Yong An Dream Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Yong An Dream is a Chinese drama that surprised me with the depth of its narrative. This is so good that it deserves applause and appreciation. See the full review below!


Drama Details

Title: Yong An Dream (永安梦)
Episodes: 24
Release Date: February 28, 2024
Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Fantasy
Country: China
Original Network: Tencent Video
Available On: WeTV and Viki

Yong An Dream Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

In the bustling capital city of Yong’an, chaos erupted when the West Canal collapsed. This unfortunate event led to the sudden imprisonment of Shen Wen Qi, the Minister of Works overseeing the construction.

Overnight, he found himself accused and thrown behind bars, leaving his two daughters, Shen Ran and Shen Zhen, in a whirlwind of difficulties. Among them, Shen Zhen, the youngest daughter who had always been protected yet resourceful, was thrust into the heart of a sinister plot.

Meanwhile, Lu Shi Yan, the imperial prosecutor tasked with investigating the disaster, found himself haunted by recurring dreams involving a mysterious woman.

Upon investigation, he was surprised to discover that the woman from his dreams was none other than Shen Zhen, the daughter of the accused minister. Despite his doubts, Lu Shi Yan decided to approach her.

As they delved deeper into the investigation of the West Canal collapse, they faced numerous challenges and hardships, ultimately forming a strong bond. With Shen Zhen’s assistance, Lu Shi Yan unearthed the truth behind the catastrophe.

However, their victory was short-lived as the true mastermind lurked in the shadows, threatening their newfound alliance. How would their journey together conclude in the face of impending danger?


Yong An Dream Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Yong An Dream Chinese drama has a happy ending. Li Di was sentenced to public beheading, Shen Zhen and Lu Shiyan were married, and Zhou Shuan returned home with Shen Ran in his arms.

At the end of the episode, the Shen Family is unjustly expelled from their home in Shangshu Palace, all thanks to Li Di’s insatiable ambition.

Although Shen Wenqi guided Li Di, teaching him everything he knew since he entered their lives, Li Di harbored greater aspirations.

Displeased with his humble beginnings, Li Di focused on Shen Wenqi’s ministerial position during this time. Secretly aligning himself with the Sixth Prince’s Party, Li Di orchestrated Shen Wenqi’s downfall, even manipulating his engagement with Shen Ran.

To everyone’s relief, with the relentless efforts of Lu Shiyan and Zhou Shuan, evidence of Li Di’s betrayal was revealed, leading to his just punishment of public execution.

Amidst the chaos, Shen Zhen finds herself confused by Lu Shiyan’s unexpected kiss, while Lu Shiyan grapples with the uncertainty surrounding their relationship in her dreams. Why does Shen Zhen seem to want him to die? Can their relationship bring happiness?

Misinterpreting Lu Shiyan’s hesitation as a lack of interest, Shen Zhen prepared to separate. However, in a moment of despair, Lu Shiyan expressed his true feelings by presenting her with a bracelet he had made a long time ago, which was a symbol of his love for Shen Zhen.

After his father’s name was cleared, Lu Shiyan and Shen Zhen could finally embrace their love openly through marriage.

Meanwhile, with Zhou Shuan’s help, Shen Ran finds reconciliation with Li Di. Although Shen Ran was initially reluctant to remarry, Zhou Shuan’s unwavering support and affection ultimately won Shen Ran’s heart, leading to their happily ever after.

Yong An Dream Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Yong An Dream Chinese Drama Review

I didn’t have high expectations for the Chinese drama Yong An Dream. At first glance, this seems pretty obvious, but as it unfolded, I was surprised by the depth of the narrative.

The storytelling is far richer than anticipated, brimming with intricate details, engaging plot twists, and a comfortably paced progression.

The visual aesthetics, characterized by soft color tones and warm indoor lighting reminiscent of morning sunlight, are visually captivating. Close-up shots effectively convey the actors’ emotional nuances, and the use of filters enhances the authenticity of their skin texture.

In terms of plot development, the narrative seamlessly weaves together two parallel storylines, blending the protagonist’s dreams and reality in a manner that caters to diverse audience preferences.

The incorporation of dream sequences allows for the exploration of content omitted from the original work due to censorship, presenting an opportunity for a more comprehensive adaptation in the future.

The political intrigue surrounding the collapse of the aqueduct, implicating the Female Lead’s father, serves as a compelling driving force for the story.

Additionally, the intertwining of past memories with present circumstances adds depth to the male lead’s character arc, gradually revealed through fragmented flashbacks.

The pacing of the romance between the leads feels natural, with the male lead’s initial skepticism evolving into genuine tenderness by episode six.

While some may critique Jeremy’s portrayal of heartache as overly dramatic, I found his performance to be engaging, albeit leaning towards a more “noble” demeanor. The Female Lead, portrayed as a naive young woman, complements his character well.

Furthermore, the subplot involving the Female Lead’s sister adds an intriguing layer to the narrative, enhancing the overall storyline.

Despite being a high-profile production, “Yongan Meng” is remarkably well-executed, with impeccable attention to detail evident in all aspects, from direction and screenplay to lighting, cinematography, and costume design.

The dedication of the creative team, particularly in accurately depicting cultural relics and historical attire, deserves commendation.

Actors like Xu Zhengxi deliver standout performances, effortlessly transitioning between comedy and drama, while the entire cast exhibits commendable skill and cohesion throughout the series.

Yong An Dream Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Ouyang Nana as Shen Zhen

Jeremy Tsui as Lu Shi Yan

Support Role

Sun Jian as Zhou Su An

Xia Nan as Shen Ran

Liu Hai Kuan as Li Di

Tang Zhen Chao as Su Heng

Ding Jie as Qing Xi

Jia Ze as Fu Man

Liu Han Yang as Chu Yi

Zhao Rui as Madame Wen

Sun Zi Jun as He Shi

Xu Rong Zhen as Queen Xu

Feng Hui as Emperor Yuan Qing

Long Zheng Xuan as Zhuang Yue

Ren Shan as Shen Wen Qi

Guo Jun as Ge Tian Shi

Yang Liu as Lan Er

Song Zi Qiao as Shen Lan

And More


My Verdict

Overall, “Yong An Dream” is a testament to the creative prowess of its production team, delivering a compelling Chinese drama that deserves applause and appreciation. I recommend this for you to watch. My rating for Yong An Dream Chinese drama review is 8,8/10.

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