My Precious Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

My Precious is a medical Chinese drama that would be fine if improved with a better plot at a faster pace, in my opinion. See my full review of My Precious below!


Drama Details

Title: My Precious (甜蜜的你)
Episodes: 40
Release Date: October 3, 2023
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Life, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: Mango TV
Available On: Viki

My Precious Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Tian Tian, a veterinarian who works at the animal hospital owned by her father, Tian Lin. However, after the hospital was expanded and renovated, her father had a stroke. As a result, Tian Lin is threatened with bankruptcy because its investors want their money back.

Meanwhile, a handsome man named Shen Mi competes with his uncle for ownership of Lu Chuan Group, his grandfather’s pet supply company.

His grandfather had given him the responsibility to work at a veterinary hospital to open the doors of the group’s veterinary business within a year to demonstrate his suitability for the position of President of the company.

Currently, Tian Lin is being targeted by Shen Mi because of his poor financial situation. This implies that he can contribute money to the cause and take command of the hospital’s operations to ensure its success.

On the other hand, Tian Tian hates Shen Mi, because Tian Tian believes Shen Mi had previously stolen her puppy. But they are still forced to work together as partners because mutual business needs demand it.

As they argue about different company ideologies and moral standards, they also begin to appreciate each other’s positive aspects and collaborate to improve the hospital’s standards of care while falling in love with each other.


My Precious Chinese Drama Ending Explained

My Precious Chinese drama has a happy ending. In the last episode, Meng Nan moves to Thailand to be with Gu Ming Ze and sends wedding invitations to Shen Mi and Tian Tian.

Meanwhile, Shen Hong Yuan will not get shareholder support to lead the Lu Chuan Group, after the mistakes he made. So, Shen Rong Xian wanted Shen Mi and Shen Chen to run the company together and treat each other as brothers.

At this time Shen Rong Xia had already accepted Shen Mi as her granddaughter despite the fact that they were not related by blood. Shen Mi eventually became CEO while Shen Chen was appointed Chairman of the Lu Chuan group.

The final scene of the drama shows Shen Mi and Tian Tian’s family having New Year’s Eve together. Shen Mi then uses the opportunity to propose to Tian Tian in front of their family members and she accepts. End and be happy!

My Precious Chinese Drama Review

My Precious is a medical Chinese drama that would be fine if improved with a better plot. The plot here really relies on cute pets and constantly keeping them responsive. Basically, the show is a collection of many loosely connected sketches set in an animal hospital setting.

Because the A-plot about the identity of the male lead is strange and by the halfway point, we already know everything. It’s a bit boring to watch the rest of the ensemble discover the truth hours later.

This drama could have benefited from an intense love line, but we ended up slow. The best thing about the romance here is the chemistry between the main characters which is quite good.

I like the main characters, Z. Tao and Rain Wang. Both are pretty good. Z. Tao is suitable as Shen Mi, an ambitious man who wants to have it all.

Rain Wang is also very good with her character Tian Tian, a young woman who is kind and soft-hearted but can be a little naive. However, Tian Tian lost the courage and confidence to carry out the operation after failing to save her own pet dog.

The acting is very workmanlike overall. There are very few distracting characters and elements and that’s a good thing. Even the actual relationships in this drama aren’t actually bad.

But there’s a detective theme that makes me wonder when vets actually have time to heal animals if they’re not exploring mysteries all the time.

Despite a few flaws in my opinion, My Precious is harmless and watchable, but there’s not much to elevate it above average.

I love the special animal medical theme, I love the male lead and I love the clichés but all this can’t make this drama amazing. Because some people will think this drama is boring because it is easy to predict and I think that’s normal.

My Precious Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Cast of My Precious Chinese Drama

Main Role

Z. Tao as Shen Mi

Rain Wang as Tian Tian

Support Role

Ni Hong Jie as Tian Pei Lan

Luo Lei as Yan De Jun

Wang Qiang as Aunt Liu

Liu Yi Chang as Shen Chen

Tan Yan Yan as Wen Jing

Li Jiu Lin as Gu Ming Ze

Shen Yao as Han Meng Yao

Shi An as Chen Yi Fan

Zhang Mian Chen as Tian Yu Xian

Fan Lei as An Yi Ran

Yang Ping as Du Xing Ya

Zhang You Bao as Qiu Xiao Zhu

And More


My Verdict

Overall, My Precious is harmless and watchable, but I’m not sure I would recommend it for you to watch. Maybe for those of you who can compromise on clichés and predictable storylines, this is something you can watch. I give the My Precious rating of 7.8/10

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