The Centimeter of Love Review (The Bitterness of Love)

At first, I found this Chinese drama on youtube with the title The Bitterness of Love. After digging deeper, it turns out that the original title is The Centimeter of Love.

Well, based on what I’ve watched so far, I’ll give my first impression of The Centimeter of Love review. Let me tell you the reason below.

The Centimeter of Love Review

Drama Details

Title: The Centimeter of Love ( 爱的厘米 )
Also Known: The Bitterness of Love
Episodes: 46
Release Date:  November 16, 2020
Genres: Romance, Life, Drama, Medical
Country: China
Original Network: Hunan TV


Synopsis and Plot Summary

It tells the story of Xu Qing Feng, a handsome Doctor from Yanxi Hospital, and a senior female airline pilot Guan Yu Qing. Both are highly skilled and highly paid professionals who have to cope with a difficult home life.

Their parents had unrealistic demands and put relentless pressure on them. Their way of escaping is to work harder and longer so that they are as far away from home as possible.

Everything changes when they meet and fall in love. They then realize that they no longer have to face their problems as individuals but can overcome them together.

This does not mean an easy journey to happiness as both families are against their relationship. Can their love and determination overcome the many obstacles that are in front of them?


The Centimeter of Love | The Bitterness of Love Review

I think this is good because, in my opinion, the plot of the story is not bad. Three different families, their struggles, and their relationships bring a dynamic picture of life. In this family, it shows what is right and wrong with parents, and upbringing.

Despite having the most frustrating and despicable side characters, it really opens the mind of some cultures and how these things can be accepted. So, it helps some people to draw the line and say, no, not in my life.

The cast did an excellent job. You hate them, their acting is really good. You love them, they do a great job. That’s how your feelings fluctuate throughout.

Throughout the story, as families connect, disconnect, and bond, beautiful relationships develop. The prospects are good. Their chemistry is the real thing, so, there’s no shame in a passionate kiss. It’s really a big difference when actors mature.

This is the best part. They wrapped everything up beautifully. Don’t we all want that after investing so much time? The last episode was so well done that you forget that you wanted to throw your device away so many times because of some people.

The ending is totally worth it. I’m just saying I won’t be rewatching it because there’s too much to watch and it’s 46 episodes long. The main scene though after watching the wide-eyed woman with lips covering the drama is definitely a must return to.

The Bitterness of Love Chinese Drama Review

The Cast of The Centimeter of Love (The Bitterness of Love Chinese Drama)

Main Role

Tong Li Ya as Guan Yu Qing

Tong Da Wei as Xu Qing Feng

Support Role

Tan Jian Ci as Guan Zhen Lei

Jiang Yan as Lin Jie

Xu Di as Xu Xiu Lan

Han Tong Sheng as Guan Yong Nian

Zuo Xiao Qing as Guan Duo Yun

Tu Song Yan as Chen Zhi Jun

Zheng He Hui Zi as Li Bei

Zhang Dou Dou as Wang Can

Guo Jia Ming as Zhang Ran

Ren Zheng Bin as Li Ai Guo

Cheng Yong as Gao Jian Zhen

Run Chen as Sun Xiao Bai

Hu Ke as Zhao Mei

Xu Nan Nan as Lan Xiao Xiao


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

How many episode does centimeter of love have?

46 Episodes.

Where can I watch the CM of love?

Prime Video and Youtube. Youtube, you can find it with the title The Bitterness of Love. (watch youtube)


My Verdict

In my opinion, The Centimeter of Love is worth watching. I’m just saying I won’t rewatch it because it’s too much to watch and also a waste of time with 46 episodes. Overall this is a romantic drama with a simple plot, the advantage lies in the main characters who manage to explore their respective characters.

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