10 Best Hate to Love Relationship Chinese Dramas to Watch Now

Hate to love relationship is a popular trope in storytelling, included in several Chinese dramas. It takes place where two characters initially have strong negative feelings towards each other but end up developing romantic feelings.

The development from hatred or hostility to love is a central theme in the narrative, often resulting in complex and emotional relationships.

In the beginning, characters may clash for various reasons such as misunderstandings, differences in personalities or backgrounds, conflicting goals, or past grievances.

They may engage in heated arguments, engage in pranks or schemes against each other, or simply try to avoid feeling affection for each other.

It often starts when the male lead first likes the female lead. But when a misunderstanding is uncovered, the two fall in love.

So, for those of you who are looking for Chinese dramas that turn enemies into lovers, here are some popular Chinese dramas that are famous for their extraordinary love-hate narratives:


Best Hate to Love and Enemies to Lovers Relationship Chinese Dramas List


1. My Uncanny Destiny

Hate to Love and Enemies to Lovers Relationship Chinese Dramas

My Uncanny Destiny is one of the newest Chinese dramas where enemies to lovers. It is set in the two cities of Mu Xi and Xuanyue which have been at war with each other for generations and have always tried to conquer each other.

The old city owner Mu Xi only had one daughter, Ye Zhaonan, whose gender he secretly hid so that he could inherit her one day.

From an early age, Zhaonan always disguised himself as a boy, until one day when Ye Zhaonan fell off a cliff and met Liu Xuanming, the lord of Xuanyue City, and embarked on a beautiful destiny.

The series was released in 2023 with 24 episodes. You can watch this Chinese historical drama on Amazon Prime Video.


2. Lighter & Princess

Hate to Love and Enemies to Lovers Relationship Chinese Dramas

Li Xun is a cool and calculating guy skilled in computer programming who got special admission into college.

To others, he may appear aloof and distant at times, but this is mainly due to his worldview: He sees life as one big, powerful computer program, and is only comfortable when he is in control of what is going on.

He knows nothing about love and thinks of it as an emotion that is possibly beyond his understanding.

Meanwhile, Zhu Yun is a clean and innocent young woman who has just started her college life after doing everything expected of her parents and society to the best of her ability.

When he met Li Xun, he felt conflicted and considered each other enemies. She worries that he is a disturbing influence and a possible troublemaker, but somehow still feels drawn to her.

Although they appear to be bickering at first, they start to value their time together. But when a life-altering incident threatens to tear them apart – just as romance begins to blossom – their affection will be put to the ultimate test.

This is one of the best hate to love relationship Chinese dramas. It was released in 2022 with 36 episodes. You can watch this Chinese drama on Netflix. This tv show stars Chen Fei Yu and Zhang Jing Yi.


3. Skate Into Love

It tells the story of Li Yu Bing, a cowardly and cowardly man who had to endure constant bullying from seatmate Tang Xue during elementary school.

Even so, they share one thing in common, a dream on ice. When they meet again at Lin Da University, Li Yu Bing has become the school’s ice god while Tang Xue’s future is still hazy.

Li Yu Bing turned Tang Xue into a dependent on him in order to get payback for everything she did in the past. But the more time they spent together, the more Li Yu Bing noticed Tang Xue’s good qualities.

Skate Into Love is a Chinese drama where the male lead hates the female lead first. The series was released in 2020 with 40 episodes and is available on Viki.


4. Mr. Bad

Hate to Love and Enemies to Lovers Relationship Chinese Dramas

The series’ storyline follows the story of Nan Xing, an online novelist whose main character is based on his idol, Lu Zi Chen. The main antagonist is Xiao Wu Di, a cunning and manipulative martial artist.

One day, Nan Xing makes a wish for “unforgettable love” at the fairy pool. To his surprise, Xiao Wu Di, the villain in his story, suddenly appeared before him.

He then tried to avoid it, but Xiao Wu Di found him and threatened him to take care of him. Unfortunately for him, Nan Xing’s wish comes with a special power: whenever he needs help, Xiao Wu Di teleports beside him to fulfill his wish.

This tv show stars Chen Zhe Yuan and Shen Yue. It was released in 2022 with 24 episodes. You can watch one of the best hate to love relationship Chinese dramas on iQiyi.

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5. My Unicorn Girl

Sang Tian is an aspiring female figure skater. The day she turned 18, she swore to her family that she would be accepted at the same university her mother had attended.

In order to enter, she must pass a test, which she – a highly competent skater and student – hopes to succeed in. However, things don’t go as planned for Sang Tian and he fails the test.

Undaunted, Sang Tian decides not to give up, and in desperation, he dresses up as a male ice hockey player and joins in a tryout match for the college team. He suddenly shines and is selected as part of the men’s ice hockey program.

Things get even more complicated for her when she realizes that Wen Bing, a young man she had clashed with in the past, is also part of the team. To make matters worse, she finds she must share a dorm with him, and struggles to keep her true identity a secret.

On the ice, Sang Tian and Wen Bing prove to be the catalysts for their team’s newfound success, and the team finds itself with a shot at becoming a champion.

As the two students get to know each other, they develop a mutual respect for one another… but could it turn into love one day?

This Enemies to lovers C-drama was released in 2020. It has 24 episodes and you can watch it on Viki. This tv show stars Darren Chen and Sabrina Chen.


