Believe in Love Chinese Drama Review (Time Goes By)

Initially, I found this Chinese drama on youtube with the title Time Goes By. After digging deeper, it turns out that the original title is Believe in Love, a 2022 drama.

This is the third drama after Royal Nirvana and The Centimeter of Love that I found on youtube with a different title. Well, based on what I’ve watched so far, I’ll give you my first impression of Believe in Love’s review below.

Believe in Love Chinese Drama Review

Drama Details

Title: Believe in Love ( 花间新娘 )
Episodes: 24
Release Date: May 25, 2022
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Viki, Youtube


Synopsis and Plot Summary

Tells the story of Hua Yinan and Lu Yue’er who were lovers in their previous lives as General Mu Yuan and Xiao Man. Mu Yuan dies and Xiao Man dies trying to save him.

Thousands of years later, Lu Yue Er, a 17 year old city girl who is cute, hardworking, brave, and kind. He is also optimistic, responsible, and easy-going. Yue Er had strong principles, which made her not afraid of suffering.

Hua Yi Nan is a handsome 20 year old Huajian Master. Although popular with people, he has a hidden dark side.

On a small island with good food and civilization, the owner of a noodle restaurant, Lu Yue Er, has been bullied by her stepmother since she was a child, but she still maintains a positive and optimistic attitude and treats others well.

Due to family reasons and pursuit of Hua Yi Nan, the owner of Hua Jian Island, he is confused and marries Hua Yi Nan. But he didn’t expect that Hua Yi Nan, who was after him, actually had such a strong goal: his parents’ wish was for Hua Yi Nan to marry Lu Yue Er before inheriting the island.

After finding out that she had been used by Hua Yi Nan, Lu Yue Er chose to believe in Hua Yi Nan and continued to live with her. In the end, with the help of others, Hua Yi Nan finally found out that the person she loved was Lu Yue Er.


Believe in Love Review

Believe in Love is part xianxia, ​​part non-xianxia drama. The xianxia element is not spoken throughout the story, as most of the characters are normal humans living ordinary lives, until towards the end when some xianxia elements are revealed.

This is another story about cooking and food. Despite the tag that says “comedy”, there’s very little comedy here or comedy that doesn’t make people laugh. Nonetheless, it’s a light watch that’s pleasant enough with some “anxiety” for some viewers.

The whole cast is new to me including the main character. Huang Shengchi is handsome and although he has acted in many dramas, this is my first drama about him. Her portrayal of Hua Yinan is convincing with her gentle demeanor and tender romance towards her love.

Zheng He Hui Zi, and his depiction here are as convincing as the naive Lu Yue’er or the arrogant Tang Yingying. Her outfit is somewhat unconventional with exposed shoulders, accentuating her narrow body, making her look like a little girl. Their togetherness dynamic is sweet and authentic with lots of intimate scenes.

The antagonists are vile and hateful, and Xiao Kaizhong’s portrayal is very convincing. The second couple, Su Tang (Zhu Rong Jun) and Du Ruo (Hou Dong), are quite fun to watch, and their stepmother and stepsisters are so terrible that you want to slap them. These supporting actors are great in their respective roles.

Believe in Love Review

Believe in Love Cast ( Time Goes By Chinese Drama)

Main Role

Huang Sheng Chi as Hua Yi Nan / General Mu Yuan

Zheng He Hui Zi as Lu Yue Er / Xiao Man / Tang Ying Ying

Zhu Rong Jun as Su Tang

Xiao Kai Zhong as Song Yan / Xuan Wang

Support Role

Hou Dong as Du Ruo

Ma Xin Yu as Hua Yu Man

Li Ming Yuan as Gu Xin Zhu

Zhang Xin Lei as Man Hua

Shang Guan Tong as Du Gui Yun

Shen Yang as Yu Feng

Zhou Yu Yao as Dou Zhao Cai

Bai Li Wei as Nan Ze

Zhao Xue as Mei Po

Du Juan as Xiao Shen


My Verdict

This drama isn’t that great nor is it too bad. It’s easy to watch although it can be a little slow as there is a long-running romance drama that may welcome some romance fans, but is boring for others.

The last episode turns into a love triangle with a xianxia fight with superpowers. The ending has several plot holes and unanswered questions. It’s kind of weird. Overall, watch it for light entertainment, and don’t get too hung up on the details.

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