You Are Desire Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

You Are Desire is a Chinese drama that carries a refreshing storyline and might be different from other cheerful high school dramas. Why can I say that? see the You Are Desire review below for the answer.


Drama Details

Title: You Are Desire ( 白日梦我 )
Episodes: 30
Release Date: Aug 12, 2023
Genres: Romance, Youth
Country: China
Original Network: Mango TV
Available On: Viki

You Are Desire Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline follows the story of Lin Yu Jing, a girl who finds her family falling apart after her parent’s divorce. She and her father move to a new town where she becomes seatmates with Shen Juan, a notoriously “hot-tempered” student at their new school.

At first, Lin Yu Jing is very anxious to readjust to a mixed family after her father remarries, but she is warmly welcomed by her stepmother and stepbrother Fu Ming Xiu.

He also thinks it will be difficult to integrate into the new group at school, but he quickly meets interesting classmates. Her arrival also brings changes to Shen Juan, her new seatmate who has been stuck for a year.

As his life gradually gets back on track, Lin Yu Jing’s mother, Lin Zhi, forces him to return to his hometown. A year later, he met Shen Juan again at the same university.

He knew that Shen Juan’s family had gone through difficult times and he was still recovering from his trauma. With the help of Lin Yu Jing and their classmates, Shen Juan slowly emerged from the fog. In the process, they find love and direction in life that is worth fighting for.


You Are Desire Ending Explained

The Chinese drama You Are Desire has an unclear ending to the romance of the two main characters. I think there will probably be a second season because basically, the problems faced by most of the characters are still unresolved.

At the end of the episode, Yu Jing and Shen Juan graduated from university after 4 years. Shen Juan has achieved good results in shooting competitions and has been accepted to train with the provincial team.

Meanwhile, Yu Jing has been offered a good job but he has to return to his hometown of Huaicheng before that. However, he could not afford to part with Shen Juan and delayed deciding whether to accept the offer.

The hanging point here was that Yu Jing seemed reluctant to discuss the matter with Shen Juan. On the other hand, Shen Juan even learned of Yu Jing’s predicament from his seniors. He waited for Yu Jinga to broach the subject but he failed to do so.

Although they are still together at the end of the graduation photo with friends around, viewers are not told what decision Yu Jing has made. That will certainly affect their relationship.

This drama ends with a touching scene at their university graduation. Lin Yujing and Shen Juan were surrounded by a supportive network of friends and mentors.

They also threw their graduation caps into the air, signaling the start of a new chapter in their lives. Will there be a second season?

You Are Desire Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

You Are Desire Review

After watching When I Fly Towards You, I switched to this drama because of the same male lead and I love this show as a whole.

You Are Desire carries a refreshing storyline and may be different from other cheerful high school dramas. This drama places more emphasis on the family problems that the two main characters have to face when they are in high school.

With a plot and script like that, I think it fits the reality of most people now. Even though there were certain plots that seemed a bit uneven and almost indecisive I still loved all the characters, the portrayal, and the story.

This is a drama with the rare dynamism you usually only see in jiedilian romances, but with an even greater tug of war here as they are technically classmates and at times, competitors.

As for the characters, all of the characters have actual stressors that make sense; You empathize with their emotions instead of seeing only the predictable.

Nothing too far-fetched, no crazy hijinks or lingering misunderstandings, even when it comes to bickering between the female leads.

For the two main characters, the screenwriters described the main character Lin Yu Jing as a calm, cool, and aloof girl with a hint of mischief and cleverness.

This is very different from high school/adult dramas in general where Lin Yu Jing is often portrayed as not being weird, stupid, clumsy, clumsy, shouting and talking.

Meanwhile, Shen Juan is described as a character who is quiet, aloof, and not careless. He was the typical character who wouldn’t chase after and more drew lines with other people.

Typical of the quiet/introverted/brooding boy he used to play with. But you will get the feeling that Shen Juan respects Lin Yu Jing rather than just finding her cute or liking her due to random childhood fate.

For their acting, all actors are quite good and have a quality that deserves to be appreciated. The chemistry of Zhou Yi Ran and Sabrina Zhuang is also great which can be clearly seen from some of the intense scenes and real emotion.

What was also refreshing was Lin Yu Jing who was neither shy, shrill, flirtatious nor too stupid. When he finds out that Shen Juan is having a hard time, he and his 2 other friends (Yi Yang & Song Nan) find a way to help him.

As for the secondary plot or the second couple, I can’t say I was attracted at all to the secondary characters or their love stories. For me, it’s not something I like but it’s not bad.

Apart from that, You Are Desire is worth watching because the chemistry between the main cast and the characters is very good and the writing is very tight.

You Are Desire Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Sabrina Zhuang as Lin Yu Jing

Zhou Yi Ran as Shen Juan

Support Role

Chen He Yi as Fu Ming Xiu

Fan Shi Ran as Gu Xia

Bian Tian Yang as Wang Yi Yang

Wang Chuan as He Song Nan

Liao Yin Yue as Xu Ru Yi

Liu Jie Yi as Li Lin

Liu Zeng Yu as Ning Yuan

Ji Chen Mu as Shen Bo An

Zhang Yan Yan as Guan Xiang Mei

Edward Zhang as Luo Qing He

Zeng Li as Lin Zhi

Zhang Xing He as Xiao Mo Gu

Kido Ma as Lu Yao

And More


My Verdict

Overall, I’m very excited about this well-deserved You Are Desire. I recommend this for you to watch when you are looking for a sweet but not excessive school and college romance. “Your precious time will not be wasted while watching this”. My rating for You Are Desire Chinese drama review is 8,8/10.

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