Love from Divorce Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Love from Divorce is a Chinese drama that gave me a warm and pleasant atmosphere, I enjoyed the dynamics between the characters. Why do I say that, see the review below!


Drama Details

Title: Love from Divorce (从离婚开始的爱情)
Episodes: 22
Release Date: August 10, 2023
Genres: Romance, Wuxia, Youth, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: Tencent Video

Love from Divorce Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

After an accident caused Wen Lan to lose her memory, she found herself in an unexpected marriage with Mu Bai, thanks to her family’s introduction. However, as time passed, their relationship grew distant and filled with unresolved issues.

But a twist of fate changed everything. When Wen Lan suddenly regained her lost memories, she made the difficult decision to part ways with Mu Bai, determined to pursue her passion for scientific research.

To Mu Bai’s surprise, he found himself hesitating as he faced a completely transformed Wen Lan. Unconsciously, he delayed the divorce proceedings, feeling a subtle reluctance deep within.

It wasn’t until Wen Lan moved out to focus on her research that they finally went through with the divorce. It was then that Mu Bai realized the depth of his feelings for Wen Lan and embarked on a heartfelt journey to win her back…


Love from Divorce Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Love from Divorce Chinese drama has a happy ending. As the episode drew to a close, an unexpected turn of events left Mu Bai injured and unconscious, leaving Wen Lan deeply worried.

After Mu Bai underwent surgery and emerged, Wen Lan remained faithfully by his side, reflecting on the unpredictable twists their marriage had taken since its inception.

During Mu Bai’s recovery, Li Mingxuan paid a visit, prompting Wen Lan to step out briefly. Upon Mu Bai’s awakening, Li Mingxuan’s excitement was palpable. Seizing the opportunity, Mu Bai enlisted Li Mingxuan’s help in a playful ruse. Summoning Wen Lan back, Mu Bai feigned amnesia, leaving her momentarily baffled. Yet, Wen Lan saw through the charade, prompting Mu Bai to confess, leading to an emotional embrace and tears of relief.

Soon, the couple found themselves preparing for their wedding. Amidst nerves, Mu Bai sought reassurance from Li Mingxuan, who kindly pointed out a loose button on Mu Bai’s attire. With a quick adjustment, Mu Bai was ready. Meanwhile, Wen Lan, radiant in her wedding gown, walked down the aisle escorted by her father.

In a touching gesture, Mu Bai presented a video expressing his unwavering belief that Wen Lan would eventually reciprocate his feelings, despite initial setbacks. Through their shared trials, Wen Lan had indeed returned to him, culminating in a heartfelt embrace and a kiss, igniting joy among their loved ones.

Back at home, Wen Lan stumbled upon a book and inquired if it belonged to Li Mingxuan. To her surprise, Mu Bai revealed it as his own compilation, symbolizing the depth of his commitment to their shared journey.

Love from Divorce Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Love from Divorce Chinese Drama Review

Love from Divorce is a good Chinese drama, I was even surprised by how good this miniseries was. Usually, I struggle with the pacing and quality of scripts in miniseries, but this one exceeded my expectations.

One of the highlights for me was how well-developed the characters were, including the supporting roles. I particularly admired the Female Lead for her strong-willed nature; she wasn’t your typical damsel in distress and knew exactly what she wanted.

Now, the Male Lead initially frustrated me with how he treated her due to a misunderstanding. However, I appreciated how he realized his love for her and was willing to go to great lengths to win her back. He wasn’t afraid to admit his mistakes and even looked adorable in the process!

Speaking of adorableness, let’s talk about the Female Lead’s charm. She was simply too pretty, and I found myself getting lost in her beauty more often than not, even more so than in the Male Lead’s charm.

The supporting characters were also well-written. Despite finding the second Female Lead a bit annoying at times, I admired her pride and decency, especially towards the end. And the Second Male Lead was a total sweetheart, making it hard not to root for him.

Sure, “Love from Divorce” follows a somewhat stereotypical plot with its evil stepmom, evil stepsister, and the obligatory cute girl crushing on the Male Lead. But despite that, I found myself drawn into the story.

I was particularly impressed by the Female Lead’s performance, especially considering this was her debut work. I can’t wait to see what roles she takes on next. And the Male Lead was perfectly suited for his role, balancing seriousness with moments of comedy effortlessly.


Love from Divorce Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Xu Kai Xin as Mu Bai

Fan Luo Qi as Wen Lan

Support Role

Ma Chen Xi as Shi Chu

Wang Qian Hui

Cao Lin Ye as Wu Di [Researcher]

And More


My Verdict

Overall, Love from Divorce is a Chinese drama that gave me a warm and pleasant atmosphere, and I really enjoyed the dynamics between the characters. I recommend this for you to watch. My rating for Love from Divorce Chinese drama review is 8,4/10.

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