10 Best Chinese Dramas About Fashion Designer to Watch

Chinese dramas raise various interesting themes or topics, one of which the audience is most eagerly waiting for is about the fashion industry or fashion designer.

This Chinese series will feature the stories of people in the Fashion Industry combining romantic and business storylines. That’s one of the reasons fans are drawn to the drama of the fashion industry and the brand’s boutique business.

Not only that, this C-drama will never get bored even though the storyline is almost the same. Because every show is packed with the hottest actors, stunning cinematography, and cool trending style.

So here is a list of the top 10 Chinese series whose main characters are connected to the fashion industry!


Best Chinese Dramas About Fashion Designer List


1. My Lethal Man

Best Chinese Dramas About Fashion Designer

My Lethal Man is the latest Chinese drama with a female lead fashion designer. It tells the story of Shen Man Ning, a woman who is studying fashion in Italy.

Once he meets Zhuang Xin Yan because of an unexpected kidnapping case and she has a very similar face to him.

After Zhuang Xin Yan died, the powerful and mysterious Yan Xing Cheng forced Shen Man Ning to start his “second life” as his fiancé.

As they overcome hardships and hardships together, the two go from being enemies to slowly joining hands, learning to love and rely on one another.

You can watch this C-drama on iQiyi. It was released in 2023 with 24 episodes. This tv show stars Fan Zhi Xin and Li Mo Zhi.

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2. Love Designer

Best Chinese Dramas About Fashion Designer

Zhou Fang is a woman who works as a fashion designer. Once he had to meet Song Lin because of a lawsuit. At first, they are incompatible but are forced to work together due to the interdependence in their lives and work.

Having two stubborn people together would definitely result in conflict but in the process of competing against each other, Zhou Fang and Song Lin’s feelings developed.

Zhou Fang works hard to create a sophisticated brand while Song Lin—who prioritizes efficiency above all else—drives a breakthrough in his career

It was released in 2020 with 45 episodes. You can watch one of the best Chinese dramas about fashion designer on Viki. This tv show starred Dilraba Dilmurat and Johnny Huang.


3. Return the World to You

It tells the story of Shen Yien and his girlfriend Ye Qi Lei together setting up their own business after graduating from university. However, they must learn that the business world is competitive and cutthroat.

In the end, his rival caused Qi Lei’s “accident death”. Instead of falling apart, Shen Yien became stronger and carried the heavy burden of leading the company alone, eventually making a famous fashion brand out of it.

At the same time, he kept track of Qi Lei’s whereabouts. Actually, she didn’t die because someone saved her, but because of her serious injuries, she had to undergo plastic surgery and is now recovering overseas.

When Qi Lei returns to China to find out the truth behind his accident, he becomes the chairman of a fashion company and takes the name “Lu Zhun”.

He and Shen Yien meet again as competitors but end up falling in love again. However, things get complicated when Shen Yien’s childhood friend Qin Ye is now chasing him. Cen Wei, on the other hand, falls in love with the handsome Lu Zhun.

This Chinese drama about the fashion industry was released in 2019 and has 58 episodes. You can watch it on Viki.


4. Sunshine of My Life

Best Chinese Dramas About Fashion Designer

Tang Ming Xuan is the workaholic general manager of the highly successful Ming Yuan Fashion Group. He is a consummate professional and has decided to remain single so he can focus his time on making sure his business ventures run smoothly.

But life changes forever the day he meets Mo Fei at a design fair. She is a passionate young woman with a passion for traditional embroidery and plans to hone her skills by studying in Europe.

Even though they love spending time together, they refuse to consider the idea of changing their own long-term plans. So finally came the day when Mo Fei had to go to Paris, and Tang Ming Xuan stayed behind in China, working on his business plan.

But apparently, something that was considered a friend turned into love and will not be eliminated. When the opportunity to launch a European fashion venture arises, the two will be reunited as business partners and perhaps more.

This is one of the best Chinese dramas about fashion designer. It was released in 2021 with 45 episodes and is available on Viki.


5. My Love, Enlighten Me

Best Chinese Dramas About Fashion Designer

It is about a hopeful and kind-hearted 22-year-old pop star named Nuan Nuan. Once she was forced to reinvent herself after the girl group she was a member of disbanded on the eve of her debut.

