10 Best Chinese Dramas with Possessive and Jealous Male Lead

Are you looking for a list of the best Chinese dramas with a possessive male lead? here we have collected them. This includes Chinese dramas with jealous male leads, obsessions with female leads, and others. Read more below!


Chinese Dramas with Possessive and Jealous Male Lead List


1. Timeless Love

Chinese Dramas with Possessive and Jealous Male Lead List

Timeless Love is the latest Chinese drama with a possessive male lead. It tells the story of Cheng Feng, a woman who owns a bookstore and is forced to give up her dream of becoming a dancer after an accident.

One day she meets Jiang Dian, a warm-hearted young man who appears cold because of the pressure from his family.

Two people who have lost their way then support each other and stay by each other’s side as they grow and heal together. The series was released in 2021 with 24 episodes. You can watch it on iQiyi.


2. Professional Single

Qin Shen is a student who dreams of becoming a sculptor. He was like a god-level existence in their school because of his cold, disciplined, and perfectionist attitude.

Even so, girls mean nothing to him and he considers dating a waste of time. Meanwhile, Yuan Qian is a girl who has a beautiful face but a stubborn personality.

He is eloquent and determined in such a way that no one can stop him once he has decided on something. However, she has a tendency to pick on other people’s flaws so much that no man can impress her. So what happens when the two meet?

You can watch this one of the best Chinese romantic dramas with a possessive male lead on Viki. It was released in 2020 and has 24 episodes.


3. Put Your Head on My Shoulder

Chinese Dramas with Possessive and Jealous Male Lead List

It tells the story of Situ Mo, a college student who used to plan his entire life for himself but is now confused about his future. He couldn’t find the courage to make a decision for himself.

Meanwhile, as the school district has merged, physics major Gu Weiyi steps into his life. They clashed repeatedly without noticing that they were slowly walking toward each other’s hearts. To their surprise, they accidentally end up having to live together.

This Chinese drama with a jealous male lead was released in 2019. It has 24 episodes and is available on Netflix. This tv show stars Lin Yi, Tang Xiao Tian, and Xing Fei.


4. Oh! My Sweet Liar!

Chinese Dramas with Possessive and Jealous Male Lead List

The storyline of the series follows Xiong Xi Ruo, a young female painter who infiltrates the family home of the powerful Li family to paint copies of treasured items.

However, her escape from the Li house goes horribly wrong and she finds her fate at the mercy of the Li family’s heir, whose name is Li Hong Bin.

On the verge of being arrested, Li Hong Bin and Xiong Xi Ruo lie with them pretending that she is carrying his child. This arrangement suited Li Hong Bin, as marriage to Xiong Xi Ruo would help him escape an arranged marriage with the daughter of the Song family.

The Li family gave their consent for Li Hong Bin and Xiong Xi Ruo to marry. But it wasn’t long before some of Song’s relatives and family started to suspect that the pregnancy was fake.

Meanwhile, as Li Hong Bin and Xiong Xi Ruo spend more time with each other, they start to develop a crush for one another.

Li Hong Bin is a very possessive and jealous character who is ready to take care of Xiong Xi Ruo wholeheartedly.

This is one of the best Chinese historical dramas with a possessive lead. It was released in 2020 with 29 episodes and is available on Viki.


5. Meteor Garden

Chinese Dramas with Possessive and Jealous Male Lead List

It tells the story of Shan Cai, an ordinary girl who gets accepted into the country’s most prestigious school. There she meets F4, an exclusive group of four of the richest and most handsome boys in the school – Dao Ming Si, Hua Ze Lei, Xi Men, and Mei Zuo.

On her first day of school, she immediately clashes with her classmates, especially the spoiled, arrogant and bully Dao Ming Si. He remains defiant even after being subjected to a series of pranks meant to torture him.

Just when he was about to give up, Hua Ze Lei always seemed to show up to help him. Eventually, the four boys started to acknowledge Shan Cai’s unyielding personality.

She also begins to see the good in boys, which paves the way for friendship and eventually romance. The possessive main character in this Chinese series is Dao Ming Si.

This tv show stars Shen Yue, Dylan Wang, Darren Chen, Caesar Wu, and Leon Leong. This drama was released in 2018 with 50 episodes and you can watch it on Netflix.


6. Well-Intended Love

Chinese Dramas with Possessive and Jealous Male Lead List

Xia Lin is a third-rate actress who has leukemia. He then becomes involved with a CEO to receive a bone marrow transplant quickly and further his career.

