My Special Girl Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

“My Special Girl” is a Chinese drama that has a light storyline and adorable romance that is worth watching. Check out my review of “My Special Girl” below!


Drama Details

Title: My Special Girl (独一有二的她)
Episodes: 24
Release Date: February 1, 2024
Genres: Comedy, Romance, Drama
Country: China
Original Network: iQiyi
Available On: iQiyi

My Special Girl Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

This is the tale of Gu Jiu Li, an AI engineer with a passion for creating companion robots. He established Jiuqian Technology Company, striving to pioneer the field.

Meanwhile, there’s Hao Jing, a spirited senior studying preschool education. Despite her love for singing, she must keep it hidden from her disapproving mother, finding solace as a nighttime live broadcast singer.

Upon graduation, Hao Jing seeks refuge from her mother’s watchful eye by interning at Gu Jiu Li’s company. Little did she know, fate had plans for their encounter. Instantly smitten, Hao Jing falls for Gu Jiu Li’s charms, while he, unaware due to his condition of ‘facial blindness’, remains oblivious to her identity.

As they spend more time together, Hao Jing’s presence brightens Gu Jiu Li’s world, easing the loneliness stemming from his past. And amidst their shared journey at Jiuqian Technology Company, love blossoms in the most unexpected of places.


My Special Girl Chinese Drama Ending Explained

My Special Girl Chinese drama has a happy ending. At the end of the episode, after lunch, Gu Jiuli gave Hao Liang’s mother a thoughtful gift: a “gas mask” designed according to her profession as a teacher, carefully selected for its practicality.

Additionally, Gu Jiuli handed over a collection of documents including data analysis, physical examination reports, deposit certificates, and academic qualifications, pleading with Hao Liang’s mother to accept them.

Fortunately, Hao Liang’s mother recognized Gu Jiuli’s sincerity and efforts. As the Qixiu ceremony approached, Gu Jiuli provided guidance and encouragement to Hao Liang, empowering her to return to the live broadcast room with confidence, embracing her true self and facing her fans.

Though the performance garnered applause, Hao Liang faced a difficult moment when she noticed Song Mingzhu’s disapproving expression in the audience. It was evident that Song Mingzhu, Hao Liang’s mother, was concerned about her daughter’s choices, fearing she was straying from the right path.

Unknown to Hao Liang, Gu Jiuli had invited Song Mingzhu with the intention of helping Hao Liang reconcile with her past and embrace her true identity. With Gu Jiuli’s guidance, Hao Liang courageously opened up to her mother about her emotional journey over the past decade and her newfound bravery in facing herself.

Ultimately, both Hao Liang and Adai, her alter ego, received acceptance and understanding from her mother, enabling them to shed their fears and move forward boldly toward their dreams, supported by Gu Jiuli’s unwavering encouragement.

My Special Girl Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

My Special Girl Chinese Drama Review

This drama is an absolute delight, featuring two of my favorite actors in the lead roles. Song Yiren’s portrayal of two distinct characters is truly impressive; she effortlessly transitions from sweet to siren and back again, captivating the audience with both personas.

Leon Zhang, playing the male lead, showcases his versatility by seamlessly embodying both awkward and serious roles, be it as a doctor or a police officer.

While the plot may follow a familiar trajectory, the charm lies in the endearing characters who don’t take themselves too seriously. The music adds depth to the storyline, enhancing the viewing experience. The romance unfolds with its share of typical ups and downs, yet it’s easy to foresee where it will ultimately lead.

Having watched Zhang in another modern romance recently, I can attest that while that series was excellent, it lacked the effortless, feel-good vibe of this one. If you’re seeking something to lift your spirits without straining your brain, “My Special Girl” is the perfect choice for a first-time watch or a delightful rewatch.

This drama is a treat for fans of cute romance. If you’re in the mood for something light-hearted and entertaining, “My Special Girl” is exactly what you need!

It’s a heartwarming tale of first love, featuring endearing protagonists who stumble through romance in the most adorable way, complete with plenty of embarrassing moments that will have you laughing out loud. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment of it!

The story follows a university student named Hao Liang, who dreams of becoming a successful singing blogger. However, her mother disapproves of her aspirations, leading to a double life for our female lead.

By day, she’s the shy and ordinary Hao Liang, but by night, she transforms into a confident and charming singing blogger. When she meets Mr. Gu, it’s love at first sight for her, but he suffers from facial blindness, unable to recognize any woman’s face.

Hao Liang joins Mr. Gu’s company for an internship, where they work on creating robots. Despite Mr. Gu’s initially cold demeanor, his heart gradually thaws as he gets to know Hao Liang.

Unaware of her dual identity, he becomes drawn to her warmth and companionship. Thus begins a heartwarming tale of healing and love, as they help each other pursue their dreams. It’s a beautiful romance filled with sweetness and sincerity.

The soundtrack is filled with beautiful songs and catchy melodies, particularly the opening theme that sticks in your head long after the show ends.

However, I deducted a point due to the disappointing ending—I was really hoping to see Hao Liang shine on stage, but it seemed the songs weren’t ready, leading to some awkward lip-syncing moments.

My Special Girl Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Leon Zhang as Gu Jiu Li

Ireine Song as Hao Liang / A Dai Jie

Mao Lin Lin as Chen Yi Bai

Zhou Yan Chen as Han Yi Jie

Support Role

Isabella as Yang Pan Pan

Zhou Da Wei as Zhu Yi

Jing Yan Jun as Xiao C

Lin Jun Yi as Shi Fei

Chen Shuai as Zui Ge

Ning Nan as Ka Ye

Zhang Ke Yuan as Da Yuan

Liu Jie as Song Ming Zhu

Zhang Hao Tian as Zhao Da Zuo

Zou Zhen as Mei Xin Zhi

Shi Qiang as Ma Bo Tao

Zhou Xiao Hai as Gong Ming

And More


My Verdict

Overall, “My Special Girl” is a Chinese drama that I will probably watch again. The lighthearted storyline and adorable romance between the main characters made my heart feel warm and fuzzy inside. My rating for My Special Girl Chinese drama review is 8,2/10.

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