While she struggles in her quest for a post-pop career, her life is intertwined with that of a man named Han Che, a successful sound and light engineer with a cold personality.

Meanwhile, Nuan Nuan, who has always loved fashion, begins to explore her love of clothing and hopes to secure a permanent spot at the clothing store’s headquarters.

Despite their often hostile relationship, Han Che and Nuan Nuan also grow to like each other. Han Che tried to help Nuan Nuan, and she slowly started to melt her icy cold heart. The series was released in 2020 with 24 episodes. You can watch it on Viki.


6. A Romance of the Little Forest

Best Chinese Dramas About Fashion Designer

Yu Mei Ren is a fashion blogger who only relies on makeup to maintain her appearance. She also wanted to use her beauty to get back at Zhuang Yu, the man who had once rejected her.

Zhuang Yu is a Professor of botany completely devoted to his lifelong work and has researched the cultivation of sweet wormwood.

He is indifferent to the desires of the other world and accidentally hurts the feelings of Yu Mei Ren, a girl from the countryside who has had a crush on him for a long time.

Yu Mei Ren and Zhuang Yu took one wrong step when they met again. Zhuang Yu had traveled to Qingshui Village for work and happened to find lodging at Yu Mei Ren’s bed and breakfast.

She ends up being very helpful to him. At the same time, he also experienced feelings of love and warmth for the first time that he would not find from tending to plants.

This tv show stars Esther Yu and Vin Zhang. It was released in 2022 with 35 episodes. You can watch one of the best Chinese fashion dramas on Viki.


7. Wenderella’s Diary

The storyline follows the story of Shan Liang and Wen Yu who got married and looked like the perfect couple in everyone’s eyes.

Shan Liang is the founder of a famous dating app while Wen Yu is a high heels designer. After they got married, Wen Yu’s socialite life changed, and she was sent back to her Cinderella past.

This Chinese drama with a famous designer female lead was released in 2023. It has 254 episodes and is available on Viki.


8. Dear Designer

Best Chinese Dramas About Fashion Designer

Shen Tian Tian is a girl who works as a designer and becomes the adopted daughter of Li Man Li, an ambitious leader, and CEO of the Li Group.

In return, Shen Tian Tian became the shadow designer for Li Man Li’s biological daughter, Tang Guo Er. Even so, Shen Tian Tian and Tang Guo Er turned out to be good friends.

Everything changed when Tang Guo Er married Zhao Ming Yuan, son of the Zhao Group. The relationship between the two began to crack because it turned out that Shen Tian Tian also liked Zhao Ming Yuan.

Until finally there was news that Zhao Ming Yuan was just the adopted son of the owner of the Zhao Group. That made things fall apart and Zhao Ming Yuan was forced to leave the Zhao Group without a legitimate successor.

Subsequently, Zhao Ming Yuan sought out and teamed up with Tian Tian to launch a new fashion label, Made in China. They then started to fight against the messy Li Group and Guo Er.

This is one of the best Chinese dramas about designers and the fashion industry. It was released in 2020 with 38 episodes.


9. Reset Life

When she was a university student, Yun Xiao Xi was a girl who was framed for plagiarism and had to experience her mother’s death on the same day.

Never having recovered, he now lives a downtrodden and lonely life as an outcast, loathed by his boss and colleagues.

One day he receives a “remorse pill” from a mysterious person. It allows him to travel back in time to correct his past cowardice and change his life completely. This show was released in 2019 with 5 episodes. You can watch it on iQiyi.


10. A Little Thing Called First Love

Best Chinese Dramas About Fashion Designer

Xia Miao Miao is a shy and artistic student who has a crush on Liang You Nia, a handsome and talented senior at her school. He begins a journey of self-discovery through college.

Because of Liang You Nian, Xia Miao Miao decided to make a change. Through the help of her friends, she begins to study fashion, joins school clubs, and studies hard to raise her grades.

Her ordinary life becomes more colorful day by day as Xia Miao Miao and Liang You Nian grow closer.

One of the best Chinese dramas about a lead who loves fashion is available on Netflix. It was released in 2019 with 39 episodes.


That was the list of the best Chinese dramas about fashion designer and the fashion industry. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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