Royal Nirvana Synopsis, Review, and Cast (Royal Intrigue Cdrama)

Royal Nirvana (鹤唳华亭) is a costume drama that has 60 episodes. This takes a long time to complete. However, deciding to give it a try was not something wrong.

So, how do I find it? Well, based on what I’ve watched so far, I can only give my first impression for this review of Royal Nirvana. Let me tell you the reason below.

Royal Nirvana

Details of Royal Nirvana

Details of Chinese drama Royal Intrigue

Drama: Royal Nirvana
Country: China
Episodes: 60
Genre: Historical, Psychological, Romantic, Family, Politics
Released : 12 Nov 2019
Available on: Youku, Amazon prime
Duration: 45 minutes.
Also Known As: He Li Hua Ting, Royal Intrigue
Director: Vincent Yang, Chen Wen Yong

The Main Cast

Royal Intrigue Chinese Drama Cast

Luo Jin as Xiao Ding Quan
Li Yi Tong as Lu Wen Xi

Support Role

Huang Zhi Zhong as Emperor Xiao Jian
Roy Liu De Kai as General Gu Si Lin
Jin Han as Xiao Ding Tang
Xin Peng as Xiao Ding Kai
Pu Miao as Consort Zhao
Wang Jin Song as Lu Shi Yu
Zhang Zhi Jian as Li Bai Zhou
Qiu Xin Zhi as Lu Ying
Zheng Ye Cheng as Gu Feng En


Royal Nirvana Synopsis

Royal Nirvana Synopsis (Royal Intrigue Chinese Drama Synopsis)

The story centers on the Crown Prince of Northern Qi is a young man with enemies in the palace. Even though he is the designated heir to the throne, he must face obstacles and be wary of succession threats from his half-brother backed by powerful court officials.

As he tries to thwart their plans and launch a counterattack, he is also at the mercy of his father who is the Emperor. His father also played politics by pitting one camp against another to maintain his grip on power.

As a result, the Crown Prince often felt that his father liked his half-brother more than him which made him feel sad. His insecurities are exacerbated when those close to him are targeted and forced to leave him.

The Crown Prince met Wen Xi when his father was called to serve in the palace. But when his father and brother become victims, he sneaks into the palace as a servant to investigate. This puts him on the path of the Crown Prince and they fall in love.

Will the Crown Prince be able to defeat all his enemies? How will her relationship with her father end? What will happen to his relationship with Wen Xi?


Royal Intrigue Chinese Drama

Royal Nirvana | Royal Intrigue Chinese Drama Review

This drama is very melancholic from the start. It is very gloomy with cloudy skies and heavy snow. Coupled with the deplorable circumstances surrounding the main character, the whole story will just feel tragic.

The Crown Prince is a lonely young man who fights for some people close to him not to become a victim and leave him alone in the palace.

The more he wanted to prevent some people from leaving, the more his weaknesses were exposed. He becomes emotionally vulnerable and has to make concessions when he asks his father for help.

He feels unloved by his own father who considers him weak and tends to practice favoritism when he really misses his acknowledgment. So, this was a very sad Crown Prince who cried a lot and that set the tone for Royal Nirvana.

If you like drama with emotion, sadness, and bitterness, then you might like Royal Intrigue.

In this drama the female lead tends to be intimidated at first, but you’ll also get enough emotion to make it less depressing to watch.

In addition, this drama also presents a very complicated palace intrigue plot. There are examples of pitfalls in traps and deception which are quite detailed.

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