12 Best Korean Dramas on Amazon Prime Video to Watch Now

Amazon Prime Video is an online streaming platform that provides many of the best Korean dramas apart from Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, and Viki.

K-drama on Amazon Prime Video currently has many choices with various genres and themes. Such as comedy, thriller, romance, and action are all here. Of course, this will make it easier for those of you who have subscribed to Prime Video and want to watch K-dramas.

But there are so many Kdramas on Amazon Prime and fans are confused about which one to choose. To that end, we’ve compiled a list of the 12 best and newest K-dramas here on Amazon Prime Video that you can watch right now.


Best Korean Dramas on Amazon Prime Video List


1. Our Blooming Youth

Best Korean Dramas on Amazon Prime Video

Tells the story of Min Jae Yi, a gentle and calm daughter from a prominent family who is engaged to the son of a powerful State Councilor. She is currently devoting herself to learning all she needs to know to be a good wife and mother. But unfortunately, fate has other plans for his future.

Just days before her wedding, a terrible tragedy occurs when her family is brutally murdered, and Jae Yi is accused of the crime.

Amidst the chaos, she crosses paths with the cursed crown prince, Lee Hwan, who agrees to help her in exchange for his help in breaking her curse.

As they face challenges together, Jae Yi and Lee Hwan begin to develop feelings of attraction for one another. But everything is not easy and their love faces countless obstacles.

This is one of the newest romantic Kdramas on Amazon Prime Video. It was released in 2023 with 20 episodes. This tv show stars Park Hyung Sik, Jeon So Nee, Pyo Ye Jin, and Yoon Jong Seok.


2. The Forbidden Marriage

Best Korean Dramas on Amazon Prime Video

Lee Heon is the king of Joseon who cannot forget the death of his beloved wife 7 years ago. Even the royal family and members of the government have tried to get King Lee Heon to remarry without success.

The nation also implemented the geumhonryung edict, an ordinance that forbade all single women from marrying during the time the king was unmarried. People are outraged by the ban on marriage.

One day, King Lee Heon hears about a woman named Ye So Rang, who claims that the spirit of the king’s late wife is in the royal palace.

On the other hand, Ye So Rang turns out to be a fraud and admits to interpreting signs of maritime harmony. He was arrested and imprisoned where Officer Lee Shin Won worked. To get out of his predicament, he then pretended to be possessed by a spirit in front of Lee Shin Won.

At that time, she mentions that the spirit of King Lee Heon’s late wife is in the royal palace. Accordingly, he was brought before the king and he asked if he could really see the ghost of his late wife.

For her survival, Ye So Rang acts as if her body is possessed by the late king’s wife. Ye So Rang’s lies became bigger and bolder now.

The series was released in 2022 with 12 episodes. You can watch one of the best romantic Korean dramas on Amazon Prime Video.


3. Youth of May

Best Korean Dramas on Amazon Prime Video

It tells the story of Hee Tae, a man who became the pride of Gwangju when he entered Seoul National University Medical School with top marks.

One day, Hee Tae has to go to a meeting with a potential marriage partner arranged by his father. There he meets Myung Hee, a beautiful nurse who perseveres through life’s difficulties.

He wasn’t the one who arranged for this meeting, but only replaced his friend Soo Ryeon because he had to prepare plane tickets to study in Germany. However, Myung Hee and Hee Tae end up falling in love.

This tv show is releasing in 2021 with 12 episodes. You can watch this K-drama on Amazon Prime Video.


4. Island

Best Korean Dramas on Amazon Prime Video

The series storyline follows Won Mi Ho, the only daughter of her father who runs the Daehan Group. But because of his arrogant and selfish attitude, he made a big mistake which finally made his father angry and threw him to Jeju Island.

There, he was assigned to work as an ethics teacher at a high school. Unbeknownst to him, the island is a place where crime roams freely and laws are poorly enforced. He also meets other people on the island and together they join forces to survive.

