Please Be My Family Review and Ending Explained

Please Be My Family is a Chinese drama that isn’t too grand, but it’s quite fun to watch because of the trope of contractual marriage with the bonus of adorable little children.

With the main character acting so well and the romance being satisfying, this drama is worth watching. See the complete Please Be My Family Chinese Drama review below!


Drama Details

Title: Please Be My Family ( 请成为我的家人 )
Episodes: 30
Release Date: May 25, 2023
Genres: Romance, Family
Country: China
Original Network: Mango TV
Available On: Viki

Please Be My Family Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Qi Si Le, a single mother who struggles to save money so that her daughter, Xuan Xuan, can undergo surgery to remove a brain tumor.

Working as an account manager in charge of getting advertising contracts from companies, Qi Si Le relentlessly chases Maolin boss Song Hao Yu for his signature.

Meanwhile, as Song Hao Yu helps his son Chen Cheng choose a birthday gift, he sees Qi Si Le wearing a brooch like his son Chen Cheng.

Thinking that Qi Si Le really cares about him and his son, Hao Yu then proposes to Si Le and decides to marry her. But Si Le later finds out that Hao Yu is only interested in a fake relationship with her to please his sick grandfather and his son.

However, as time goes by, Hao Yu begins to develop real feelings for Si Le. Their marriage went from fake to real. However, problems arise when Hao Yu’s true intention to marry Si Le is revealed to the surface.


Please Be My Family Ending Explained

Please Be My Family Chinese drama has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Hao Yu asks Si Le to reconcile after the truth about what happened to her sister is revealed. Then Hao Yu’s family cannot be blamed for her death.

Meanwhile, Si Le was also pregnant with Hao Yu’s child at that time and Luo Qi was ready to become the baby’s godmother. After that Hao Yu also gave Si Le a surprise proposal at the end of the drama to make up for the fake relationship they had before. A happy and peaceful ending for Hao Yu and Si Le!

Please Be My Family Review and Ending Explained

Please Be My Family Chinese Drama Review

Please Be My Family is a Chinese drama that isn’t too grand, but it’s quite fun to watch because of the trope of contractual marriage with the bonus of cute little kids.

With the most adorable kids ever, and rivals you thought you would hate so much, but end up being so lovable and hilarious. All these factors make this drama worth watching.

Qi Si Le is a single parent who is struggling, but he is trying his best. Song Hao Yu is a typical cold but very competent CEO who is also a single parent.

After a series of fateful encounters and a strange accidental skinship, they are married but not a couple. It needs to be underlined, that they did not get married entirely of their own wishes, so there will be problems in the future when this is revealed.

For 3/4 rounds the story was good and the show went very well. Their romantic journey is amazing and develops well.

The little ones aren’t as troublesome as some other dramas, and they add some color to the main storyline that’s mostly in the book. There’s a bit of a revenge plot, but the overall picture is bright.

This is where some iffy writing starts to emerge and almost scores an own goal. I’m keeping this spoiler-free, so I’ll cover it in general terms.

The first problem is the depiction of the main character. Qi Si Le is sweet and empathetic, but he has a lot of self-doubt and is easily influenced.

On the other hand, Song Hao Yu was smart but had very poor communication skills. This is a bad combination because it means misunderstandings are only a scene away and any missteps escalate quickly.

This isn’t helped by poor communication between the protagonists. Then Song Hao Yu’s grandfather, Qi Si Le’s parents all hid important information and kept secrets from each other.

This will only add fuel to the fire of misunderstanding when there are sparks. Honestly, it’s a lazy trope but without it, there’s almost no plot. Ouch!

There are also several scenes that feel like the writer is trying to shape the plot in a certain way, but it feels unnatural and leaves the audience confused and a little frustrated. This drama would be better without the revenge plot. The show doesn’t need it and derails the main plot for the sake of a little profit.

Apart from that there are some minor quibbles here and there that can be overlooked, but there are some significant issues that ruin what could have been a very satisfying romcom.

As for his acting, Xie Bin Bin is quite good. He’s not the most emotional or best actor, but you can still feel his regret for his initial motivations, all of which culminate in a moving and heartfelt speech towards the end of episode 27 (minor spoilers).

Xie Bin Bin and Zheng Qiu Hong (Jade Cheng), who were both fantastic in Dine With Love, have great chemistry together here. This couple is inspired and I hope to see them together again in future dramas.

But it’s the kids who are really open and great here. At first, they seem like adorable C-drama kids, but it’s truly magical to watch Zhang Yan Bo and Huang Bo Si together as the story unfolds and they interact like siblings.

Yang Xue’er, who plays Tong Luo Qi, is also perfect as the bitchy rival with a heart of gold. I’ve seen him in a number of other dramas before, but this character really makes him shine.

Some of the funniest scenes in the drama involve him and the kids, and some of the most moving scenes also occur between him and Zheng Qiu Hong. Overall, the entire cast does a pretty great job here.

Despite several shortcomings, Please Be My Family is still very worth watching. Each lasting 30 minutes, it’s also a fun binge.

The strongest aspect of the Chinese drama Please Be My Family is the main cast of truly extraordinary characters. They really carry the show and help compensate for the lack of storyline.

The Cast of Please Be My Family Chinese Drama

Main Role

Jade Cheng as Qi Si Le

Xie Bin Bin as Song Hao Yu

Support Role

Zhang Yan Bo as Song Xing Chen [Hao Yu’s son]

Huang Bo Si as Qi Zi Xuan [Si Le’s daughter]

Ryan Zhu as Hao Jun

Sheng Hui Zi as Li Xin [Si Le’s best friend]

Jin Chong as Qin Tian [President, KL Jewelry]

Yang Xue Er as Tong Luo Qi

Jie Bing as Song En Mao [Hao Yu’s grandfather]

Gou Zhong Bin as He Qing [Hao Yu’s Secretary]

Zhang Yi Xin as Liu Xiang Lan [Si Le’s mother]

Wang Bo Qing as Qi Da Hai [Si Le’s father]

And More


My Verdict

Overall, I had a great time watching this drama. The kids and female lead were invaluable to me, and the romance was satisfying. The acting isn’t bad and isn’t too cringeworthy or annoying. I didn’t have high hopes for this show at first and they left me feeling satisfied despite the plot.

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