Song of The Moon Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Song of the Moon is a pretty good Chinese wuxia drama for you to watch. But when I went to some forums, I saw this drama got a lot of bad reviews. So I decided to write my own review, here it is below.


Drama Details

Title: Song of the Moon ( 月歌行 )
Episodes: 40
Release Date: December 15, 2022
Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Drama, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: iQIYI
Available On: iQIYI

Song of The Moon Chinese Drama Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The storyline of the Chinese drama Song of The Moon follows Liu Shao, a young woman who meets a mysterious man with whom she trades her future for three blissful days.

Originally, he had lived a carefree life as an heir until he was involved in a battle between an immortal and a demon. Her involvement leads to the disclosure of some romantic entanglements between her and Lu Li, a cloaked immortal shrouded in mystery.


Song of The Moon Ending Explained

There are two alternative endings in the Chinese drama Song of the Moon. At the end of the first episode Luo Ge and He Na made a plan to make a sacrifice at the beginning of Episode 39 so that Liu Shao could kill the evil Moon God living in Luo Ge’s body and mind.

Liu Shao is determined to kill the man she loves as well as the evil spirit that lives in her after He Na dies in a fight with the demon Luo Ge.

However, Liu Shao had another idea. He took Luo Ge’s evil energy and absorbed it into his own body. He caused the Sun spirit and evil spirit to clash, and as a result, the opposing force would ensure that both of them perished.

After Liu Shao died, Luo Ge started looking for his reincarnation. Although Luo Ge could not see him, the three-legged phoenix that represented Liu Shao’s immortal power could be seen following him everywhere. As a result, Episode 39 ends sadly.

In the second ending, Liu Shao kills Luo Ge in Episode 40 with someone else’s help. A Fu gave his life to tame the evil spirits because they are so powerful.

Luo Ning’s immortal energy was trying to protect A Fu. As a result, they died together. As a result of their sacrifice, Luo Ge was able to join forces with him, and the evil spirit was killed.

In the end, Liu Shao traveled the world alone. He observed the reincarnations of A Fu and Luo Ning while in the Mortal Realm, and they seemed like happy couples. At the end of the episode, he meets Luo Ge once again.

Song of The Moon Ending Explained

Song of the Moon Review

First of all, I’ve watched a lot of K-Drama, C-Drama, and Chinese fantasy or wuxia Xianxia is one of my favorite genres. I’m picky and dropped previous games.

But this drama is good and I know exactly what to expect. Evil side leads, love that can’t come true, and hopefully a partially happy ending.

But of course, this drama will be better with 25-30 episodes, but we all know that’s how c-dramas are, they’re long. To be honest, I really enjoyed seeing this drama episode 38-40, compared to normal Wuxia episodes which top out at 56-60.

I think the story it is one of the best in terms of love between Elves and Demons, and it’s hard to do better, but I don’t think they need to.

The first 15-20 episodes were very strong, we had romance and fights, and some actual conflicts compared to other dramas were resolved pretty fast.

But then from 20-30, we have some boring parts. Obviously for more screen time, and maybe because it’s also drama. I enjoyed the last 10 episodes, and there were a lot of sad scenes toward the end. This is a must for this drama I guess.

The story develops at pretty good intensive temps – once you start it you’re enthralled and so enthralled you can’t stop watching it.

It also brings good chemistry from the main cast. I also like the fact that they trust each other. There was a misunderstanding but luckily it didn’t drag on. This is just a personal opinion.

I wasn’t amazed but I thought the way the two leads portrayed their characters, it was really fun. I didn’t read the original novels, but I think they are a great choice for this one. There is also no problem when it comes to their acting.

There are characters with excellent (gold) sibling relationships. The interaction of siblings A Fu-He Na or Luo Ge-Luo Ning was precious. They have their own way of protecting each other.

But sometimes the choice is not right. Especially for A Fu-He Na, the story of their brotherhood has dynamics that make me moved, angry, or feel sorry for them. Will appreciate them.

Apart from the story of the demon brothers, we can see other stories that really touched my heart such as the story of Lu Li and his master, as well as the story of Luo Ning. Can’t help but feel sorry for & appreciate them. Kindness really touches people’s hearts.

I love how this series combines Demon & Immortal from the start. It’s not like until the last minute we finally get to see justice for satan. I think this series is fighting satanic prejudice. Not all demons are evil luckily they explained that beforehand.

I thought the costumes were great, as was the CGI overall. The music is attention-grabbing and the songs are perfect for this drama.

If someone asks, is Song of The Moon worth watching? This is very possible to do, especially for those of you who like the wuxia fantasy genre.

Song of The Moon Cast

Song of The Moon Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Vin Zhang as Lu Li / Luo Ge

Xu Lu as Liu Shao

Wang You Shuo as He Na

Zheng He Hui Zi as Luo Ning

Riley Wang as A Fu Jun

Main Role

Ma Yue as Bai Feng

Zhang Ya Zhuo as Zhuo Qiu Xian

Liao Jin Feng as Shang Yu Rong

Lu Yun Feng as Wan Sui

Li Xiao Pang as Wang Jian

Lin Chen Han as Xiao Xue

Zhang Zi Jian as Wan Wu Xian Weng

Lu Xing as Lu Sheng

Chen Zi Han as Ao Hen

Miao Hao Jun as Father Liu

Min Jian as Fang Zhan

Shu Ya Xin as Xie Ling Qi

and More


My Verdict

Overall, I think Song of The Moon is one of the best with the story, acting, strong characters, and of course good CGI. I recommend this for you to watch, but if you’re asking for a rewatch value, I won’t be rewatching it again. My rating for the Chinese drama Song of The Moon review is 8/10.

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