Top 12 Best Luo Yunxi Dramas That You Must Watch

So, this time we will discuss a list of dramas starring Luo Yunxi that you must watch. But before those of you who don’t know Luo Yunxi or Leo Luo, here’s a brief profile.

Luo Yunxi, also known by his English name Leo Luo, is a Chinese actor and singer. Luo made his acting debut in 2012 with Tan Songyun in the romance film “The Spring of My Life”. For his drama debut occurred in 2014 in the science fiction campus web drama “Hello Aliens”.

After that Leo Luo started starring in dramas regularly and in 2015, Luo became well known for his role as the younger version of the male lead He Yi Chen in the popular romance drama “My Sunshine”. So for you, Luo Yunxi fans, here are 11 tv shows with Luo Yunxi that you must watch!


Best Luo Yunxi Dramas List


1. Till the End of the Moon

Till the End of the Moon tells a story in which an era of demons rules both cultivators and humans. Back then the cultivator elders believed that it was imperative to send someone back in time to find the devil king’s origins and prevent his awakening.

They then sent Li Su Su to accept the mission and assume the identity of the mortal Ye Xi Wu, the second daughter of General Ye. She is about to marry Tantai Jin, the captive prince and future demon lord, and is determined to destroy him.

Because the Tantai Jin in the future would slaughter countless people. But as witnesses to Tantai Jin’s past life and rise to power, an unexpected story emerges, complicating his quest.

This is one of Bai Lu and Luo Yun Xi latest tv shows. It was released in 2023 with 40 episodes. You can watch this Chinese drama on Netflix.

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2. Love is Panacea

Luo Yunxi Dramas

Love is Panacea is Zhang Rou Nan and Luo Yunxi latest drama. It was released in 2023 with 40 episodes.

The series tells the story of Gu Yun Zheng, a medical genius and the country’s youngest neurosurgeon. He is the last in the medical family and has a handsome and dignified face that is known as the most attractive doctor in the hospital.

Gu Yun Zheng’s goal of becoming a doctor was to be awarded the “Wang Zhongcheng Award for Young Neurosurgeon of the Year”.

Once upon a time, Gu Yun Zheng met the love of his life, Su Wei An, a fifth-year MBBS dropout while working on the African frontlines.

He then carries the rare Huntington’s disease gene and Gu Yun Zheng will race against fate and time to try to save him from this incurable disease.

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3. Fox In The Screen

Luo Yunxi Dramas

This series is about Painter Zheng Xue Jing who accidentally obtains a magic pen and frees three foxes from a screen.

He then gets involved in their world because from then on, he has been attached to being their “master”. Will he be able to get out into real life?

This Luo Yunxi tv show was released in 2016 with 22 episodes. You can watch it on Viki and Prime Video.


4. Ashes of Love

Luo Yunxi Dramas

Zi Fen was the Flower God, who died after giving birth to a daughter named Jin Mi. Before his death, Zi Fen foresaw that Jin Mi would face a fatal trial of love.

He then gave his daughter the ‘No Feelings Pill’ to prevent her from developing romantic feelings. Zi Fen also instructed the leaders of the Flower Realm to keep Jin Mi’s identity a secret and locked her up in a watershed within the Flower Realm.

Time passes and several thousand years later, Jin Mi has grown into an innocent and naïve fairy who longs to see the world beyond the Flower Realm.

Once Xu Feng, the God of Fire and the second son of the Heavenly Emperor, accidentally landed in the Flower Realm due to being attacked during the phoenix rebirth process.

Jin Mi then nursed Xu Feng back to health and requested that he take her with him when he left the Flower Realm. This is where Jin Mi’s adventures and love trials begin as she explores the world and encounters various immortals & demons.

Ashes of Love was released in 2018 with 63 episodes. This is one of the best Yang Zi, Deng Lun, Chen Yu Qi, and Luo Yunxi dramas available on Netflix.


5. Broker

Luo Yunxi Dramas

It tells of a broker with a hidden agenda who plans to steal a scientist’s research, but a mutual attraction develops between them.

Qiu Jia Ning is a core member of the research laboratory spearheaded by the pharmaceutical company. He devoted his heart and soul to finding answers to scientific problems and securing his country’s standing in the field of biology.

As their experiment enters its final phase, a new researcher named Zhou Xiao Shan joins the team. His sharp acumen and reserved nature caught Jia Ning’s attention.

But behind that, Zhou Xiao Shan is also attracted by Jia Ning’s beauty and strength which disturbs the peace of his mission. He was a broker who entered their lives with the aim of stealing Jia Ning’s research.

This tv show stars Victoria Song, Luo Yun Xi, and Xu Kai Cheng. It was released in 2021 with 42 episodes and is available on Viki.