Island is one of the best Korean dramas that you can watch on Amazon Prime Video. It was released in 2022 and has 2 parts for a total of 12 episodes. This tv show stars Cha Eun Woo, Lee Da Hee, and Kim Nam Gil.

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5. The King of Pigs

The King of Pigs is a K-drama about bullying that tells the story of two best friends meeting and reminiscing about their experiences as victims of bullying at school.

Kyung Min is currently living with the trauma of school violence that he experienced twenty years ago and an unexpected case causes his repressed emotions to resurface.

Meanwhile, Detective Jong Suk receives a mysterious message sent from his friend 20 years ago reminding him of the school violence that occurred at that time. He then chases after mysterious messages to try to stop the killings.

Through these characters with tragic fates, the drama touches on the origins of school violence and bullying that permeate modern society.

This Korean tv show was released in 2022 with 12 episodes and is available on Amazon Prime Video.


6. Through the Darkness

Best Korean Dramas on Amazon Prime Video

In the 1990s, Seoul’s citizens were gripped by crippling fear after a series of brutal attacks and murders occurred. A mysterious figure nicknamed ‘Red Hat’ is stalking women on the streets and killing their prey.

His habit of attacking randomly makes it impossible for detectives to predict his next move. The thing they were thinking about was what could trigger him to kill.

Gook Young Soo is the head of the Criminal Behavior Analysis team working on this case. He then recruits Song Ha Young, a quiet, reserved, and very perceptive ex-detective for his team.

Gook himself believed using this new psychological method would give the police an edge in catching the ‘Red Hats’ and ending the killing spree.

But homicide expert Yoon Tae Goo and his officers question the value of this approach and refuse to enter uncharted territory. To drown out their scorn, Song Ha Young needs to make sure that this radical crime-fighting approach will increase their arrest rate.

This detective K-drama is releasing in 2022 with 12 episodes. You can watch one of the best Korean dramas on Amazon Prime Video.


7. Love in Contract

It tells the story of Choi Sang Eun, an attractive, talented, and charming woman. He is the definition of the perfect life partner. This is why instead of getting married, he chose to use his skills as a contract marriage expert.

He transforms himself into the perfect match for each of his clients allowing them to use his services to live the perfect single life. Also without having to agree to a committed lifelong relationship.

But right now she has two clients that can make her heart skip a beat. One of them is Jung Ji Ho, a man shrouded in mystery and Sang Eun knows almost nothing about Ji Ho, but that doesn’t stop her from developing feelings for him.

The other is Kang Hae Jin, a popular actor who is handsome and often makes Sang Eun’s heart flutter when he smiles. Sang Eun is currently in the middle of a complicated love triangle and how will she be able to maintain her professionalism?

This tvN original drama was released in 2022 with 16 episodes. You can watch this contract marriage Korean drama on Amazon Prime.

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8. Unlock My Boss

As the founder and CEO of one of the biggest IT companies in Korea, Kim Sun Joo is a name everyone knows. He is a true genius in his field who has everything in life going for him.

But living at the top is not easy because many people want to bring him down, even he is chased by unknown killers and ends up being a victim of senseless killings.

But instead of leaving this life, for some reason, Sun Joo’s spirit resides in his smartphone. Now he’s trapped inside his phone and Sun Joo might have been there long ago, had Park In Sung not found him.

Park In Sung is a university graduate who is desperate for not being able to find a job. In Sung is shocked when he finds out that the phone is inhabited by Sun Joo’s ghost. Taking advantage of the situation, Sun Joo does her best to convince In Sung to help her.

The task then becomes a lot easier after he mentions a large reward he is willing to give In Sung in exchange for his services. Taking on the role of interim CEO, In Sung takes Sun Joo’s place at the company, much to the dismay of his beautiful secretary, Jung Se Yeon.

This is one of the best Korean dramas on Amazon Prime Video. It was released in 2022 with 12 episodes.