6. Till the End of the Moon

Hate to Love and Enemies to Lovers Relationship Chinese Dramas

Till the End of the Moon is a Chinese Wuxia drama that tells the story of an era when demons ruled over both cultivators and humans. Back then, the cultivator elders believed that it was imperative to send someone back in time to find the devil king’s origins and prevent his awakening.

Li Su Su, a strong woman accepts the mission and takes on the identity of the mortal Ye Xi Wu, the second daughter of General Ye. She would marry Tantai Jin, the captive prince and future demon lord, and was determined to destroy him, knowing that in the future he would slaughter countless people.

But as witnesses to Tantai Jin’s past life and rise to power, an unexpected story emerges, complicating his quest. He then begins to fall in love with her and wants to help her lose herself.

This is one of the best hate to love relationship Chinese dramas you can watch on Netflix. It was released in 2023 with 40 episodes. This tv show stars Luo Yun Xi and Bai Lu.

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7. The Long Ballad

The series is set in 626 AD, during which time the kingdom and political center of Chang’an were shaken to their core by the Xuanwu Gate Incident, a successful palace coup to take over the Tang Dynasty.

At that time a cunning prince caused a bloody coup and killed Li Chang Ge’s family during a raid, though he managed to escape. Now the prince has installed himself on the throne of the Empire and reigns as Emperor Tai Zong.

The escaped Li Chang Ge is determined to take revenge – and raise a powerful army to overthrow the new Emperor. But his plans fall apart when he suffers an unexpected defeat against the army of the Eastern Turkic Khaganate.

The victorious general, Ashile Sun, decides to keep him in service, establishing him as a military strategist when he wants to pursue his own military goals.

The duo forms a formidable military partnership. And over time, she finds herself falling in love with her captor – because she too begins to develop feelings for him.

This enemies-to-lovers Chinese drama was released in 2021 with 49 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix. This tv show stars Dilraba Dilmurat, Leo Wu, Zhao Lu Si, Liu Yu Ning, and Alen Fang


8. My Love, Enlighten Me

Hate to Love and Enemies to Lovers Relationship Chinese Dramas

It tells the story of Nuan Nuan, a hopeful and kind-hearted 22-year-old pop star who is forced to change herself after the girl group she is a member of disbands on the eve of her debut.

Last night, his dreams came to a halt as he was confronted with the harsh reality of his situation. Meanwhile, she doesn’t give up and struggles in her search for a post-pop career and meets a man named Han Che.

Han Che is a successful sound and light engineer who also happens to have an impeccable memory and a cold personality.

However, despite his excellent memory, Han Che misremembered something very important, which made his relationship with Nuan Nuan sour.

Despite their often adversarial relationship, Han Che and Nuan Nuan find themselves growing closer to one another.

The series was released in 2020 with 24 episodes. You can watch one of these hate to love Chinese dramas on Viki.


9. Sassy Beauty

The show’s storyline follows beauty blogger Si Yan who mistakenly enters the VR system of an old Chinese style beauty game. Much to her surprise, she was assigned the role of a low-level make-up maid. Don’t they know who he is?!

With superb make-up skills, solid product knowledge, and impeccable technique, Si Yan soon becomes a successful online influencer. His charming demeanor easily wins the hearts of his female audience.

Now fully embedded in the past, she realizes that behind these pretty faces hide the same happy or painful stories she left behind in the modern world.

And there Si Yan sticks to his game plan, focusing only on his business strategy, making for a somewhat miserable love life. She refuses to compromise for any man.

But this ancient world gave her an embarrassing fortune in the variety of men she met. Everything is so tempting and will he open his heart and give love at the same time? The series was released in 2022 with 24 episodes. You can watch it on iQiyi.


10. Believe in Love

Hate to Love and Enemies to Lovers Relationship Chinese Dramas

Lu Yue Er is a cute 17-year-old city girl who is hardworking, brave, and kind. He is also optimistic, responsible and easy-going. He has firm principles, which he is not afraid to suffer from, and is as tenacious as a ‘weed’.

Meanwhile, Hua Yi Nan is a handsome 20-year-old Master Huajian. Although popular among the people, he has a hidden dark side.

On a small island with good food and civilization, the owner of a noodle restaurant, Lu Yue Er, has been bullied by her stepmother since she was young, but she still maintains a positive and optimistic attitude and treats others well.

But he didn’t expect that Hua Yi Nan, who was pursuing him, actually had such a strong goal: his parents’ wish was that Hua Yi Nan must marry Lu Yue Er before inheriting the island.

After learning that she had been taken advantage of by Hua Yi Nan, Lu Yue Er chose to believe in Hua Yi Nan and continued to live with her. In the end, with the help of others, Hua Yi Nan finally found out that the person she loved was Lu Yue Er.

One of the best Love to hate relationship Chinese dramas is released in 2022. It has 24 episodes and is available on Viki.

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That was the list of the best Chinese dramas with hate to love that you must watch. The hate-love trope provides a satisfying arc for viewers as they watch the characters grow, overcome their differences and find love amidst initial animosity.

It explores the complexity of human emotion, the power of forgiveness and understanding, and the transformative nature of love. Of course, it will make you light watching it. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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