Well Dominated Love Review (Romance with My Boss Chinese Drama)

Well Dominated Love is a Chinese drama that tells about a rom-com romance between a boss and his secretary. This is one of the very popular dramas and several Youtube accounts have uploaded it under a different title, namely “Drama Romance with My Boss”.

I probably don’t really care about that, we’re just letting you know that the original title was Well Dominated Love. Here we will also review Well Dominated Love and why you should watch it!


Drama Details

Title: Well Dominated Love ( 奈何BOSS又如何 )
Episodes: 24
Release Date: Jun 10, 2020
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Mango TV
Available On: Prime Video, MGTV

Well Dominated Love Chinese Drama Review

Romance With My Boss Drama Synopsis and Plot Summary

Romance with My Boss Drama storyline tells about the romance between a picky CEO and his temporary special assistant. Jing Zhi is the President of the conglomerate Bojue Group. He is a mild obsessive-compulsive, demanding man who likes things a certain way.

He also suffers from memory loss from events that happened 5 years ago. One day he meets Xing Chen who works for Yuan Fang and thinks he is capable and smart. He also seemed to have an extraordinary ability to find out about Jing Zhi’s personal matters.

An impressed Jing Zhi tries to persuade Xing Chen to work for him at the Bojue Group. Despite the high salary, but Xing Chen refused to move from Yuanda.

This then led Jing Zhi to buy Yuanda’s company and now he is free to manage Yuanda’s employees, including Xing Chen who was forced to become Jing Zhi’s main secretary.

As time passed, and they were always together, Jing Zhi and Nie Xing Chen began to fall in love with each other until they ran into each other’s problems. Jing Zhi is increasingly convinced that Xing Chen is connected to his past due to some things.


Well-Dominated Love Ending

Well Dominated Love has a happy ending. In the last episode, 3 couples end up together and Jing Zhi marries Xing Chen. In fact, the last part of Episode 23 featured footage from their wedding ceremony.

That should be what fans want because they get to see more happy moments. Most romance dramas tend to rush the wedding scene but this drama is perfect.

At the end of Episode 24, viewers are taken to see how the couple is doing after a year. Zi Yu and Tong Xin are married and she is pregnant. Jing Zhi and Xing Chen already had a son and now Xing Chen was more focused on being a housewife to take care of the baby for a while. Jing Zhi was the one who did his work in the office.

Well Dominated Love Review

Well Dominated Love Review (Romance With My Boss drama Review)

If I judged this rom-com based solely on its simple plot and story development, I would probably say that this drama is not that great. But more than that, I’d say it’s worth watching.

Do I like this drama? Possible. The story starts well, at the beginning of the drama viewers will immediately realize that Jing Zhi has a problem with her memory and Xing Chen is connected to her. This prompted a lot of curiosity there about what happened to this couple 5 years ago.

However, again it is an overused storyline. There are many dramas that have such a storyline. Personally, the conditions are odd and the plot frustrating as the couple’s relationship seems to be going in circles.

One thing I like is the main cast couple who manage to portray the characters. I believe in their chemistry. A lot of dramas these days don’t have that and seem casual, but here it doesn’t, it feels real.


Well Dominated Love (Romance with My Boss Chinese Drama Cast)

Main Role

Xuan Lu as Nie Xing Chen

Zhao Zhi Wei as Yan Jing Zhi

Support Role

Wang Qian as Zhen Nian

Liu Yin Jun as Zhao Yuan Fang

Liu You Chang as Dr. Han Zi Yu

Jin Wen Xin as Tong Xin

Zhao Zheng Yang as Director Huang Tao


My Verdict

Overall, I really enjoyed it and didn’t have to miss it too much. Only 24 episodes I’ve found at this point is the perfect number of episodes. I recommend this drama for you to watch. It’s very valuable.

But of course, the simple plot is not the selling point here. Instead, this romantic drama offers comedy and great chemistry for the couple.

There aren’t many rom-com that can really make you laugh, but this one has a supporting cast that does a great job of delivering hilarious moments. Thank you for reading this review!

Romance with my boss drama how many episodes?  24 episodes.


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