Fireworks of My Heart Review and Ending Explained

Fireworks of My Heart is a Chinese drama that has lively characters, strong character backgrounds, and chemistry. Plot-wise, it may be new, but the cast is excellent at bringing the story to life.

The concept of romance between firefighters and doctors is quite interesting to follow. But will it be boring? and is it worth watching? see the Fireworks of My Heart review below!


Drama Details

Title: Fireworks of My Heart ( 我的人间烟火 )
Episodes: 40
Release Date: July 5, 2023
Genres: Action, Romance, Medical
Country: China
Original Network: Hunan TV, Mango TV
Available On: Viki and iQiyi

Fireworks of My Heart Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of Fireworks of My Heart follows the friendship story of Song Yan and Xu Qin who grew up together since childhood. But as they got older, their family began to view their friendship in a disadvantageous light.

Their families didn’t want to let their relationship continue any further. Song Yan and Xu Qin were then forced apart by their families, and never saw each other again.

In the ten years since their forced separation, Song Yan and Xu Qin have worked hard to build the dream life they’ve always wanted.

Song Yan is currently a fire chief who has dedicated his life to saving others. Meanwhile, Xu Qin is an emergency doctor who also tries his best to save others.

Despite working in different fields, their goals are the same and it is only a matter of time before fate intervenes to reunite old friends.

Once upon a time, the two were brought together by their work, but both were not so happy to be reunited. There is a lot for Xu Qin and Song Yan to work out if they are to turn their new relationship into something more.

Will they be able to overcome the obstacles that are in front of them with sincerity or will their current relationship end as before?


Fireworks Of My Heart Ending Explained

Fireworks Of My Heart Chinese drama has a happy ending. In episode 39, Song Yan proposed to Xu Qin and he said yes happily. Song Yan had then also prepared their marital home to surprise him.

There wasn’t a wedding scene but they had a pretty good wedding shoot. Xu Qin’s father also tries to improve relations between the two families by showing up at Song Yan’s house to meet his family.

Xu Qin’s mother also begins to change and soften her heart towards Song Yan after she saves him from a buried vehicle after the tunnel collapses during a typhoon in Episode 40.

Her parents learned not to push their egos anymore and allowed Xu Qin to have a small-scale wedding according to her wishes. In the end, they married with desire and were happy.

Fireworks of My Heart Review and Ending Explained

Fireworks of My Heart Review

Fireworks of My Heart is a series with the concept of heroic firefighters with emergency doctors who dedicate themselves to serving society. I love this concept!

The plot of the story is about young love stories separated by stations and separated by families. They are both or heroic in their own way and hate and hatred fuel those hidden feelings that are hidden.

Song Yan fell in love with Xu Qin at first sight when he was in his teens. Xu Qin returned the love but was not brave and strong enough to go against his family. He left her but his heart never stopped loving Song Yan.

Song Yan back then tried to chase after him but Xu Qin’s family was powerful, influential, and committed immoral acts to hurt Song Yan and ultimately ruin him.

But she also never gave up on her love and Song Yan chose never to love again. At least until they accidentally reconcile 10 years later.

Now he is a doctor and he is a firefighter. Destiny and time brought them together and their love for one another continues to grow.

The second chance came, Xu Qin wanted to chase after Song Yan but he still couldn’t leave the extremely poisonous family. I mean, his mother used mental abuse to train and instill the fear that followed her brother and her into adulthood.

Their mother and father are prime examples of Narcissistic Parents. Big Brother is just as confused and suffering just as much, if not more, but you’ll see why.

The main character, Yang Yang is very good at playing the character Song Yan. He was good at frowning and looked both serious and flustered too. He also had a charming smile when he decided to go for it.

However, it doesn’t quite add to the emotion needed for some of the scenes with him. This is probably because his character has been hurt and has a career that might end his life as well as that of others at some point.

Meanwhile, Wang Chu Ran was also great at playing Xu Qin’s character who looked like he didn’t have a single emotion, which was what his character demanded in the beginning.

He received little love growing up and was probably traumatized. (You’ll find out later why he was so obedient as an adult even when his best interests were at stake.)

However, he showed emotion when faced with Song Yan. It makes sense because he experiences happiness when he’s with her and feels comfortable with her.

Her character also needs an empty shell of someone trying to reconnect with what made her smile so many years ago.

I have to say that she has molded such a character and I’m sure that’s what the producers had in mind when they cast her for the role.

For chemistry, the two main characters have it. Both are very interesting to watch when it comes to their work.

There is one scene where Xu Qin seems to be pouring his heart out and he is very much in character. However, Song Yan had a very one-dimensional look that showed little emotion apart from a few frowns here and there.

As for the supporting cast, all of the supporting cast do a pretty good job with no subpar acting. I think Jiang Yu’s character is quite adorable and he’s a good replacement after Vin Zhang left.

I like the feisty little cousin, who stands up for Song Yan and says everything an ‘adult’ wants to say but is afraid to say.

I like the sweet aunts and uncles who are there to support Song Yan. I don’t like the subplot between Meng Yan Chen and Ye Zi. There’s something about Ye Zi that I didn’t like from the first time she was introduced.

Is Fireworks of My Heart worth watching? it can be a great option after a really intense series when you need something more calm and relaxed in your approach to storytelling. Their love seems to mean a lot to them both and it’s always an interesting look.

Fireworks of My Heart Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Yang Yang as Song Yan

Wang Chu Ran as Xu Qin / Meng Qin

Support Role

Wang Yan Lin as Jiang Yu

Wei Da Xun as Meng Yan Chen (Xu Qin’s foster elder brother)

Meng A Sai as Yang Chi

Yang Tong as Jiang Yi

Kong Ran as Pi Shao Jie

Zhao Ren Jie as Liu Jun Ping

Yi Da Qian as Zhan Da Peng

Wang Guan as Xiao Yi Xiao

Ma Xiao Qian as Yang Si Jia

Du Yu as Ge Zheng

Jojo Chen as Yu Xiao Xiao

Chen Yi Heng as (Department Chief Xu)

Zhang Yue as Li Meng

Zhao Long Hao as Assistant Director Liu

Zhang Ding Han as Yan Jie

And More


My Verdict

Overall, this is a good series if you like this kind of genre concept. A well-written story of growing up, finding your own voice, and believing in love. Of all the other dramas working as a firefighter, I think this is the best!

With brotherly love, family values and love, relationship and character growth, and a trustworthy rescue mission. Certainly a strong message about the pride that is represented in the profession as well.

I highly recommend this series to watch if possible. My rating for the Fireworks of My Heart Chinese drama review is 8,3/10.

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