Detective Chinatown 2 Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

“Detective Chinatown 2” is a Chinese drama that gained quite a following and built high expectations because of its prequel. Many thought this would produce equally impressive results, but unfortunately, it turned out to be disappointing. See the complete review below!


Drama Details

Title: Detective Chinatown Season 2 (唐人街探案第二季)
Episodes: 16
Release Date: February 29, 2024
Genres: Action, Thriller, Mystery, Comedy
Country: China
Original Network: iQiyi
Available On: iQiyi

Detective Chinatown 2 Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Synopsis and Plot Summary

In far-off lands, a string of peculiar cases has resurfaced. Joined by Tang Ren’s senior disciple Lin Mo, the brilliant hacker Kiko, and a host of fresh detectives and characters, a vibrant cast emerges!

As they chase after the truth, seasoned detectives reunite to shake things up in Chinatown once more! Fusing suspense with a dash of humor and depth, this captivating tale introduces a fresh era of detective adventures.


Detective Chinatown 2 Chinese Drama Ending Explained

Detective Chinatown 2 Chinese drama has a happy ending. “Detective Chinatown 2” is a real brain teaser! In the end, Qin Feng decided to release the killer, Song Yi. But why did he do it? You’ll want to follow along to find out more.

Compared to its predecessor, “Detective Tang 1,” the sequel offers significant improvements. Firstly, the backdrop shifts to New York, lending a fresh feel. Then, the stakes are raised with a serial murder case unfolding in the United States. And finally, we witness a thrilling international detective showdown involving the best sleuths from around the world.

The plot thickens when Uncle Qi, Chinatown’s revered boss, faces a personal tragedy as his grandson is found dead with a mysterious Y-shaped wound, mirroring a previous victim discovered near the Hudson River. As Qin and Tang delve deeper, they confront a web of deceit and danger, inching closer to the truth.

However, just as they near resolution, a shocking revelation unfolds. The real killer, a doctor driven by gruesome motives, is unmasked. Yet, another twist awaits. It turns out Song Yi, the released killer, sought vengeance for his sister’s death by murdering Lu Guofu. Qin Feng, armed with evidence, chose not to pursue Song Yi.

Some may argue it’s out of sympathy, but perhaps it’s empathy at play. Qin Feng, acknowledging his own darker impulses, sees a reflection of himself in Song Yi. Despite the urge for retribution, Qin recognizes the necessity of upholding justice.

Qin Feng’s complex character, shaped by his tumultuous past, hints at a deeper struggle between light and darkness. As the film concludes, with Tang Ren questioning Qin Feng’s intentions, the director cleverly juxtaposes light and shadow, symbolizing the internal conflict within Qin Feng’s soul.

Qin’s departure, coupled with a mysterious smile reminiscent of Tang Tanyi’s, leaves us pondering the intricacies of human nature. Is there a larger game at play, with unseen puppeteers pulling the strings?

Ultimately, “Detective Chinatown 2” invites us to delve into the abyss of human nature, where choices define our paths. As Song Yi aptly warns, fascination with darkness can consume even the strongest souls.

In this intricate dance of light and shadow, Qin Feng’s journey underscores the eternal struggle between good and evil, reminding us that within every individual lies the power to choose.

Detective Chinatown 2 Chinese Drama Review and Ending Explained

Detective Chinatown 2 Chinese Drama Review

Let’s dive into “Detective Chinatown 2” first. The initial installment gained quite a following and built up high expectations for its sequel. Many thought it would deliver just as impressively, but unfortunately, it turned out to be a letdown.

The main storyline of “Angel’s Melody” falls flat. Despite enlisting renowned film stars like Wang Baoqiang, Xiao Yang, Tony Jia, and others, the narrative lacks depth and suspense, leaving much to be desired.

It feels like both the writer and director are still finding their footing. While it’s meant to be a detective drama, the plot lacks intrigue and comes off as somewhat forced. Apart from the intriguing piano code at the start, logical deduction is practically absent, with all clues handed over rather than deduced. Moreover, the chaotic action scenes dominate too much of the screen time.

Certain performances also feel overly exaggerated, particularly the nurse’s portrayal and the psychiatrist’s pretentiousness, notably during interactions with Lin Mo. The psychiatrist’s urge to label Lin Mo as a “murderer” directly on his face seems far-fetched. Similarly, the dean’s character comes off as a bit too formulaic, merely masking underlying vulnerabilities.

In the third episode, the writer resorts to a convenient plot twist where Xiao Ai orchestrates the arrival of a police ally out of the blue, aiding the male protagonist in overcoming his predicament.

Despite these shortcomings, the ensemble cast of accomplished actors shines through. Their interactions on screen are compelling, with performances that command attention.

Huang Zhizhong’s portrayal of Zheng Hanjiang is particularly noteworthy for its authenticity and depth. His portrayal effortlessly captures the nuances of the character, remaining composed and dignified even under intense scrutiny and challenging circumstances.

Du Yuan’s portrayal of Wang Chen exudes a sense of authority and stability, especially evident in scenes where he navigates through conflicting opinions with ease, effortlessly commanding the room.

Zhang Guoqiang’s portrayal of Secretary Liao adds an intriguing layer to the ensemble, portraying a character who’s adept at playing both sides to serve his own interests.


Detective Chinatown 2 Chinese Drama Cast

Main Role

Roy Chiu as Lin Mo

Shang Yu Xian as Kiko

Support Role

Yvonne Yung as Wang Jiao Yun

Wang Zhen Er as A Wen

Yu Hao Ming as Lin Sen

Baby Zhang as Tina

Jiang Yun Lin as Ou Yang

Gao Ye as Di Nan

Marc Ma as An Song

Ancy Deng as Xiao Ai

Rong Zi Shan as Neo

Kenny Bee as Ling Ying Shu

Zhou Chu Chu as Nurse Nancy

And More


My Verdict

Overall, while “Detective Chinatown 2” may fall short of expectations in certain aspects, the performances of its cast inject life and energy into the narrative, making for an engaging viewing experience despite its flaws. My rating for the Detective Chinatown 2 Chinese drama review is 8/10.

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