Gen Z Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Gen Z is a Chinese drama that raises the topic of traditional Chinese medicine. It’s full of beautiful views and useful information, for those of you who don’t know about TCM. Check out the full Gen Z review below!


Drama Details

Title: Gen Z ( 后浪 )
Episodes: 40
Release Date: May 14, 2023
Genres: Romance, Life, Youth, Medical
Country: China
Original Network: Dragon TV, JSTV, Youku
Available On: Youku and YOUHUG MEDIA

Gen Z Chinese drama Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of the Chinese drama Gen Z follows the story of Sun Tou Tou, an orphaned woman in her twenties. One day, he gets into trouble fighting injustice. Then Ren Xin Zheng, a professor at the University of Chinese Medicine, comes to his aid and learns his life story.

Professor Ren accepts him into a TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) course to give him a fresh start in life. Sun Tou Tou happily accepts the challenge of studying under Professor Ren and eventually inherits his family’s TCM practice.

On the other hand, Professor Ren’s son, whose name is Tian Zhen, is a classmate that Sun Tou Tou dislikes for causing him some trouble.

But as they learn to understand and empathize with each other Tou Tou and Tian Zhen become closer. The two then chase dreams and begin to develop feelings of love.


Gen Z Ending Explained

Chinese drama Gen Z has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Ling Lan was initially surprised about Tou Tou becoming Tian Zhen’s wife. But Ren Xin Cheng told him that they didn’t have their son, and let his wife have him while Ren Xin Cheng would take care of Ling Lan.

He thought about it, considered it, and decided that Tou Tou would be a blessing to their family. As an added bonus for him, Ren Xin Cheng said that he could tell Tian Zhen and Tou Tou that they knew about their relationship and supported him.

Unfortunately for Tou Tou and Tian Zhen, they were both overcome with loneliness because they missed each other. Tou Tou tries Facetime Tian Zhen but he rejects the call.

Instead, he texted her that they shouldn’t see each other for a while. If he saw her, he might not be able to control himself from going home with her.

Tou Tou wants her to send him a voice message, but in the end they both turn off their phones. It’s heartbreaking.

Meanwhile, Peng Shi Yan chose the time to propose to Rebecca to be the mother of his children. He agreed after many conditions.

This then inspires Liu Zi Hong to propose to Tou Tou. He says that they are a perfect match and make a strong pair. He is a second-generation chaebol which suits him well as an heir/successor.

Liu Zi Hong said that she was his first love and thought about the money they would make. But he would not receive any answer from Tou Tou.

Until dr. Song came up to tell him to try to pinch his son’s girlfriend in front of him. If he didn’t stop, she would stab him with thousands of needles.

Liu Zi Hong was surprised, but not as surprised as Tou Tou and Tian Zhen. Tou Tou asks how they found out about the relationship.

Prof Ren said that it was when Tian Zhen shouted at him that he had no conscience that is when they knew the connection.

Tou Tou and Tian Zhen then embraced naturally. Everyone is happy for them. Song Yi Ren excitedly went to tell Zhang Ji Ru the good news, but he already knew. He says I told you, Tou Tou belongs to our family.

Tou Tou then has a surprise for Tian Zhen. He returned the amulet he had sold to him. The amulet ends with Meng Meng’s mother returning it to Tou Tou.

He was very grateful for what Tou Tou did to punish people who did Meng Meng wrong. Toutou tells Tian Zhen not to sell the amulet anymore. He promised with all his heart that he would not do it.

After all, it was test time. Both Rebecca and Tou Tou take the exam. Tian Zhen, Dr Song, Prof Ren and Peng Shi Yan were waiting for Tou Tou and Rebecca outside.

The people returned to the mountains to commune with nature and as apprentices’ graduation ceremonies and honoring their ancestors for the Qingming Festival. It seems a few years later since Rebecca has a son.

Toutou was having a bit of a crisis of confidence and asked Master Ren if perhaps Tian Zhen should officiate the ceremony.

Mr. Ren said where is the fearless Tou Tou? Master Ren said that he had completed two main exams and was now taking his medical license exam. It took five years to learn it but he can do it.

Now Tou Tou realized that bloodline didn’t really matter in the scheme of things. That Prof Ren is a continuation of the spirit and he is proud of him for getting it right.

Tou Tou said that because he is now the heir and will preside over the honor of the ancestor.