9. Curtain Call

Best Korean Dramas on Amazon Prime Video

Ja Geum Soon is a woman born in 1930 in what is now North Korea. When the Korean War broke out in the 1950s, she fled to what is now South Korea and separated from her husband and young child.

He dreams of reuniting with them, so he establishes a hotel that he hopes will become a metaphorical beacon to return his lost family to him. This hotel is a successful Nakwon hotel chain.

Now, Ja Geum Soon is nearing the end of her life, and the thing she wants most is to be reunited with the grandson she has never met: Im Moon Sung.

Her ever-loyal assistant, Jung Sang Cheol, then devises a plan to help bring peace to the old woman before she dies.

He hired an actor to play Im Moon Sung and that was Yoo Jae Heon, a struggling stage actor who has played North Korean soldiers in theatrical performances.

Yoo Jae Heon was told to pose as a deserter who had come to visit the old lady briefly before trying to return to the North.

However, their plan doesn’t go smoothly as he also crosses paths with Park Se Yeon, Ja Geum Soon’s granddaughter, and has vowed not to let it fall into anyone else’s hands.

The series was released in 2022 with 16 episodes. You can watch this Korean show on Amazon Prime Video.


10. May I Help You

Best Korean Dramas on Amazon Prime Video

The show’s storyline follows Baek Dong Joo, a former professional ping pong athlete, who has just started working as a funeral director.

On her first day on the job, she learns that she has a gift or the curse of being able to speak to the recently deceased when she touches them.

People between life and death have a final wish that he must grant, or Baek Dong Joo’s days will be filled with a series of misfortunes and accidents.

On that day, he ran away from his workplace because he was afraid of a dead man who seemed to come back to life and talk to him. He then returns to study for the civil exam which he failed previously.

However, since that day, a series of bad luck and memories of the first client he left behind haunt him. Therefore, more than a year later, Baek Dong Joo decided to return to work as a funeral director.

He wants to end his karmic misfortunes by having to grant a total of 21 wishes of the dead to be released from this fate.

Meanwhile, Kim Tae Hee, also known as Kim Jip Sa to his clients, works as a hired hand. Hired by his uncle Vincent to run Errand’s newly opened service company “A Dime A Job”, he can be hired for odd but legal tasks for as little as 100 Won.

One day, Kim Tae Hee meets Baek Dong Joo, whose paths intersect. But thanks to their work, their fates are intertwined deeper and deeper in a series of life-and-death situations.

May I Help You is one of the best romantic Korean dramas that you can watch on Amazon Prime Video. It was released in 2022 with 16 episodes.


11. Work Later, Drink Now

It tells of Ahn So Hee, Han Ji Yeon, and Kang Ji Gu who enjoy hanging out after work and drinking together. All three women are single and in their 30s.

As for their jobs, So Hee works as a broadcast writer, Ji Yeon as a yoga instructor, and Ji Gu as a YouTuber. Meanwhile, there is a man named Kang Buk Gu who works as a PD of a TV variety show and he hangs out with these three women.

This Korean tv show was released in 2021 with 12 episodes and is available on Amazon Prime Video.


12. Doom at Your Service

Best Korean Dramas on Amazon Prime Video

Tak Dong Kyung is a woman who has worked hard since her parents died. His life seemed more stable after working as a web novel editor for 6 years, but then he was diagnosed with glioblastoma (brain cancer).

He blames his unlucky life and wants to curse everything to disappear, which accidentally summons Myeol Mang, Doom himself – neither human nor god – to appear.

Myeol Mang said that he can grant Dong Kyung’s wish. As his last wish, he makes a contract with Myeol Mang for one hundred days to live as he wants, risking everything for him.

The show is releasing in 2021 with 16 episodes. You can watch one of these romantic Korean dramas on Amazon Prime Video.

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Those were the list 12 best and newest Korean dramas that you can watch on Amazon Prime Video now. Thanks for reading this article, have a nice day!

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