Dear Mr Hermitage Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Dear Mr Hermitage or Dear Mr. Recluse is a Chinese drama that has an exciting mix of romance, humor, and cultural exploration. Why do I dare say something like that? See the review below for the answer


Drama Details

Title: Dear Mr Hermitage (亲爱的隐居先生)
Also Known: Dear Mr. Recluse
Episodes: 24
Release Date: August 31, 2023
Genres: Food, Comedy, Romance
Country: China
Original Network: Youku
Available On: Youku

Dear Mr Hermitage Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

Food blogger Su Shi Yu finds herself at a crossroads when a coveted business opportunity slips through her fingers due to unfair competition from her partner.

Feeling disheartened, she unexpectedly receives an intriguing proposition from Lin Xiao Jian, the chairman of Haowei Coffee. He tasks her with a peculiar mission: convince his son, Lin Wei, to abandon his meditation retreat and join the family business.

Initially viewing the task as straightforward, Su Shi Yu soon realizes it’s anything but. Lin Wei proves to be steadfast in his dedication to meditation and possesses remarkable logical abilities, presenting Su Shi Yu with unexpected challenges.

Despite her initial struggles to connect with Lin Wei, she gradually discovers a newfound sense of independence and begins to appreciate his way of life.

As Su Shi Yu and Lin Wei grow closer, they find themselves drawn to each other’s worlds, dreaming of a shared future. However, as they confront unforeseen obstacles, Lin Wei’s hidden scars resurface, forcing him to confront his past and question his own worthiness of happiness.

In this heartwarming tale of two individuals from different backgrounds, Su Shi Yu and Lin Wei embark on a journey of self-discovery and learn valuable lessons about love, acceptance, and finding true happiness.


Dear Mr Hermitage Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Dear Mr Hermitage Chinese drama has a happy ending. In the final episode, a year has passed, and Eleven Lixiang’s sales have seen a steady rise. Lin Wei and Jin Xingchen’s relationship has blossomed, thanks to their successful cross-border cooperation.

Su Shiyu continues to support Lin and even joins him in hosting live broadcasts. Meanwhile, Luo Feifei lends her assistance to Shuyue in Beijing, leading to an improvement in their relationship.

Mr. Cai faces legal consequences for his actions, but everyone is relieved that things have settled down. Despite Father Lin’s attempt at cooking, Jin Xingchen steps in with his excellent culinary skills.

Father Lin expresses his desire to renovate his old house and welcomes Jin Xingchen to find a partner soon. Jin Xingchen realizes his feelings for Bai Ruan but struggles to express them.

However, Bai Ruan advises him to be less domineering in his approach. Lin Wei introduces Su Shiyu to his late mother’s grave, expressing optimism for the village’s future.

Two years later, the village thrives with a flourishing tea garden and increased sales for Shilixiang. Su Shiyu and Lin Wei celebrate their happiness, as even the younger generation returns to the village for better opportunities.

They join in the festivities of the Lin family’s new house-building ceremony, where Lin Wei is praised for his contributions.

Jin Xingchen remains hopeful about his relationship with Bai Ruan, while Su Shiyu plans her marriage to Lin Wei with the help of her aunts. However, a video call from Shuyue reveals unexpected news of her relationship with Luo Feifei, causing tension.

Despite the misunderstanding, Lin Wei surprises Su Shiyu with a heartfelt proposal, promising to always protect her.

Moved by his sincerity, Su Shiyu accepts, and the villagers rejoice in their love. It’s a heartwarming conclusion filled with love, forgiveness, and the promise of a bright future for everyone involved.

Dear Mr Hermitage Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Dear Mr Hermitage Chinese Drama Review

If you’re longing for a gentle romance set against the serene backdrop of countryside living, sprinkled with a bit of urban flair, then “Dear Mr. Recluse” is the perfect watch for you. With just 24 half-hour episodes, it’s a delightful journey filled with warmth, humor, and a charming ensemble cast.

What sets this drama apart is its refreshing lack of typical romantic tropes. There’s no prolonged drama or frustrating misunderstandings between the main characters. Instead, the story unfolds with a natural ease, offering a genuine portrayal of relationships and conflicts.

The chemistry between Chen Jingke and Tang Ming, as well as the supporting cast of villagers, adds to the heartwarming atmosphere of the series. Even the pursuit of the main couple by secondary characters feels endearing rather than aggravating.

Visually, the drama is a feast for the eyes, showcasing the stunning landscapes and traditional architecture of the Dai people near the Laos and Thailand border.

The characters, too, break away from the usual stereotypes, with the male lead transitioning from a playboy CEO to a tea farmer and the female lead embodying strength and determination as an entrepreneur.

What truly shines in “Dear Mr. Recluse” is its portrayal of mature communication and problem-solving between the main leads. Despite obstacles and antagonists, they tackle challenges head-on, adding depth to their characters and the storyline.

Dear Mr Hermitage Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Chen Jing Ke as Lin Wei

Tang Min as Su Shi Yu

Jerron Wu as Shu Yue

Wang Si Jie as Luo Fei Fei

Support Role

Ji Tian Yu as Bai Ruan

Wang Cong as Jin Xing Chen

Guo Zhen as Lin Xiao Jian [Lin Wei’s father]

Zhi Hong as [Village chief]

Xu Yi Wen as Mrs. Sha / Da Sha Sao / Da Sha Shen

Krystal Zhang as Xiao Yu

Gavin Xie as Zhang Da Qiang

Zhou Heng Yuan as Zheng Zong

William Li as Cai Zong

Vivi Wang as [Reporter B]


My Verdict

Overall, this Chinese drama is a fun mix of romance, humor, and cultural exploration. I recommend it and I hope more viewers find its charm and appreciate its gentle, romantic depiction of village life. My rating for Dear Mr Hermitage Chinese drama review is 8,5/10.

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