The Princess and The Werewolf Review and Ending Explained

The Princess and The Werewolf is a Chinese historical drama with a rom-com that is worth watching because it is very light and well executed. But not the best, see the review below to see why!


Drama Details

Title: The Princess and the Werewolf ( 郎君不如意 )
Episodes: 30
Release Date: July 20, 2023
Genres: Historical, Comedy, Romance, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Viki

The Princess and The Werewolf Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of the Chinese drama The Princess and The Werewolf follows the story of Princess Qi Pa who wakes up one day and finds herself kidnapped into the fantastical and surreal world of the Beast Turning Tribe.

She was then forced to become the bride of the Beast-Turning King, Kui Mu Lang. Despite Qi Pa’s many attempts to escape, his life is further disrupted by a man named Li Xiong who appears during the day

Meanwhile, Kui Mu Lang only appeared at night and he shared a body with Li Xiong. Unbeknownst to Qi Pa, he had discovered a shocking secret of the Beast Flipping Tribe.

However mischievous and agile he was, Qi Pa gradually found his way into the heart of the domineering Wolf King to melt her heart.

This is a story of a beauty and a “beast” who will fall in love and a journey filled with laughter, sweetness, and heartbreaking moments will soon unfold.


The Princess and The Werewolf Ending Explained

The Princess and The Werewolf has a happy ending for its main cast and a great ending. At the end of the episode, Qi Pa will behead Kui Mu Lang. However, she cuts off their hands to unite their blood and gives him the Kiss of Love.

Instantly, Kui Mu Lang’s strength was restored and a surge of energy caused everyone to jump to the ground. Literally, then Qi Pa asked how the pearl returned to his body. He liked Yunho and took a clap, Show me.

At the end of the scene, Kui Mu Lang says those three words: “I love you la!” He and Qi Pa then made love there. Meanwhile, some of the side couples also have happy endings and each couple is on their honeymoon.

The Princess and The Werewolf Review

The Princess and The Werewolf is a good comedy romance historical Chinese drama if you have nothing to watch but in my honest opinion, it’s not the best.

The story plot is mostly in the male lead trying to win over the female lead and get her pearls back while the female lead continues to make elaborate schemes and crazy plans to escape from him.

The background is that Li Xiong/Kui Mu Lang is the Lord of a hidden place called Beast City. Each character in the clan has the characteristics of an animal.

He was searching for the Sacred Pearl that would help him regain his strength and continue to protect his clan. While fleeing from his enemies with his newly acquired Holy Peal, he opens a portal to the world Princess Qi Pa resides in.

He accidentally bumped into Princess Qi Pa and she absorbed her Sacred Pearl. 5 years later, he found Princess Qi Pa and kidnapped her. And this is where the first episode really begins.

For his character, Chen Zhe Yuan plays two roles. During the day he is Li Xiong, a handsome man who pretends to be a palace guard and protects Princess Qi Pa.

Meanwhile, during the night he is in (beast version) Kui Mu Lang who is the kidnapper of Princess Qi Pa and the King of the Beast clan.

The day version is her real appearance but the night version is her real identity. The character is loyal, charming, and protective. He is a wolf and loves only one person in his life.

For most of the episode, Princess Qi Pa believes there are two different people. She first fell in love with Li Xiong (her day version) and towards the end of the play Kui Mu Lang (her night version).

I like the male actor (Chen Zhe Yuan) because he can play these two big roles very well. I’ve seen him in “Hidden Love” before and I also like his character in that drama.

The character Qi Pa is the Princess of the mortal kingdom. He is intelligent and articulate, his background also makes him a unique character. The characters are good enough but not what I like.

That’s because Qi Pa’s character is so annoying for most of the show. The majority of people who watch this drama will feel the same way.

The way he “plans” things will just make you nervous. So if you don’t mind characters making “plans” throughout most of the play, you should be fine. I guess we are used to his antics.

As for his acting, Chen Zhe Yuan is really good and he is the highlight of the drama, his character build is very charming and loving. He fantastically plays two different characters and it does very well.

Wu Xuan Yi is also quite good at acting and is quite compatible with Chen Zhe Yuan. The chemistry is also good and I like Qi Pa and Kui Mu Lang with their best performances.

From the acting to the storyline, I love it. Also, the main cast does a really good job with their roles, and it makes me want to watch the show in a day.

If you want to see the most loving, patient, protective, kind, loyal, and unconditionally loving male lead, this drama is for you.

But no drama is perfect, all have flaws and your individual opinion. There’s also something I don’t like.

As I said above, Princess Qi Pa’s attempt to escape requires more than half of the drama which makes the plot drag a little.

Also, the reveal of the male lead as the same person happened towards the end of the drama so I feel like the main cast didn’t get enough opportunities to spend time together as their true selves.

I liked his beast look more and I wish the female lead had more romantic moments with him.

Even so, The Princess and The Werewolf Chinese Drama is worth watching because it is very light, not too serious, and the humor is well done. Slow-burning romance, funny and I love that. If you like side pairs there’s a lot in here and they even have 4 side pairs.

The Princess and The Werewolf Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Wu Xuan Yi as Princess Qi Pa

Chen Zhe Yuan as Kui Mu Lang / Li Xiong

Support Role

Wang Lu Qing as Hong Xiu

Shi Zi Xun as Liu Jun

Yang Chuan Bei as Bai Ke

He Wen Jie as Hu Die

Xi Er Li as Jing Mu An

Wang Mu Yao as Su He

Leng Zhong Yi as Elder Qi

Yu Hui Tao as Elder Lu

Zhu Xiang as Da Yu

Hai Ling as Lu Li

Cha Yi as Rou Rou


My Verdict

Overall The Princess and The Werewolf is a romantic comedy Chinese drama that is worth watching because it is very light, has good humor, and is well executed.

I recommend this for you to watch if you like romance and jealousy throughout the drama. Also likes side partners, plus the allegory of kidnapping the lover. My rating for The Princess and The Werewolf Chinese drama review is 8/10.

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