The Legend of Anle Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

The Legend of Anle is a pretty good Chinese wuxia drama with plots of revenge, revelations, and romance that are worth watching. Check out the full review below!


Drama Details

Title: The Legend of Anle ( 安乐传 )
Also Know: The Emperor’s Book
Episodes: 39
Release Date: July 12, 2023
Genres: Mystery, Romance, Wuxia, War
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Viki

The Legend of Anle

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of The Legend of Anle follows the story of Di Zi Yuan, a woman who seeks revenge after her family was accused of treason ten years ago and was beheaded according to the emperor’s decree.

She was the only survivor of that incident and currently, Di Zi Yuan changes his name to Ren An Le to plan a path to justice.

Regardless, he admired Crown Prince Han Ye’s concern for the welfare of his people. While slowly developing feelings for him, he remains haunted by his past and is unable to shake off the animosity that exists between their two families.

On the other hand, Han Ye also loved and cherished Di Zi Yuan so much that he vowed to resolve their differences at any cost.


The Legend of Anle Ending Explained

The Legend of Anle has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Ren Anle heard that Changsihua appeared for no reason, and speculated that it must be related to Luo Mingxi.

He hastily rushed to the Lingxiang Tower but was instead curious about the jade pendant in his hand. Luo Mingxi hid the truth and lied that the jade pendant was meant for her and Ren Anle to call each other siblings.

On the other hand, Han Ye regained his sight with Changsihua brought by Luo Mingxi and Emperor Shengtian’s medical care. But he still refused to leave the mountain.

As the wedding date approached, Ren Anle did not see any response from Han Ye and felt that he was even more stubborn than he had imagined.

Nevertheless, he wanted to still wait for her. Wen Shuo returned to the Ren Mansion dejected, and while the siblings were talking, someone came from Emperor Shengtian with a message about his next plan.

Later, Emperor Shengtian came to see Han Ye and told him about his past with Han Zi’an. He states that even though they have feelings for each other, they cannot be together.

He also said that he didn’t want to see Han Ye and Ren Anle end up like them, especially since their situation was different from that of Han Zi’an and Emperor Shengtian.

When he finished speaking, Wen Shuo suddenly came over and showed Ren Anle a strand of white hair, revealing that he had turned completely white overnight due to extreme grief.

Han Ye was so shocked by the incident and felt guilty that he finally made his decision. Han Ye then appeared in time to claim Ren Anle as his wife, after rumors of Ren Anle and Luo Mingxi having a wedding.

She used Emperor Taizu’s decision as proof and whether it was Ren Anle or Di Ziyuan, she was his Crown Princess with a three thousand man navy as a reward.

Ren Anle was overjoyed to finally get Han Ye’s answer, while Luo Mingxi suddenly announced that his auspicious moment was near and preparations had to be made for the ceremony.

Han Ye originally thought that Luo Mingxi wanted to compete with him for Ren Anle, but then he realized that the couple who were getting married were Wen Shuo and Yuan Qin, and this wedding hall was specially arranged for them, which was the reason for his appearance.

Seeing Ren Anle’s tenacity in trying so hard for him, Han Ye was deeply touched and moved. Ren Anle was sure that Han Ye would come because no one knew Han Ye better than Di Ziyuan.

On the other hand, Luo Mingxi returned alone to the Lingxiang Tower, where he was now the only one left. He recalls the bet he made and now he has accomplished his wish, and he admits defeat.

Han Ye brought Ren Anle to pay his respects to Emperor Taizu, stating that as the Crown Prince, he had been self-disciplined and formal for half his life.

She held Ren Anle’s hand and hoped that she would stay by her side as the Crown Princess, and together they would witness Da Jing Changning’s prosperity and the people’s happiness.

Half a month later, Han Ye and Ren Anle’s wedding was held following Emperor Taizu’s decree. Seven years passed, and Han Ye then ascended the throne as King Da Jing, while Ren Anle became Empress.

The two of them went to see Changsihua Bloom, talked about the heavy responsibility of governing the country, and missed the late Luo Mingxi.


The Legend of Anle Review

The Legend of Anle is a Chinese drama with the main plot about the battle between the Han and Di families, but behind the revelation of the truth, there are some ulterior motives from other people who got involved in it.

For a war drama, it’s well-paced, I enjoy the buildup and intrigue, and I also love capturing shadows (of which there are quite a few).

Some scenes may be skipped without affecting the understanding of the plot at all and that happened in the first few episodes. After that, it will be a very interesting plot again.

The first act in this drama feels like a rom-com, while the second half is a gripping tragedy. So get ready for a complete mood swing as things get serious and unfold.

Adapted from Xing Ling’s novel “The Emperor’s Book”, this drama features Dilraba Dilmurat as Ren Anle, portraying him with authenticity and charm.

Dilraba Dilmurat’s acting here is very good and really convincing. He was able to portray Ren Anle as cheerful and outspoken, and then as Di Zi Yuan as determined, tough, and fiery for revenge.

Beside her, Gong Jun also shone as Han Ye, the virtuous and selfless Crown Prince. The acting is layered and nuanced, and you can see the emotion that comes out of it.

Gong Jun and Dilraba Dilmurat’s performance also shows good chemistry, highlighting the complex dynamics of their relationship. Their love story is one of the most mature and believable complicated love relationships I’ve seen on C-dramas.

What I love most about their relationship is how much they respect and admire each other, and even when they’re considered opposites, it’s clear they still care and want to protect one another.

All the cast in this drama have been carefully selected for their respective roles and they act very well. I will not comment further!

The high-quality costumes and props here reflect the dedication of the production team. The beautiful and touching OST adds to the drama’s overall appeal, making for captivating viewing.

The things I don’t like here are the sometimes sloppy cut–positions, expressions, and people sometimes suddenly jump from one second to the next. This can be annoying if you are a person who pays attention to those things.

There are also plot holes and childish logic, which might detract from the viewing experience. Despite this, the character development remains consistent, even with some changes from the original novel.

Is The Legend of Anle worth watching? “The Legend of Anle” may not be perfect, but it is nonetheless a worthy and worthwhile watch. I enjoyed this drama which has characters with a mysterious aura.

The Legend of Anle Chinese drama

The Legend of Anle Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Dilraba Dilmurat as Ren An Le / Di Zi Yuan

Gong Jun as Crown Prince Han Ye

Liu Yu Ning as Luo Ming Xi

Support Role

Xia Nan as Princess An Ning [Elder Princess]

Tim Pei as Leng Bei

Chen Tao as Wen Shuo / Di Jin Yan

Li Shu Ting as Di Cheng En

Wang Yi Ting as Lin Lang

Long Shui Ting as Yuan Shu

Kong Lin as Sun Yu Jun

Ning Xiao Hua as Pei Zhan

Qin Xiao Xuan as Mu Qing

Zong Feng Yan as Han Zhong Yuan / Emperor Chang

Chen Jing De as Xu Han Mo

Bai Bing Ke as Mo Shuang

And More


My Verdict

Overall, The Legend of Anle is a pretty good Chinese drama for you to watch. It has a plot that focuses on planning, revenge, espionage, and war, but the last three episodes gracefully devolve into the main couple’s romantic journey.

It may not be perfect, but it is still worthy and valuable. So, if you are a romance fan or a fan of Dilraba or Gong Jun, don’t miss this one. My rating for The Legend of Anle Chinese drama review is 7,9/10.

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