly and minimal unnecessary arguments.

The entire cast, including both leads and supporting characters, delivers strong performances in their respective roles.

Some viewers criticize the Female Lead, but it becomes understandable when considering the main conflict centered around her challenging personality. Her struggles with anxiety and self-esteem stem from family relationships, shaping her character. As the story progresses, she undergoes significant growth, making the narrative more engaging.

Post-episode 19, her character becomes more intriguing as she evolves based on her experiences. The Male Lead’s unwavering support stems from recognizing her inherent goodness, despite her initial shortcomings as a girlfriend.

In real life, individuals resembling the Female Lead exist—demanding and challenging, yet partners tolerate them due to unseen qualities. Although she lacks empathy initially, her growth is expected, and her imperfections make her character relatable.

The show remains watchable, despite some issues with plot and character development. Chen Xing Xu, portraying the Male Lead, stands out as a skilled actor, adding charm and watchability to the scenes. The weakness lies in some unconvincing storylines, saved by the strong performances.

Our Interpreter Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Victoria Song as Lin Xi

Chen Xing Xu as Xiao Yi Cheng

Support Role

Fei Qi Ming as Cheng Yao

Wang Sen as Wei Tian

Lin Zi Lu as Tan Sha Sha

Yu Sha Sha as Tong Xin

Wu Yan Shu as Li Qiu Yi

Bi Yan Jun as Gao He Nian

Ren Zheng Bin as Lin Da Yong

Yu Hui as Gao Wen Li

Rong Rong as Gao Ling

Fu Jia as Zhao Da Mao

Ma Li as Chen Wen

Qin Bo Kun as Zhang Jia Kang

Eric Zhang as Peter

Chen Yi Jing as Chen Xiao

And More


My Verdict

In conclusion, Our Interpreter is a watchable Chinese drama, but if you can’t tolerate an unreasonable and unempathetic female lead, it’s best to skip it. My rating for Our Interpreter Chinese drama is 8/10.

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