6. Light Chaser Rescue

Luo Yunxi Dramas

The storyline of the series follows a Lawyer named Luo Ben who is looking for his mute younger sister Luo Yuan when a devastating earthquake occurs in Xichuan.

There he joins the Light Chaser Rescue unit under the leadership of Captain Qing Shan and his sister Xiong Fei, an integral part of the unit.

Luo Ben also met Zhan Yan whom he met before in a misunderstanding state. However, she soon changed her mind about him because she admired him as a doctor.

Luo Ben witnessed people’s sense of friendship in the face of adversity and was greatly inspired by their volunteer efforts. He then joins Zhou Min Ming and Ding Ding Ding as the new members of the team.

This is the newest drama starring Luo Yunxi and Janice Wu. It was released in 2022 with 40 episodes and you can watch it on Viki.


7. Children’s Hospital Pediatrician

It tells about the love story between two doctors Tang Yujia and Shen He who are married but can’t tell anyone about their love life.

On the other hand, Tang Yujia’s father told her to go on a blind date with Yu Xi. He then decided to tell his father about the relationship between him and Shen He but only told him that they were only dating.

Her father then forced Tang Yujia and Shen He to break up. But they ignore it and stay together facing the pressures of their love, life, and family. This tv show with Luo Yunxi was released in 2017 with 42 episodes.


8. Love Is Sweet

Luo Yunxi Dramas

Jiang Jun is a beautiful girl who is allergic to tears and has a dual degree in economics and psychology. She is often unrestrained and idealistic due to her family’s superior background.

After graduation, he wants to work in a philanthropic organization where he pursues his dream. However, his father’s sudden accident left him in a quandary.

He finally decides to work at MH, a leading investment company to fulfill his father’s dying wish.

At MH, Jiang Jun meets his childhood playmate Yuan Shu Ai. However, the current Yuan Shu Ai was no longer her gentle protector, but her rival there.

The “culture of wolf instincts” runs rampant in MH, there is someone plotting against Jiang Jun while someone sees him as an eyesore.

However, with his good nature and attention to detail, along with his high IQ and sense of judgment, Jiang Jun eventually achieves success in both his career and love life.

This is one of the best Luo Yunxi and Bai Lu dramas. It was released in 2020 with 36 episodes and is available on Amazon Prime Video.


9. Princess Silver

It tells of Crown Princess Rong Le of Western Qi who awakens from a memoryless coma but she becomes suspicious of her true identity due to traces of the past.

In order to form a political alliance with Northern Lin, Rong Le was ordered to marry Prince Wu You but was refused at the door.

With a failed marriage, Rong Le assumes the identity of the tea house owner, Man Yao, and secretly begins searching for the priceless books left behind by the Qin Family.

As time goes by, he reunites with Wu You who falls in love with him without knowing that she is the princess he rejected.

It might be too late for her to know the truth because she has new orders to marry General Fu Chou of Northern Lin.

This is one of the best Luo Yunxi TV shows, it also stars Zhang Xue Ying, Aarif Rahman, Jing Chao, and Chen Xin Yu. It was released in 2019 with 58 episodes and is available on Viki.


10. And the Winner Is Love

Luo Yunxi Dramas

Chong Xue Zhi was a young mistress of the Hall of Flames who ventured into the martial world for the first time. He then meets Shangguan Tou, the dignified and imposing lord of the Moon Valley.

He wandered because the Lotus God Nine Stance Technique, which served as the greatest treasure of the Hall of Flames was stolen and Chong Xue Zhi was chased out of his house. She then survives through Shangguan Tou’s help and they fall in love.

This tv series was released in 2020 with 48 episodes. You can watch this Luo Yunxi drama on iQIYI.


11. Guys With Kids

It tells the story of three men brought together by a toddler who appears out of nowhere, disrupting their already stressful lives.

They are Gao Han, Wang Dong Yang, and Yu Bo who suddenly becomes a babysitter named Du Du. This tv show with Luo Yunxi was released in 2021 with 42 episodes.


12. Lie to Love

Luo Yunxi Dramas and tv shows

Lie to Love is the first list of the best dramas with Luo Yunxi. It was released in 2021 with 32 episodes. The story tells about Li Ze Liang, the bright and carefree heir to a conglomerate, who falls in love with the bright and cheerful Su Xie Yi.

The two are dragged into a passionate romance to spend the most unforgettable moments of their lives together. You can watch this drama on Viki.


That’s a list of dramas and tv shows starring Luo Yunxi that you must watch. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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How old is Leo Luo? he is 34 years old, and he was born on July 28, 1988.

How tall is Luo Yunxi? 5’10” or 178cm

Is Luo Yunxi Chinese? Luo Yunxi is a Chinese actor, singer, and dancer who mainly works in the Chinese television drama industry. He is also known by his English name Leo Luo.