We Go Fast on Trust Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

We Go Fast on Trust is a cute and short Chinese Rom-Com drama about a smart female engineer and a professional grand pix driver. This isn’t a theme you see often and this is the first time I’ve seen this myself. See the full review below!


Drama Details

Title: We Go Fast on Trust (极速悖论)
Episodes: 22
Release Date: November 1, 2023
Genres: Romance, Sports
Country: China
Original Network: Hunan TV
Available On: Viki

We Go Fast on Trust Chinese Drama Review

Synopsis and Plot Summary

The story follows Chen Mo Bai, a man who has considered racing a lifelong dream since he was a child and wants to one day represent China in the “Super Formula” arena.

However, Chen Mo Bai’s family did not support him and considered his dream as an unsafe joke. He felt hopeless and unreliable.

But everything changes when he meets Shen Xi, an engineer who is also obsessed with making her dreams come true in life. Shen Xi’s decisiveness and professionalism made Chen Mo Bai believe that his dream could be realized.

But right now, Shen Xi was at the darkest moment in her life. The confusion of her career and the departure of her family have plunged him into a deep abyss. Will their lives connect to something good?


We Go Fast on Trust Chinese Drama Ending Explained

We Go Fast on Trust Chinese drama has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, Chen Mobai took Shen Xi to see the night view, mentioning that Formula E was worth it. Shen Xi added that they could overcome difficulties together.

Chen Mo Bai gathered everyone and explained that originally they were following him for the Super Grand Prix, but now, he had to participate in the Formula E race.

Everyone, upon hearing this, stated that even in Formula E, they did not need managers or assistants. Touched by their support, Chen Mo Bai thanked those who had trusted him.

Shen Xi, saw everyone’s dedication and immediately suggested that they work together. She also continued her daily research on formulas in the team and finally succeeded in designing a great car.

With such a super design, Chen Mo Bai praised her, saying it was a cool design, and acknowledged her as the engineer.

The day of the race arrives, and everyone unanimously approves of the race car designed by Shen Xi. Chen Mo Bai thanks her for helping him realize his dream, but Shen Xi says it was her dream too.

Ying Ning teases them for being too affectionate, then leaves. Hao Yang sees Ying Ning alone and approaches her, and the two begin a relationship.

The scene shifts and Chen Mo Bai meets Shen Xi and asks if she is nervous about the upcoming race. Shen Xi expresses her trust in him, and they kiss.

On the way to the race, everyone is confident and happy, with the sole goal of winning the championship as a team. Everyone on this journey has passion and love and despite the challenges ahead, they continue to strive to achieve their dreams. End


We Go Fast on Trust Chinese Drama Review

We Go Fast on Trust Chinese Drama Review

This is a cute and short Rom-Com about a smart female engineer and a professional grand pix driver. this is not a theme you see often.

The story in the first 5 eps was a bit slow, I did speed it up several times, but not when the two leads were at the same time. After that, no one had a problem with the story. some people find it boring but not me.

The storyline is also developing very well and we can see the development and changes in the characters in a positive way.

You can also trust the acting of the two main actors here with very expressive eyes and emotions. The acting also improves with each episode.

The focus isn’t so much on the love story, but it does have some technical racing and entertaining shots.

Here, I like the main actor Zhai Zi Lu, who can act well. I really like the character Chen Mo Bai, he has acting talent and has great potential.

Meanwhile, I have mixed feelings about the character Shen Xi played by Ko Chia Yen. I love that she is smart and an engineer who is emotionless regarding her love for Chen Mo Bai.

I would argue that she did a good job of playing her character, but towards the end, it was a bit questionable.

The chemistry is quite good and convincing, although the romance scenes between the main characters here are not too many compared to other RomCom C-dramas.

Kudos to Zhai Zi Lu for his great acting during the emotional scenes, especially when he found out that he was the cause of his mother’s father. It was a tear-jerking sight.

However, there are several supporting actors who don’t act well, such as James Lee who plays Lin Shao Qian, Ma Yin Yin who plays Chen Mo Fei, and Jojo Chen who plays Zhao Ying Ning.

Lastly, the ending made me very disappointed because in my opinion, the conclusion wasn’t quite right, and there were several episodes that were cut, making the story unfinished. It’s a shame, even though I think the storyline is interesting, and the main characters play their roles well.

Despite some of its shortcomings, We Go Fast on Trust Chinese drama is worth watching because it has good quality acting from the main cast and a unique story theme.

The Cast of We Go Fast on Trust Chinese Drama

Main Role

Zhai Zi Lu as Chen Mo Bai

Ko Chia Yen as Shen Xi

Support Role

Jojo Chen as Zhao Ying Ning

James Lee as Lin Shao Qian

Chen Peng Wan Li as Hao Yang

Ma Yin Yin as Chen Mo Fei

Liu Jia as Shen Chuan

Zhu Ran as Hou Zi

Lin Jun Yi as Xu Gong

Li Jian San as Xiao Pang

Daniel Gu as Jiang Wei

He Liao Lu Yun as Lu Yun Hao

Zhu Gang Ri Yao as An Yun Long

Guo Wan Dong as Qiao Na

Lei Peng Yu as Lin Yong Jian

Zhou Zi Xin as Yu Ying Nan

Zhao Ya Mi as Bi Xiao Feng

And More


My Verdict

We Go Fast on Trust is a good Chinese drama with themes that are rarely addressed and the main character’s acting is convincing. If you like racing and romance this might be for you, please be aware that the last few episodes have had a dip in quality, this may be due to the budget. I would rate this 7,8/10.