But they have to enter into a secret marriage to get approval for a bone marrow transplant. Despite the conspiracies and misunderstandings they had, the two managed to find true love.

This tv show stars Xu Kai Cheng and Simona Wang. It was released in 2019 with 20 episodes. You can watch one of the best Chinese dramas with this possessive lead on Netflix.


7. The Romance of Hua Rong

Chinese Dramas with Possessive and Jealous Male Lead List

Hua Rong is a woman who is about to set sail on the heroic adventure she has often dreamed of, but only to be kidnapped by the famous pirate, Qin Shang Cheng, who is ready to make her his bride, whether he wants it or not.

After many failed attempts, Hua Rong manages to escape from the island prison and its sea monsters. She then meets the young prince, Jin Yi Wen, who falls in love with her at first sight.

Meanwhile, Shang Cheng, who is equally enchanted with Rong, chases after her fast, vowing to reclaim his lost treasure.

Yuan Hao is the possessive male lead in this Chinese drama, who plays the character Qin Shang Cheng. The series was released in 2019 with 24 episodes and is available on Viki.


8. The romance of Tiger and Rose

Chen Xiao Qian is an aspiring screenwriter who after finally selling her TV series script falls under the tutelage of the male lead, who refuses to play the role.

He then vowed to make the script a success, he began rewriting it. During her nap, she is taken into her own story, becoming the Third Princess Chen Qian Qian, a side character.

Armed with knowledge of her own script where her character is about to be killed off in the third episode by Prince Han Shuo, Xiao Qian is determined to stay alive and find her way home.

The romance of Tiger and Rose is one of the best Chinese dramas with a possessive and very jealous male lead. It was released in 2020 with 24 episodes. You can watch it on Amazon Prime Video. This tv show stars Zhao Lusi, Ding Yu Xi, Zhou Zi Xin, and Sheng Ying Hao.


Note: For those below, I included this list because several people on the Reddit forum recommended it and stated that this C-drama falls into the possessive male lead category. So I decided to include it as a complement to my top 10 list!


9. Love like the galaxy

Ling Bu Yi was the adopted son of Emperor Wen and a talented & ruthless general of the Black Armored Army. He is currently on a personal mission to uncover hidden truths about the past, which has led to the massacre of the entire city and its clan.

On his way, he meets Cheng Shao Shang, a young girl who has been abandoned because her parents went to war. Neglected and uneducated, he had a thorn in his aunt and grandmother’s side until the unexpected return of his parents after years at the front.

Always lacking a loving family, Shao Shang had been looking forward to being reunited with his parents, but the years of separation were bound to cause estrangement.

Shao Shang, however, is undeterred and determined to live for himself, and his unruly and daring nature, and his intelligence, begin to attract the attention of several people in the capital, including Ling Bu Yi who has an eye on him.

You can watch this Chinese drama with an obsessive male lead on Viki. It was released in 2022 with 27 episodes. This tv show stars Leo Wu and Zhao Lu Si.


10. Love Between Fairy and Devil

Dongfang Qing Cang of the Moon Tribe gained terrifying power after killing his father, usurped the position of Moon Supreme, and led an army of 100,000 Moon Tribe soldiers on the path of destruction.

He is now an emotionless monster that endangers Shuiyuntian (eternal fairy realm), Cangyan Sea (Moon Tribe), and Yunmeng Lake (mortal world).

In order to save the world and stop Dongfang Qing Cang and his army, the first God of War Shuiyuntian destroyed his primordial spirit. Dongfang Qing Cang’s primordial army and spirit were sealed and his body was locked in the Haotian Tower under the immortal bonds of the Haotian Matrix.

However, if his primordial spirit was restored and Dongfang Qing Cang broke free from his tower, the world would be in danger once again. Legend has it that only Goddess Xishan could avert this catastrophe, but she disappeared without a trace.

30,000 years after the War God’s first sacrifice, a disturbance occurred in the Haotian Matrix. While trying to help the new God of War strengthen the Matrix, Orchid, a weak and low-ranking flower fairy, accidentally finds herself inside Haotian Tower.

He was currently facing the Moon Supreme himself. Their meeting sets off a chain of events that threatens to change the fate of the world once again. This Chinese drama was released in 2022 and has 26 episodes. You can watch it on Netflix.


That was the list of the best Chinese dramas with possessive, jealous, and obsessive male lead. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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