Gen Z Drama Ending Explained

Gen Z Chinese Drama Review

Gen Z is a Chinese medical drama that is quite interesting for you to follow. There are two main reasons why this is interesting, namely the main character Zhao Lu Si and the topic of TCM (traditional Chinese medicine). My overall impression of the series is pretty good, but there are some issues that I don’t like either.

The plot of this drama is more like a drama of a family who continues to practice Traditional Chinese Medicine. Tou Tou will be chosen as the future successor, but he is a typical free-spirited orphan who doesn’t like being told what to do.

I’m not going to comment on the plot and overall storyline because it’s that good. There are a few things I didn’t like though, namely the script was inconsistent and featured some questionable choices.

Like, I was disappointed by the plot around Meng Meng’s character which turned out to be very problematic, illogical, and dragged on for too long. The scriptwriter created an ambiguous relationship between him and Tian Zhen, which caused misunderstandings and confusion.

While I do feel sorry for Meng Meng, what bothers me the most is that Tian Zhen has never been professionally trained to help her. Other than that, the plot felt well and good.

The character played by Zhao Lusi, SunTou Tou is a girl who allows me to experience all kinds of emotions. I enjoyed his mischief, admired his resilience despite adversity, and hoped to see him find the family he deserved and create a purpose in life for him.

Tou Tou’s journey from survival to growth is beautiful to watch and it’s one of the main reasons I look forward to every episode and stick around. Learning with him about TCM was also interesting.

I also liked his relationship with his mentor Ren Xin Zheng and later with his son Tian Zhen. There is an affinity between Tou Tou and his teacher that shifts into a father-son bond, which is very moving to watch.

All of the Ren family’s older members were acceptable, with their qualities and flaws and made me reflect on their views and actions. As expected, the veteran actors convincingly bring these characters to life.

Meanwhile, Tian Zhen’s Character is more controversial to me. At first, I found him arrogant, entitled, even irresponsible, and at one point firmly believed he would never be able to redeem himself in my eyes.

But Tian Zhen proved me wrong. He is probably the one who experienced the most growth throughout the drama. Actor Luo Yi Zhou also acts well in various emotional situations and conditions. Her gaze and facial expressions conveyed more meaning than her words.

I know everyone is curious about romance in Gen Z dramas, considering that’s not the main focus of the story. My advice be patient because it’s worth the wait. Tou Tou and Tian Zhen gradually become friends and later like each other romantically.

Their scenes together make me giddy, laugh and feel good in general. The shifts in their interactions are subtle but beautiful to watch. There’s the iconic scene of Tian Zhen declaring his love, it’s so sweet.

The chemistry between the two main characters feels good. Luo Yi Zhou superbly played the character Ren Tian Zhen. He can be both a spoiled lover and an obedient son struggling to find his place in his family.

As for the supporting cast, all did a great job. I like veteran actors here who are experienced and of course, it is very easy for him to make the characters he plays come alive and real. For production and OST quality, everything is quite good. You will love it.

So, are Gen Z Chinese dramas worth watching? decent, Gen Z is a drama that has fun main characters, good chemistry, and TCM themes that are rarely raised in other dramas.

Gen Z Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Wu Gang as Ren Xin Zheng

Zhao Lu Si as Sun Tou Tou

Luo Yi Zhou as Ren Tian Zhen

Alina Zhang as Yang Xiao Hong / Rebecca

Jiang Shan as Song Ling Lan

Support Role

Zhou Cheng Ao as Peng Shi Yan

Zhu Jun Lin as Zhao Li Quan

Li Bai Hui as Xu Meng

Xi Mei Juan as Zhang Ji Ru

Li Guang Fu as Song Yi Ren

Cao Ke Fan as Wu Shan Dao

Guo Hong as Zhu Xia

Ju Hao as Liu Chang Qing

Wang Yun Han as Ding Jian Xi

Yan An as Liu Zi Hong

Zhao Zi Qi as Cheng Ying

Dai Lu Wa as Tian Xing Xing

And More


My Verdict

Overall, I would recommend this drama for you to watch. The best part of Gen Z Chinese Drama is the acting, chemistry, selection of main actors that are right on target, and also the uniqueness of the TCM theme.

There are many good things in this drama and it is very memorable. Will I rewatch Gen Z? No, because there are still many other dramas that I have to watch. My rating for the Gen Z Chinese drama review is 7,9/10.

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